MCI – On the Road to Being a Certified…

Midway Colleges further asserts its motto, “Experience Transformative Education” as it takes another leap forward to being a certified Microsoft Showcase School. As of this writing, MCI proudly has 61 of its faculty certified as Microsoft Innovative Educator (MEIs) and is actively using Microsoft in its Learning Management System (LMS).

All Midway students have Microsoft accounts and use Microsoft applications as part of their routine learning. This is integrated into the school’s LMS in response to flexible learning guidelines and in observance of health and safety protocols that calls for deferred face-to-face instruction. Midway’s LMS ensures learning despite the absence of traditional classroom activities and allows for interaction with fellow students through linkages inherent in the system.

Midway teachers are using Microsoft applications as well in carrying on with their duties. Online lectures coupled with engaging virtual activities, keeping track of attendance, submission of requirements, assessments, and even reaching out to students were all made possible through this smart deployment of technology. In this time of Covid19 when most former lectures and activities are replaced by virtual instruction, blended and hybrid learning becomes indispensable.

Technology is but one end of the equation. Students can experience continuity in their learning and gain valuable life skills through Microsoft technologies at the same time. Skills that students need in this century, like working with computer applications, collaboration and creative problem solving are made possible with linkages featured in the Microsoft Learning System. Teachers also enable the use of the technology in collaborative and creative activities apart from enriching the interaction among students.

Microsoft describes its Showcase Schools as those schools that incorporate “student-centered, immersive, and inclusive experiences that inspire lifelong learning, stimulating the development of essential future-ready skills so students are empowered to achieve more.” Midway reiterates this by empowering its teachers and students with knowledge and know-how of emerging technologies.

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