Our History

Acknowledged, as the pioneer of maritime education in Nueva Ecija, Midway Colleges,  Inc. is a revered non-profit educational institution, offering courses that are highly accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and Department of Education (DEPEd). It is also certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001: 2015 – a seal of commitment to continuous improvement and superior quality of service.

First established in 1988, Midway Colleges (then known as the Midway Technical School) offered a wide variety of courses from Welding and Diesel Mechanics to Auto Troubleshooting and even driving lessons. With assistance from Admiral Tomas Cloma, known as the Father of Maritime Education of the Republic of the Philippines, the Midway Technical School relocated, changed its name, and became the MMFI —offering more educational and maritime paths to choose from than before.

On 2017, MMFI ventured on its new journey and changed its name to Midway Colleges, Inc., expanding and offering new programs on entrepreneurship, information systems, and technical teacher education.

Today, Midway Colleges, Inc. continues to provide excellent academic services to its leading and ever-growing student body. Midway prides in fulfilling the dreams of the Filipino youth — to build his life, family, and country.

Our Vision

A leading educational institution in a diverse society of values-centered, proactive, and global citizens.

Our Mission

Dedicated to provide transformative  education which promotes spiritual growth, instills national pride, and supports sustainable development principles through environmental stewardship, social equity, and lifelong learning​.

Quality Policy

Midway Colleges, an educational institution, provides transformative education for the development of proactive, values-centered, and global citizens. Committed to provide the highest quality of service, Midway Colleges shall systematically review its quality objectives to consistently exceed stakeholders’ expectations and their applicable requirements. Midway Colleges is dedicated to continuously improve the effectiveness of its quality management system for exceptional customer service.

Institutional Goals

To further actualize Midway’s vision to become a leading institution through its mission of providing transformative education, Midway adopts the acronym A-N-G-A-T to articulate its institutional goals. These goals are specific statements which outline specific priorities and agenda of the institution in the next five years.


Divine Providence believing faithfully in the presence of a Divine Being and living a virtuous life according to His will.


Respect for Man and Environment. recognizing the worth and dignity of each and every person, the value of everything in his/her surroundings, and treating everyone equally regardless of their differences.



Integrity demands truthfulness and honesty In Midway doing the right things without compromising one’s moral principles, letting our words be our bond, and deciding based on highly-ethical standards.


#OneMidway #MidwayStrong


Volunteerism and Discipline. acting on situations through one’s own volition and performing actions orderly and willfully.


Excellence. Midway Colleges exerting time, effort, and creativity to consistently produce optimum results.


Nationalism. As Filipino citizens, showing a deep sense of love, loyalty, pride, and appreciation for one’s historical roots and cultural heritage.