Teachercaster episode 8 (SHS)

Highlights of Activities from SHS Social Science and Humanities

The beginning of 2020 ha been full of struggles and surprises. Fortunately, for the Senior High School Department of Midway Colleges, the faculty and staff came together to ensure the continuity of learning among its students.  

The students themselves alongside their parents and guardians were given options on what medium they will use for blended education. Modules were readily available to students.  

One of the parents of a Senior High School student went to Midway to get the module of her child. She gladly shared her experience saying “Ako po si Ginang Patricia Rios, magulang po ako ni Joshua Rios. Ako po ay mula sa bayan ng Pantabangan. Nandito po ako sa Midway Colleges upang kunin ang module ng aking anak.” 

Teachercasters Amy Grace Collado and Joanna Manangan shared the highlights of student activities and some inspiring testimonies from students on how they learned all throughout their journey as a Senior High School.  

The pandemic has shown that various aspects of our society are undeniably connected as people across the world united against the unseen enemy, COVID-19.  

Education in New Normal  

The world of education is being disrupted. The shift from the traditional approach to the digital way of teaching has brought tremendous changes. Nevertheless, Midway Colleges remained strong and have continued to move forward despite the threats and challenges of the pandemic.  

As reported by Ms. Collado, one of the program outcomes of Senior High School is to prepare the students for the future. This includes molding the students towards higher education.  

Selected graduates of Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime shared how they value their learning.  

Rensyl Mark Ordonio of Maritime Engineering 1A1 said 

“I’m midshipman Ordonio, Rensyl Mark at isa ako sa naging produkto ng Sidhaya ng Midway Colleges at isa ako sa nagpapatunay na ang Social Sciences ay may malaking impluwensiya sa mga estudyanteng katulad ko. Hindi lamang sa pansariling kaalaman bagkus sa pagiging bukas ng aking mata at isipan sa ating lipunan, karapatang pantao, pagkakaiba-iba at higit sa lahat ang pagmamahal at respeto sa ating kapwa.”  

Jonas Mabagos of Marine Transportation 1A1 said 

“I’m Jonas C. Mabagos, a former Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime Student and your Highest Academic Acer Class of 2020.  

In my 2 years staying at Midway Senior High School, I learned to be a good and responsible student.  

Also, it fostered my knowledge and skills and developed me on how to be professional, which is needed in the career that I chose, to be a seafarer. Midway Senior High School teachers made sure that the activities they provided were for our development. With this, we believe that in Midway Senior High School that learning is more fun because we are DRIVEN!”  

The testimonies from students fueled more inspiration for teachers and the institution to keep going.  

Diverse Approach in Learning 

As the school year 2020-2021 started, the institution anchored its plans for continuity learning with the same mission to provide transformative education to students. The whole community of Midway Colleges is committed that no learner shall be left behind in the new normal of education.  

Here are some of the testimonies of students who chose a modular approach in learning.  

Lea May Torres, Grade 12 HUMSS, Modular Distanced Learner  

“Through the activities that Humanities and Social Sciences offer here at Midway Colleges, I have learned so much about various cultures and how they get evolved overtime.  

As an aspiring lawyer, I am grateful that HUMSS strand has specialized subjects like Philippine Politics and Governance, World Religion, and Social Sciences that help me to understand the human experiences and history, and its relevance to the contemporary world. With HUMMS strand, we get the chance to help people to change the world for the better.”  

Joshua Rios, Grade 12 HUMMS, Pure Modular Distance Learner 

“Magandang araw po. Ako po si Joshua Rios, isa po akong mag-aaral ng Midway. Masasabi ko po na kahit modular ang aking pag-aaral, ay natututo ako sapagkat maayos at madaling maintindihan ang aking mga sinasagutan. Noong binigay po sa akin ang module, sinabi ko po sa aking sarili na kailangang maging matalino ako sa paghawak ng aking oras dahil importante po dito ang time management.  

Masasabi ko po, ayon sa aking mga karanasan sa pag-aaral hindi po ako nahihirapang mag-adjust. Dahil kung tayo po ay desididong matuto ay walang makakahadlang sa atin.” 

Commitment to Transformative Education 

Students are being equipped with 21st century skills as their holistic and developmental needs are being met.  

Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences are offered to lead and prepare students into the realization that our society is interconnected beautifully.  

Recapitulation of activity highlights from Humanities and Social Sciences, Community Engagement, Immersion on Different Religious Activity, and Kultura were shown through a slide show of pictures.  

“Diversity should not be the reason for conflict but the motivation for unity” said Ms. Collado.  

For the subject, Personal Development, the students were assisted by their teachers to help them cope with stress by identifying the cause of their stress and practicing how to manage it.  

