Customs Day 2022: Customs Administration in the Global Industry

The Philippine Society of Customs Administration Students -Midway Chapter conducted a two-day program for the celebration of Customs Day with the theme: “Customs Day 2022: Customs Administration in the Global Industry” last 19th and 26th day of April, 2022. Said undertaking highlighted the students’ competitiveness and academic competency.

On the first day, Atty. Norberto Castillo is the resource speaker for the webinar titled, “CB Code of Ethics, Professional Standards, and Continuing Professional Development,” in which he emphasizes how a Professional Customs Broker must act ethically in performing his job. Adhering to the Code of Ethics and Technical Standards is necessary for practicing a Customs Broker Profession, whether you are rendering your job for the government, in a private entity, or the academe. During the discussion, Atty. Castillo also gave meaningful real-life experiences he encountered during his practice in the profession. This truly enlightened the minds of students and allowed these young professionals to widen their horizons on how their profession is being performed in the field.

The second day of the program was held on April 26 with Mr. Kirk Buduan, LCB as the resource speaker. The title of the webinar conducted was “Excise Taxation in International Trade.” The keynote speaker reviewed the students on the computation of automobiles and informed them of new rates to be used in which the students actively take part. Students were enlightened about how Excise Taxation was computed on automobiles, especially in the lower years which makes them more excited about their future lessons. It also helped the students to keep and broaden their understanding of the computation of the duties, taxes, and other charges on automobiles.

In two years of the pandemic, first-year students of the Customs Administration Department who have not met their fellow CA students, that is why, the department held its first Aduana DRIVEN Cup: “BSCA (Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration) Virtual Quiz Bee 2022”, wherein, each year level had their representatives to compete in the virtual quiz bee. Furthermore, it became a platform where students get acquainted with one another by joining the friendly DRIVEN Cup. The winners of the activity are the following:

  • 1st Place: Ms. Deborah Ann Clima (4th-year representative)
  • 2nd Place: Ms. Maritoni Gregorio (4th-year representative)
  • 3rd Place: Ms. Leni Mendoza (3rd-year representative)

The program ended with the nomination for the new set of officers of PSCAS-Midway Chapter for the Academic Year 2022-2023. The celebration of Customs Day 2022 in Midway Colleges excites the students to conduct more engaging and fruitful activities, proving that BSCA students of Midway Colleges uphold continuous excellence despite these unprecedented times.

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