Midway Vikings remains in the Game

Midway Colleges, Inc (MCI) – The Midway Vikings remains in the game as it competes in the Private School Athletic Association (PRISAA 3) 2023 Regional Games with 22 student-athletes bearing the flag of the institution with pride at Columban College, Inc since May 2.

MCI gears up to take on the challenge and prove themselves as formidable competitors in the sports of volleyball, badminton, and swimming.

The Midway Vikings are composed of these student-athletes together with their coaches:

Agustin, Jerome Jefferson; Barnatia, Jerryme; Centeno, Cedrick Charl Ador; Dela Cruz, Jake Cris; Delos Reyes, Mark Kelvin; Gagarin, Dharyl; Javier, Gian Alfred; Magno, Yvan Dominique; Mahinay, Kenth Ronron; Manalo, William Josef; Matias, Shane Steven; Miranda, Lord Raizen Hydro; Pastor, John Robin; Sorza, Airvin James; and Villafuerte, CKJ Oliver. The team is headed by Coach Jonathan Quidawen with Assistant Coach Christopher Caballero.

Calunod, John Mark; Jallorina, Ryan Angelo; Ruma, Prediemar; and Viernes, Lourence. The team is headed by Coach Richard Antolin with Assistant Coach Joseph Generei Coloma.

Joson, Karl Mike; Mamisac, John Carlo; Mendoza, Joseph; and Quilantic, Darryl. The team is headed by Coach Lyka-May Mercado.

Let’s all support our school and athletes as they strive to bring home the championship.

Customs Day 2022: Customs Administration in the Global Industry

The Philippine Society of Customs Administration Students -Midway Chapter conducted a two-day program for the celebration of Customs Day with the theme: “Customs Day 2022: Customs Administration in the Global Industry” last 19th and 26th day of April, 2022. Said undertaking highlighted the students’ competitiveness and academic competency.

On the first day, Atty. Norberto Castillo is the resource speaker for the webinar titled, “CB Code of Ethics, Professional Standards, and Continuing Professional Development,” in which he emphasizes how a Professional Customs Broker must act ethically in performing his job. Adhering to the Code of Ethics and Technical Standards is necessary for practicing a Customs Broker Profession, whether you are rendering your job for the government, in a private entity, or the academe. During the discussion, Atty. Castillo also gave meaningful real-life experiences he encountered during his practice in the profession. This truly enlightened the minds of students and allowed these young professionals to widen their horizons on how their profession is being performed in the field.

The second day of the program was held on April 26 with Mr. Kirk Buduan, LCB as the resource speaker. The title of the webinar conducted was “Excise Taxation in International Trade.” The keynote speaker reviewed the students on the computation of automobiles and informed them of new rates to be used in which the students actively take part. Students were enlightened about how Excise Taxation was computed on automobiles, especially in the lower years which makes them more excited about their future lessons. It also helped the students to keep and broaden their understanding of the computation of the duties, taxes, and other charges on automobiles.

In two years of the pandemic, first-year students of the Customs Administration Department who have not met their fellow CA students, that is why, the department held its first Aduana DRIVEN Cup: “BSCA (Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration) Virtual Quiz Bee 2022”, wherein, each year level had their representatives to compete in the virtual quiz bee. Furthermore, it became a platform where students get acquainted with one another by joining the friendly DRIVEN Cup. The winners of the activity are the following:

  • 1st Place: Ms. Deborah Ann Clima (4th-year representative)
  • 2nd Place: Ms. Maritoni Gregorio (4th-year representative)
  • 3rd Place: Ms. Leni Mendoza (3rd-year representative)

The program ended with the nomination for the new set of officers of PSCAS-Midway Chapter for the Academic Year 2022-2023. The celebration of Customs Day 2022 in Midway Colleges excites the students to conduct more engaging and fruitful activities, proving that BSCA students of Midway Colleges uphold continuous excellence despite these unprecedented times.

BSIS Holds its First Webinar on MC N Tech…

Last April 2, 2022, the webinar on the Fundamentals of Robotics was held and conducted through a virtual setting via Zoom, which is one of the online platforms to conduct seminars and classes in this time of pandemic. The webinar began with a simple but a heartfelt prayer followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. After which, Mr. Prince Ace L. Cutaran, the Program Chair of the College of Business, delivered his opening remarks connected to the central theme of the webinar. As the opening speech was concluded, Engr. Erwin G. Santos, one of the activity coordinators, formally introduced the resource speaker, Mr. Allan De Guzman, who would be sharing his precious time to impart his knowledge and invaluable experience acquired through the years in the field of Information Technology.

