In the middle of the pandemic’s challenges and uncertainty. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, Midway Colleges, Inc. has launched a Virtual Intramurals with the theme of “Adaptive Sportsmanship in times of COVID-19 pandemic”, March 5, 2021.

Padrid, John Christopher Y.

All students with their respective program are obliged to participate in a range of sporting challenge, including those pursuing Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration, ITSD Department and Senior High School. They desire to compete with-and against- their colleagues while managing and balancing their academics, such as assessments, activities, and tests. As a result, many departments are ready to cheer on their respective programs in order to help their participants.

Virtual Intramurals: Adaptive Sportsmanship in the times of Covid-19 Pandemic, March 5-April 10,2021.

This semester has been the same way. Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, Midway Colleges, Inc. students competed in Virtual Intramurals to exhibit their unique talents in KAKAIBA KA! see their artistic performance talent-fine arts in PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY, SLOGAN MAKING CONTEST, SPOKEN WORD POETRY and POSTER MAKING CONTEST, as well as their ability to test players’ intellectual capabilities in PALAKASAN NG ISIP, when it comes to DANCE CHALLENGE, some students are demonstrating their aptitude for expressing their bodies in motion and also their physical performance test that all student are required to participate in PHYSICAL STRENGTHENING CHALLENGE.

Standings were calculated based on performance and sportsmanship after all of the games had been played and the results had been submitted.

Students who competed in respective challenges and games  received a Certificate of Recognition.

Bactol, Ramon Patrick from BSMT2B1 earned the top rank in showcasing his special and unique abilities in KAKAIBA KA! as a result of his efforts. Although, Abalos, Jun Denver from BSMTNM4A2 came in second place as showed off his best talent and skills.

The POSTER MAKING CONTEST, was dominated Orpiano, John Paulo Q. while Quiniones, Dhexter Z. from Sidhaya Warriors took 2nd place as he showed off his skills and ability in terms of creativity in fine arts.

On the other hand, Reyes Jhess Gerome from BSME6A1 got the highest score which land him as champion for  Slogan making contest followed by Paligar, Kelly S. from CSHRS4A1 as  2nd place.

Phone Photography Contest, was championed by Ordonio, Rensyl Mark from BSME2A1.

For his efforts in highlighting his skills in presenting spoken word poetry, Cedrick, Martin John R. was awarded as Champion while  Nunez, Sherwin was awarded as 2nd place

BSMT-TEAM-ON Department earned the highest ranking after collaborating and demonstrating their dancing abilities as they are bagged Champion

Finally, after a whole month of showcasing talent and skills, We ended it with our Culminating activity in which we celebrate how wee conquered the challenges of the pandemic through learning and adaptation.

The virtual Intramurals ended with a virtual Victory Day through breakout rooms facilitated by the Physical Education teachers and student Leaders.

This virtul intramurals was new to every students of Midway but surely this is something that Midway students will treasure and remember.

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