A Journey Worth Remembering

It has been a rollercoaster ride since I have entered this institution. At first, I really did not have a knowledge or a background what I am getting into when I entered Midway Colleges Inc. I have been through different higher education institution without finding my footing and the sense that I belong there. With no background or clue about the maritime industry, I tried my luck in this institution not knowing that I would find my place here, that I would find my second family. 

Started on my first year, I learned and advanced my skills exponentially through transformative ways brought about by the excellent education program offered here. I began to adapt the maritime life and ways and create new memories I would be in fond of. I began to excel both academically and leadership-wise as I was guided by very competent mentors produced by this beloved institution. Here, I began to embrace the word DRIVEN. 

In my second year, I learned to be more selfless and help others even if eyes were not on you. It stuck to me that one should not abandon or ignore a team you formed and help them through trying times. And as the second semester was about to end, a tragedy hit the world very hard. The pandemic happened. No one expected it nor thought of it. And it forever changed our lives as institution and as a family. 

We were all anxious during this time. We were trying to figure out if we would still be able to continue our learning. Fortunately, Midway was able to figure out a way to continue to provide quality learning through our remote learning program partnered with Microsoft. Through MS Teams, we were able to continue our education and using this platform, we were able to have a uniformed avenue in which we can perform our assigned tasks and works. 

As my tenure as a student in this institution is about to come to an end, I am forever greatly to the memories, learnings and experience I gained from Midway. I would carry it with me to my journey to the open seas. I am Midshipman Legaspi, Roland Mari O. and this has been my journey here in Midway. DRIVEN to the core. 

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