Throughout the webinar, the resource speaker discussed the relevant facts about the fundamentals of robotics wherein the participants were able to understand thoroughly the benefits of these latest developments in technology as far as our daily lives and the progress of our society are concerned.  

To name a few, it enhances how people can be able to apply technology with confidence and to utilize it through innovative means. It also helps shape the student’s ingenuity and imagination as well as develop their skills, which are rather indispensable in achieving their academic goals, especially in the fields of Science, Mathematics and Engineering. It is vital for the students to be fully equipped with these recent innovations, particularly in the field of robotics engineering so as to sustain their progress in terms of programming and professional development. To educate further, Mr. De Guzman discussed the history of robotics, which was necessary to deepen the understanding of the participants regarding the central topic. 

However, robotics does not only focus on how it can help an individual do his/her tasks immediately and efficiently or a business/company to be efficient and productive, but it also strengthens the system of every educational institution. Aside from the fact that it helps nurture the skills of every student, it is one of the most effective strategies for students to become technologically literate or to become inclined to technology. In this sense, teachers could adopt vital teaching methods to help widen students’ knowledge in different subjects, particularly Science, Math and Computer. With the integration of robotics, students will become more interested to delve deeper in their studies as they find the activities more fascinating and engaging that help implement lively discussions. Yes, they will engage more through the motivational effects of robotics as it excites them to learn more enthusiastically and to acquire more skills efficiently. Moreover, robotics in education engages every student to develop cooperation among their peers. 

Lastly, Mr. De Guzman discussed the different areas of robotics where students could adopt in their chosen fields to fully strengthen their skills and deepen their knowledge that will make them more productive. Consequently, they will be able to successfully achieve their academic goals.  

True enough, the topics that Mr. De Guzman had discussed were really informative because students could get vital knowledge necessary for their chosen courses. Though some of the participants found it difficult to stay put due to the intermittent internet connection, it never hindered each one of them from gleaning from the rich information that the resource speaker had imparted. Indeed, it was really a productive time listening to the benefits and advantages that robotics could provide to every individual in society. 

Conclusively, the webinar on the Fundamentals of Robotics was successfully conducted through the initiation of every spokesperson in the said event. It was concluded with the closing remarks of Mr. Jestony S. Alvarez, one of the activity coordinators who graciously contributed his part in making the webinar successful. Yes, with the concerted effort of the activity coordinators, the active participation of students and most especially, the invaluable input of the resource speaker, the webinar was worth spending precious time with.

MUP 2020 Rabiya Mateo in her National Costume


Did she violate the Philippine Flag Law? 

(Picture from Rabiya’s Instagram)

It is indeed hard to forget Ms. Rabiya Mateo’s plumed ensemble of vibrant blue and red during the national costume event of the 2020 Miss Universe Pageant. The colors, the golden yellow stars, embellishments, and two-colored strappy heels are eye-catchers.  The costume itself is said to be a progressive take on representing the Philippines by the late avant-garde designer Rocky Gothercole. Preview magazine described it as “a vision of a winged goddess representing the Philippine flag in a feather-adorned frock”.  Would you have guessed that such would be a costume for a Philippine delegate to Miss U? 

This design elicited murmuring reactions and social media came alive with differing opinions whether its wearer violated the Philippine Flag Law. Butuan City-based influencer Jam Magno reportedly twitted on May 14, 2021, that the Filipina delegate, “didn’t seem to know one important law:  to never use make use of our flag as Costume other than put it on a flagpole”.  On the same day, lawyer Tony Roman III posted on social media his reply to a question asked by a netizen, “Mali ba ang costume ni Rabiya Mateo?“. Atty. Roman responded, “Under RA 8491, it is prohibited to wear the Philippine flag in whole or in part as costume or uniform. Pero yung costume ni Ms. Rabiya, inspired lang by the Philippine flag, kasi may mga elemento ng Philippine flag. At yung costume niya, creative interpretation of the Philippine flag by an artist, which is protected speech in Bill of Rights in our Constitution“. 

What’s your take on whether this costume is or is not a lawbreaker?

Let’s have a closer look at the Philippine Flag Law before we head on to different directions. 