For Philosophy subject, students incorporated Entrepreneurship by endorsing products using philosophical methods in presentation.  

The celebration of United Nations Month was also observed which aims to live up to a peaceful coexistence of nations across the world.  

In summary, the Senior High School Department, particularly, the Social Science teachers will continue to connect despite the distance for they believe that distance will be distant no more. 

The following people were given credit for the episode: Screenplay writer, Amy Grace Collado and Joanna Manangan; Screenplay Director, Lyca B. Clerigo; Assistant Videographer, Marc Reiniel S. Lagman; Director, Jefferson Ortiz and with special participation of Nanay Patricia Rios. 

The students who presented their products were: 

Ancheta, John Mark 

Evangelista. Clyde Benjamin 

Giron, John Carlo 

Pangilinan, Mark Justin 

Rosario, Ethan Neo 

Zamora, Dante  

With special participation of Nanay Patricia Rios 

Midway Colleges were granted of the Tertiary Education Subsidy…

Selected students at Midway Colleges were granted of the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) by the Commission on Higher Education.

Out of a hundred applicants, 10 students under Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering were granted of the TES.

The grantees are expected to exhibit excellence in their academics and actively participate in the institutional programs of the school as part of their responsibility in the government.

The Tertiary Education Subsidy, as one of the core programs under the Republic Act (RA) No. 10931 also known as the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act (UAQTEA).

The TES is a grants-in-aid program that provides funding for all Filipino students from the poorest-of-the-poor households who are currently enrolled in state universities and colleges (SUCs) and CHED-recognized local universities and colleges (LUCs) and whose names appear in the Listahanan 2.0 or the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) list of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Under CHED scholarship all students in SUCs and LUCs are given a subsidy and enjoy free tuition and miscellaneous fees. The TES is an additional benefit given to financially needy students.

Reference: https://www.biasiswa.net/

Teachercaster Episode 8 (College)

Physical Education in the New Normal

In the wave of COVID-19 pandemic, online classes and homeschooling are the new normal in education. 

Teachercasters Ms. Lyka Mae Mercado, PE III Instructor and Marimar Fuentes, PE I Instructor demonstrated how they teach physical education in this new normal.  

According to Ms. Fuentes, staying at home for a long period of time can impose a significant challenge in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hence, with physical education, exercises can be achieved through easy to access lessons.  

Despite the limitations caused by the pandemic, there are still ways to continue doing physical activities that can be incorporated into one’s daily routine.  

PE teachers continuously encourage students to be engaged in different physical activities. They assured the students that even with limited space and lack of gym equipment, workouts can still be done at the comfort of their homes. 

With the use of different applications and online platforms such as the “Home Workout” app, students can get fitter, stronger, and more driven to reach their fitness goals even without using expensive equipment. It features programs, routines, and steps on how to properly execute an exercise. In following the application, students can be guided in doing their workouts at home.  

Teachers constantly remind the students to do a warm-up activity before performing their workout to ready their bodies.  

New normal approach 

Ms. Mercado gave updates on Philippine Dual Sports subject. She said that the pandemic will not be a barrier to the learning process of the students. She then featured a testimony from one of her students saying  

“I am Ayessa Sanchez and I will be teaching about the health benefits and rules of badminton” 

Ms. Mercado continued “During this pandemic, students are also trying their best and exerting efforts to provide their own equipment and materials they will need for studying in this kind of setup. At the same time, they are showing their creativity and resourcefulness.” 

Coach Edwin Lobenia, a multi-awarded bodybuilding coach, demonstrated the do’s and don’ts in doing home workouts. He shared tips on how to better perform exercises saying  

“Good day, mga ka-DRIVEN! Today, ipapakita ko sa inyo ang useful equipment na makikita sa loob ng gym para gamitin na pang exercise. Marami namang device na pwedeng gamitin sa bahay para makapag exercise pa rin kayo. Kung wala kayo nito at wala kayong kakayahan na pumunta sa gym para mag -exercise, pwede kayong mag-exercise gamit ang improvised materials gaya ng bottled water.”  

As a professional trainer, some of Coach Lobenia’s awards include: 

2005 Ginoong Antipolo – Champion and Overall Champion (medium category) 

2017 Under Armour Test of Will Fitness Challenge – Champion  

2018 Under Armour Will Breaker – Champion 

2017 PFG on the Spot Fitness Challenge – Champion 

2019 PFG Top 15 Coaches of the Year 

2019 East Strongman under 70kg – Bronze medalist 


Coach Lobenia carefully the demonstrated the workouts that can be done. From the use of dumbbell, kettle ball, and Olympic bar. He emphasized that water bottles can be used in replacement of such equipment.  

He performed deadlift, bend over, back squat, and push up. He reminded the students the importance of proper execution of each workout.  

