BS in Customs Administration – eKonek Pilipinas Experient: Sandbox…

Hear ye!

We are proud to present to you our partnership with eKonek Pilipinas Inc. for the Summer Internship Program 2021!

How can an educational institution provide quality and alternative internship among students during these restrictive times?

We made sure that competencies are met thru integration of technology and strategic frameworks are laid out, hence, the Experient: Sandbox Portal. Here in Midway Colleges, Inc., we ensure that education is always topnotch and transformative!

It is our shared objectives:

  • To help the students develop the knowledge and skills in the field of trade, transportation and 
    supply chain management by way of exploration and experimentation on real technology 
    solutions and its applicability to their chosen field.
  • To help students to have appropriate educational foundation, effective independent mentoring 
    and appropriate meta curricular balance 
    Let us present to you the key features of this transformative technology:
  • Individual and unique User Management/Administrator rights access to the various e-Konek VASP 
    systems per student.
  • Access to the latest version of the VASP applications whenever there are modifications as required 
    by BOC, PEZA, SBMA, CDC and AFAB
  • Tutorial videos and online user manuals to guide the students in navigating the applications. 
    Pertinent rules and regulations like Department Orders, Customs Administrative Orders, Customs 
    Memorandum Orders and other related Orders shall be made available to the faculty and 
    students through the e-Konek online portal as soon as they are published.
  • Sandbox computing environment that mimics or replicates the targeted application for all types 
    of users including simulated responses from the government agencies’ back-end systems
  • One free lecture and hands-on orientation to faculty and students and consultations on the 
    Orders and issuances pertinent to the course

This is BSCA for you!

#ExperienceTransformativeEducation!    #ExperienceThe“Experient”!

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