(Picture from GMA Network)

The Philippine Flag Law or RA 8491 is just among the mouthful bites of Philippine laws that each Filipino should take time to read, understand, and heartedly appreciate.  Republic Act No. 8491 An Act Prescribing the Code of the National Flag, Anthem, Motto, Coat-of-Arms and Other Heraldic Items and Devices of the Philippines (we did say it was a mouthful)  tells us the lawful ways of treating our flag, national anthem, official seal, other heraldic items which include “appropriate coat-of-arms, administrative seals, logo, insignia, badges, patches, banners and initiate awards, citations, orders or decorations, as may be authorized by the Congress or the Office of the President” (Sec. 44, Ch. VI, RA 8491). 

This law describes how “(r)everence and respect shall at all times be accorded the flag, the anthem, and other national symbols which embody the national ideals and traditions and which express the principles of sovereignty and national solidarity. The heraldic items and devices shall seek to manifest the national virtues and to inculcate in the minds and hearts of our people a just pride in their native land, fitting respect and affection for the national flag and anthem, and the proper use of the national motto, coat-of-arms, and other heraldic items and devices”  (Sec. 2, RA 8491). 

In particular to the Philippine flag, Sec. 34 lists prohibited acts as follows: 

SECTION 34. It shall be prohibited  

  • To mutilate, deface, defile, trample, on or cast contempt any act or  omission casting dishonor or ridicule upon the flag over its surface;  
  • To dip the flag to any person or object by way of compliment or salute;
  •  To use the flag:  
    1. As a drapery, festoon, tablecloth 
    2. As covering for ceilings, walls, statues or otherobjects; 
    3. As a pennant in the hood, side, back and top of motorvehicles; 
    4. As a staff orwhip;  
    5. For unveiling monuments or statues; and 
    6. As trademarks or for industrial, commercial or agricultural labels or  designs. 
  • Display the flag:   
    1. Under any painting orpicture; 
    2. Horizontally face-up. It shall always be hoisted aloft and be allowed to  fall freely;  
    3. Below any platform; or 
    4. In discotheques, cockpits, night and day clubs, casinos, gambling joints,  and places of vice or where frivolity prevails. 
  • To wear the flag in whole or in part as a costume or uniform; 
  • To add any word, figure, mark, picture, design, drawings, advertisements, or  imprint of any nature on the flag;  
  • To print, paint or attach representation of the flag on handkerchiefs, napkins, cushions, and other articles of merchandise;  
  • To display in public any foreign flag, except in embassies and other  diplomatic establishments, and in offices of international organizations.  
  • To use, display or be part of any advertisement of infomercial; and 
  • To display the flag in front of buildings or offices occupied by aliens.

Any person or organization in violation of any provision of the Heraldic Code may be penalized. Penalties include public censure, payment of fines up to Php 20,000.00, and imprisonment depending on the severity of the offense.   

BS in Customs Administration – eKonek Pilipinas Experient: Sandbox…

Hear ye!

We are proud to present to you our partnership with eKonek Pilipinas Inc. for the Summer Internship Program 2021!

How can an educational institution provide quality and alternative internship among students during these restrictive times?

We made sure that competencies are met thru integration of technology and strategic frameworks are laid out, hence, the Experient: Sandbox Portal. Here in Midway Colleges, Inc., we ensure that education is always topnotch and transformative!

It is our shared objectives:

  • To help the students develop the knowledge and skills in the field of trade, transportation and 
    supply chain management by way of exploration and experimentation on real technology 
    solutions and its applicability to their chosen field.
  • To help students to have appropriate educational foundation, effective independent mentoring 
    and appropriate meta curricular balance 
    Let us present to you the key features of this transformative technology:
  • Individual and unique User Management/Administrator rights access to the various e-Konek VASP 
    systems per student.
  • Access to the latest version of the VASP applications whenever there are modifications as required 
    by BOC, PEZA, SBMA, CDC and AFAB
  • Tutorial videos and online user manuals to guide the students in navigating the applications. 
    Pertinent rules and regulations like Department Orders, Customs Administrative Orders, Customs 
    Memorandum Orders and other related Orders shall be made available to the faculty and 
    students through the e-Konek online portal as soon as they are published.
  • Sandbox computing environment that mimics or replicates the targeted application for all types 
    of users including simulated responses from the government agencies’ back-end systems
  • One free lecture and hands-on orientation to faculty and students and consultations on the 
    Orders and issuances pertinent to the course

This is BSCA for you!

#ExperienceTransformativeEducation!    #ExperienceThe“Experient”!

Career Path Webinar: Kaya Mo, Kaya Ko!

The Guidance Unit organized a Career Path Webinar entitled ” Kaya mo, Kaya ko! Pursuing a career in the New Normal last April 16, 2021. The program aims to give the grade 12 students information about contemporary trends of education and to provide them relative knowledge and information on different career opportunities, through this program the Guidance Unit wishes also would encourage the presently enrolled Grade 12 to pursue Tertiary education taking the programs offered by the Institution.  

