Midway Vikings remains in the Game

Midway Colleges, Inc (MCI) – The Midway Vikings remains in the game as it competes in the Private School Athletic Association (PRISAA 3) 2023 Regional Games with 22 student-athletes bearing the flag of the institution with pride at Columban College, Inc since May 2.

MCI gears up to take on the challenge and prove themselves as formidable competitors in the sports of volleyball, badminton, and swimming.

The Midway Vikings are composed of these student-athletes together with their coaches:

Agustin, Jerome Jefferson; Barnatia, Jerryme; Centeno, Cedrick Charl Ador; Dela Cruz, Jake Cris; Delos Reyes, Mark Kelvin; Gagarin, Dharyl; Javier, Gian Alfred; Magno, Yvan Dominique; Mahinay, Kenth Ronron; Manalo, William Josef; Matias, Shane Steven; Miranda, Lord Raizen Hydro; Pastor, John Robin; Sorza, Airvin James; and Villafuerte, CKJ Oliver. The team is headed by Coach Jonathan Quidawen with Assistant Coach Christopher Caballero.

Calunod, John Mark; Jallorina, Ryan Angelo; Ruma, Prediemar; and Viernes, Lourence. The team is headed by Coach Richard Antolin with Assistant Coach Joseph Generei Coloma.

Joson, Karl Mike; Mamisac, John Carlo; Mendoza, Joseph; and Quilantic, Darryl. The team is headed by Coach Lyka-May Mercado.

Let’s all support our school and athletes as they strive to bring home the championship.

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