Even without gym equipment, the learning of students is guaranteed through online classes.   

In summary, Teachercaster Ms. Fuentes reminded the students that “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” 

Teachercaster coordinators are Ms. Marie Aliling and Ms. Jeanine Charmaine Mantile.  

The video is edited and directed by Mr. Jestony Darmiento Alvarez 

Midway Colleges launches its DRIVEN Channel

With the changes and challenges brought by the pandemic, there has been a sudden shift to online learning. Aside from the implementation of Learning Management System via Microsoft 365, Midway Colleges has come up with a way to further reach out to its students through the DRIVEN Channel.

The DRIVEN Channel is the official YouTube channel of Midway Colleges where videos containing informative content will be uploaded.

Various segments featuring highlights of activities, events, online learning, and special messages will be included in the stream.

Teachercaster program of Academic Department will be incorporated in DRIVEN channel.

The institution ensures continuous flow of learning by keeping the students engage through educational and entertaining videos.

Midway Colleges | Red Cross

Midway Colleges is now part of Philippine Red Cross – Nueva Ecija

The Chief Executive Officer of Midway Colleges, Mr. Sabino Czar Cloma Manglicmot II has been invited by Philippine Red Cross – Nueva Ecija chapter to be one of its Board of Directors and be a mandated member.

In line with this, Midway Colleges takes part in further civic involvement as one of the enablers of Philippine Red Cross in instances where pro-active and volunteerism must arise among its members, especially in disaster-related activities, blood donation-drives, and safety services.

The community of Midway Colleges will continue to be involved in having a more responsive and stronger Red Cross in Nueva Ecija.

Teachercaster Episode 7 (SHS)

7th Week Journey of SHS

“Did your examinations go well?” asked Ms. Clerigo to the students while Ms. Domingo probed “What are the preparations and the adjustments that you did in accomplishing your task?”

Teachercasters Ms. Lyka Mae Clerigo and Ms. Lorie Mae Domingo shared the highlights of the 7th week journey of SHS students.

They mentioned that despite the challenges and odds that the students have conquered, their perseverance and efforts will eventually pay off.

In the previous weeks, the teachers at Midway Colleges have diverged from traditional ways of assessing their students’ knowledge and learnings across disciplines to online assessment.

In assessing the students’ learning, the SHS teachers explored innovative ways that catered to the students’ multiple intelligences, learning styles, and modalities.

“In this new normal, along with the changes occurred in the education system, teachers of Midway deviate from the usual way of conducting assessment with the aid of the Learning Management System of the institution.”, says Ms. Clerigo.

Ms. Domingo reported that in Oral Communication class, the learners demonstrated the effective use of Communicative Strategies in the context of public communication through the delivery of declamation speech.

Performances of students were shown in the video. Featured selected students were:

Yasmine Clima, 11 STEM

Luis Dela Cruz, 11 PBM 1

Daniel Joseph Rivera, 11 PBM1

Lance Cedrick Soriano, 11STEM

Lea Joy Astellero, 11 TVL

In Earth Science class, the learners developed a media poster that can be used in promoting recycling in their community to minimize waste when people utilize resources and materials.

For Entrepreneurship class, the learners independently created a quality and marketable product and/or services through the conduct of an online presentation.

AKWE 2020, the first-ever virtual acquaintance party was held successfully on October 2, 2020 via Microsoft Teams. Through this activity, the Grade 11 students were able to interact with their ates and kuyas. Hence, conviviality was promoted, and bonds were strengthened.

The celebration of World Teachers Day was also held in recognition of the efforts and commitments of teachers who act as the second parents and supporters of the students in reaching their dreams.

“In times like this, where even a single ray of hope is impossible to feel, teachers are there selflessly consuming their energy like a candle consuming itself to light the way for others.,” says Ms. Clerigo.

In conclusion, their report concluded that this pandemic is not a hindrance but a change that can be a chance for everyone to explore, create, innovate, and continue excelling towards academic pursuits.

Ms. Lorie Mae Domingo is the episode writer while Mr. Jefferson Ortiz played as videographer, editor, and director

Teachercaster Episode 7 (College)

Highlights of MCi 32nd Founding Anniversary, Maritime Day, and Teacher’s Day

Teachercasters Mr. Robie Mar Aquino Dayto, Ms. Jairah Gilboy Romualdo, and Mr. Jan Ashley D. Casco reported the highlights of Midway Colleges’ 32nd Founding Anniversary, National Maritime Day, and World Teacher’s Day.  

The theme for this year’s founding anniversary, “Midway Strong 2020: Pushing Forward” revolves on being resilient against the changes and challenges brought about by the pandemic. Midway Colleges came up with various activities for the students to enjoy despite the distance.  