The said online seminar was conducted via MS Meetings at exactly 0900H. Dr. Jemmuel C. Roque, Office of the Student Affairs Director started the program with a welcoming remark and immediately followed by an encouraging story and inspirational messages that strike the heart of our students from Dr. Richard L. Oandasan, Academic Director.  

The online seminar proper was divided into sessions, the first session was facilitated by Professor Magdalena Galang from Central Luzon State University-OSA where she discussed the importance of decision-making which can help the students to have a clearer vision of their career path. 

The second session was graced by invited speakers from Philippine Association of Maritime Institution (PAMI) represented by Engr. Paul Vincyd Peralta and 2M Angelo Villapena  where they shared their salient insight on the career’s opportunities for a Maritime Graduates. The students were given the liberty to ask questions among speakers, so they be further inspired and guided. MS. Punzal took over the program to give her closing remark and congratulatory message for the Grade 12 for making it this far in their journey as a student. The program ended with an activity facilitated by the Guidance Coordinators and OSA staffs in which they processed the attendees learning from the talks through a breakroom. 

A Journey Worth Remembering

It has been a rollercoaster ride since I have entered this institution. At first, I really did not have a knowledge or a background what I am getting into when I entered Midway Colleges Inc. I have been through different higher education institution without finding my footing and the sense that I belong there. With no background or clue about the maritime industry, I tried my luck in this institution not knowing that I would find my place here, that I would find my second family. 

Started on my first year, I learned and advanced my skills exponentially through transformative ways brought about by the excellent education program offered here. I began to adapt the maritime life and ways and create new memories I would be in fond of. I began to excel both academically and leadership-wise as I was guided by very competent mentors produced by this beloved institution. Here, I began to embrace the word DRIVEN. 

In my second year, I learned to be more selfless and help others even if eyes were not on you. It stuck to me that one should not abandon or ignore a team you formed and help them through trying times. And as the second semester was about to end, a tragedy hit the world very hard. The pandemic happened. No one expected it nor thought of it. And it forever changed our lives as institution and as a family. 

We were all anxious during this time. We were trying to figure out if we would still be able to continue our learning. Fortunately, Midway was able to figure out a way to continue to provide quality learning through our remote learning program partnered with Microsoft. Through MS Teams, we were able to continue our education and using this platform, we were able to have a uniformed avenue in which we can perform our assigned tasks and works. 

As my tenure as a student in this institution is about to come to an end, I am forever greatly to the memories, learnings and experience I gained from Midway. I would carry it with me to my journey to the open seas. I am Midshipman Legaspi, Roland Mari O. and this has been my journey here in Midway. DRIVEN to the core. 


In the middle of the pandemic’s challenges and uncertainty. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, Midway Colleges, Inc. has launched a Virtual Intramurals with the theme of “Adaptive Sportsmanship in times of COVID-19 pandemic”, March 5, 2021.

Padrid, John Christopher Y.

All students with their respective program are obliged to participate in a range of sporting challenge, including those pursuing Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration, ITSD Department and Senior High School. They desire to compete with-and against- their colleagues while managing and balancing their academics, such as assessments, activities, and tests. As a result, many departments are ready to cheer on their respective programs in order to help their participants.

Virtual Intramurals: Adaptive Sportsmanship in the times of Covid-19 Pandemic, March 5-April 10,2021.

This semester has been the same way. Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, Midway Colleges, Inc. students competed in Virtual Intramurals to exhibit their unique talents in KAKAIBA KA! see their artistic performance talent-fine arts in PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY, SLOGAN MAKING CONTEST, SPOKEN WORD POETRY and POSTER MAKING CONTEST, as well as their ability to test players’ intellectual capabilities in PALAKASAN NG ISIP, when it comes to DANCE CHALLENGE, some students are demonstrating their aptitude for expressing their bodies in motion and also their physical performance test that all student are required to participate in PHYSICAL STRENGTHENING CHALLENGE.

Standings were calculated based on performance and sportsmanship after all of the games had been played and the results had been submitted.

Students who competed in respective challenges and games  received a Certificate of Recognition.

Bactol, Ramon Patrick from BSMT2B1 earned the top rank in showcasing his special and unique abilities in KAKAIBA KA! as a result of his efforts. Although, Abalos, Jun Denver from BSMTNM4A2 came in second place as showed off his best talent and skills.

