BSIS Holds its First Webinar on MC N Tech…

Last April 2, 2022, the webinar on the Fundamentals of Robotics was held and conducted through a virtual setting via Zoom, which is one of the online platforms to conduct seminars and classes in this time of pandemic. The webinar began with a simple but a heartfelt prayer followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. After which, Mr. Prince Ace L. Cutaran, the Program Chair of the College of Business, delivered his opening remarks connected to the central theme of the webinar. As the opening speech was concluded, Engr. Erwin G. Santos, one of the activity coordinators, formally introduced the resource speaker, Mr. Allan De Guzman, who would be sharing his precious time to impart his knowledge and invaluable experience acquired through the years in the field of Information Technology.

Throughout the webinar, the resource speaker discussed the relevant facts about the fundamentals of robotics wherein the participants were able to understand thoroughly the benefits of these latest developments in technology as far as our daily lives and the progress of our society are concerned.  

To name a few, it enhances how people can be able to apply technology with confidence and to utilize it through innovative means. It also helps shape the student’s ingenuity and imagination as well as develop their skills, which are rather indispensable in achieving their academic goals, especially in the fields of Science, Mathematics and Engineering. It is vital for the students to be fully equipped with these recent innovations, particularly in the field of robotics engineering so as to sustain their progress in terms of programming and professional development. To educate further, Mr. De Guzman discussed the history of robotics, which was necessary to deepen the understanding of the participants regarding the central topic. 

However, robotics does not only focus on how it can help an individual do his/her tasks immediately and efficiently or a business/company to be efficient and productive, but it also strengthens the system of every educational institution. Aside from the fact that it helps nurture the skills of every student, it is one of the most effective strategies for students to become technologically literate or to become inclined to technology. In this sense, teachers could adopt vital teaching methods to help widen students’ knowledge in different subjects, particularly Science, Math and Computer. With the integration of robotics, students will become more interested to delve deeper in their studies as they find the activities more fascinating and engaging that help implement lively discussions. Yes, they will engage more through the motivational effects of robotics as it excites them to learn more enthusiastically and to acquire more skills efficiently. Moreover, robotics in education engages every student to develop cooperation among their peers. 

Lastly, Mr. De Guzman discussed the different areas of robotics where students could adopt in their chosen fields to fully strengthen their skills and deepen their knowledge that will make them more productive. Consequently, they will be able to successfully achieve their academic goals.  

True enough, the topics that Mr. De Guzman had discussed were really informative because students could get vital knowledge necessary for their chosen courses. Though some of the participants found it difficult to stay put due to the intermittent internet connection, it never hindered each one of them from gleaning from the rich information that the resource speaker had imparted. Indeed, it was really a productive time listening to the benefits and advantages that robotics could provide to every individual in society. 

Conclusively, the webinar on the Fundamentals of Robotics was successfully conducted through the initiation of every spokesperson in the said event. It was concluded with the closing remarks of Mr. Jestony S. Alvarez, one of the activity coordinators who graciously contributed his part in making the webinar successful. Yes, with the concerted effort of the activity coordinators, the active participation of students and most especially, the invaluable input of the resource speaker, the webinar was worth spending precious time with.

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