The POSTER MAKING CONTEST, was dominated Orpiano, John Paulo Q. while Quiniones, Dhexter Z. from Sidhaya Warriors took 2nd place as he showed off his skills and ability in terms of creativity in fine arts.

On the other hand, Reyes Jhess Gerome from BSME6A1 got the highest score which land him as champion for  Slogan making contest followed by Paligar, Kelly S. from CSHRS4A1 as  2nd place.

Phone Photography Contest, was championed by Ordonio, Rensyl Mark from BSME2A1.

For his efforts in highlighting his skills in presenting spoken word poetry, Cedrick, Martin John R. was awarded as Champion while  Nunez, Sherwin was awarded as 2nd place

BSMT-TEAM-ON Department earned the highest ranking after collaborating and demonstrating their dancing abilities as they are bagged Champion

Finally, after a whole month of showcasing talent and skills, We ended it with our Culminating activity in which we celebrate how wee conquered the challenges of the pandemic through learning and adaptation.

The virtual Intramurals ended with a virtual Victory Day through breakout rooms facilitated by the Physical Education teachers and student Leaders.

This virtul intramurals was new to every students of Midway but surely this is something that Midway students will treasure and remember.

MCI – On the Road to Being a Certified…

Midway Colleges further asserts its motto, “Experience Transformative Education” as it takes another leap forward to being a certified Microsoft Showcase School. As of this writing, MCI proudly has 61 of its faculty certified as Microsoft Innovative Educator (MEIs) and is actively using Microsoft in its Learning Management System (LMS).

All Midway students have Microsoft accounts and use Microsoft applications as part of their routine learning. This is integrated into the school’s LMS in response to flexible learning guidelines and in observance of health and safety protocols that calls for deferred face-to-face instruction. Midway’s LMS ensures learning despite the absence of traditional classroom activities and allows for interaction with fellow students through linkages inherent in the system.

Midway teachers are using Microsoft applications as well in carrying on with their duties. Online lectures coupled with engaging virtual activities, keeping track of attendance, submission of requirements, assessments, and even reaching out to students were all made possible through this smart deployment of technology. In this time of Covid19 when most former lectures and activities are replaced by virtual instruction, blended and hybrid learning becomes indispensable.

Technology is but one end of the equation. Students can experience continuity in their learning and gain valuable life skills through Microsoft technologies at the same time. Skills that students need in this century, like working with computer applications, collaboration and creative problem solving are made possible with linkages featured in the Microsoft Learning System. Teachers also enable the use of the technology in collaborative and creative activities apart from enriching the interaction among students.

Microsoft describes its Showcase Schools as those schools that incorporate “student-centered, immersive, and inclusive experiences that inspire lifelong learning, stimulating the development of essential future-ready skills so students are empowered to achieve more.” Midway reiterates this by empowering its teachers and students with knowledge and know-how of emerging technologies.

Midway Colleges CEO Takes Oath as New PAMI President

Midway Colleges Incorporated Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Sabino Czar C. Manglicmot II took oath as the new President of the Philippine Association of Maritime Institution (PAMI). The historic virtual oath taking ceremony was made possible via Zoom conference last 29 April 2021. Dr. J. Prospero De Vera III, DPA, Chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) led the ceremony and inducted the new officers.

The elections for the PAMI Board of Trustees and Executive Officers for the term 2021-2023 took place last 18 February 2021 via on-line voting. Other top positions filled in by the newly elected officers are Chairman of the Board by Engr. Felix M. Oca as and Secretary-General by Ms. Merle Jimenez-San Pedro.

Mr. Manglicmot served as the association’s Executive Vice-President (2019 – 2021) and as Regional-Network Vice-President for NCR and Northern Luzon (2017 – 2019) before being elected to the highest office.

In his acceptance speech, the new President said that he is aspiring for PAMI to carry on being pro-active in the development of maritime education in the Philippines. He noted that the Commission on Higher Education or CHED can consider PAMI as a partner. “ PAMI and CHED are united by the same overall objectives. Both organizations seek to enable conditions that will elevate teaching and learning in maritime higher education institutes (MHEIs) and maritime training institutes (MTIs) as they navigate through ongoing issues and emerging challenges”, he asserts.

Midway’s CEO envisions a future emphasizing PAMI’s work on technical cooperation and capacity building in support of global competency and proficiency for the Philippine maritime industry. He likewise recognizes additional opportunities offered by new technology in support of PAMI’s goals. He aims to utilize these opportunities and technologies in decision-making and coming up with better responses than those previously made in rising over challenges such as covid19.