Ms. Romualdo featured the highlights of Tagisdunong 2020, an online quiz bee; Mobile Legends tournament, e-sports played by multiplayers; and AKWE 2020, a virtual acquaintance. All these activities were participated by the students across all year levels.  

“Ang mga gawaing ito ay hindi lamang naglalayong hubugin ang kaisipan at talino ng mga mag-aaral kundi maging ang kanilang social at creative skills lalo na ngayong panahon ng pandemya.” says Ms. Romualdo.  

Mr. Casco continued, “Inilunsad ng Midway Colleges ang kauna-unahang ‘Kumustahan with the Parents’ last September 26, 2020.”  

He shared the highlights of ‘Kumustahan”, an online parent-teacher conference spearheaded by the Academic Department and Office of Student Affairs. The meeting intended to address the concerns of students’ parents and guardians on the Flexible Learning Program of the institution. 

“Ayon pa nga sa mga magulang ay mainam ang Flexible Learning Program sapagkat nagagawa pa ring magpatuloy ng kanilang mga anak sa pag-aaral sa loob ng kanilang tahanan kahit na may pandemya.”, says Mr. Casco.  

A snippet of the virtual conference rolled in the report which showcases interviews with parents. Constructive feedback of parents and guardians on the implementation of Flex-LeaP via Microsoft 365 were highlighted.  

Evaluation and comments from selected parents/guardians include the following testimonies:  

“Ang feedback sa amin ay kaya naman daw niya, as long as merong internet connection na available, dito sa bahay namin sa San Isidro ay meron naman.” 
“So, yung kumustahan, hindi lang siya nakatulong sa academics ng mga bata kundi siguro sa mental health din.” 

The assessment period for prelims was reported by Ms. Romualdo saying “Nitong katatapos na linggo ay isinagawa ng Midway Colleges ang unang assessment period para sa semestreng ito.  

Kaiba ito sa ibang nakasanayang assessment period sapagkat ito ay iniayos ng bawat guro upang umayon sa kasalukuyang kalagayan ng ating pamumuhay dahil sa banta ng pandemya.  

Sa kabila nito, ay hindi mapagkakailang naipamalas pa rin ng ating mga mag-aaral ang kanilang talino, gilas, at pagkamalikhain sa bawat assessment na ibinigay sa kanila ng kani-kanilang mga guro.”  

Furthermore, the last Friday of the month of September was declared to be the National Maritime Day. Consequently, Midway Colleges celebrated the occasion.  

Students expressed their gratitude and support towards seafarers by posting photos showing their snappy salutes and videos saying “To all the sailors, Happy National Maritime Day! Thank you for your service and thank you for your sacrifice”. Started as a maritime school, Midway continued to grow and expand by offering other bachelor programs. Hence, its support towards the maritime world will remain steadfast.  

“Bilang pagsuporta sa Maritime Industry sa Pilipinas at para kilalanin ang kahalagahan ng marinong Pilipino sa global shipping industry, dineklara ang huling Biyernes ng buwan ng Setyembre bilang National Maritime Day. Nakiisa ang buong pamantasan ng Midway Colleges kasama ang mga mag-aaral nito sa pagsaludo sa kagitingan ng marinong Pilipino na walang sawa at hindi napapagod sa paghahanap-buhay hindi lamang para sa kanilang pamilya, kundi para na rin sa ekonomiya ng buong bansa.”, Mr. Casco narrated.   

Ms. Romualdo reported the celebration of World Teacher’s Day at Midway Colleges saying  

“Isang mainit na pagdiriwang ang inilaan ng Midway colleges sa mga guro nito bilang pakikiisa sa World Teacher’s Day nitong nakaraang October 5. Ngunit, higit na mainit sa pagdiriwang ang mga pagbati at surpresa ng mga mag-aaral sa kanilang mga guro na kanilang mga naging gabay tungo sa landas ng karunungan.  

Dahil na rin sa pandemya, ang pagdiriwang na ito ay naging kakaiba sa mga nagdaang taon. Kanya-kanyang diskarte ang mga sections sa kanilang pagsusurpresa sa kanilang mga advisers at mga teachers.”  

Meanwhile, updates on Social Science topics were given by Mr. Dayto where following subjects will be covered:  

NGE 2 – Campaign for Healthy Body Image  
NGE 4 – Mga Kontrobersiya sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas  
NGE 6 – Stages of Moral Development by Lawrence Kohlberg 
NGE 7 – The Rise of Asean – Asian Regionalism  

In summary, Mr. Dayto greets the teachers saying “Ipagpatuloy nawa natin ang pagtatanglaw ng liwanag sa landas ng karunungan para sa ating mga mag-aaral. Mabuhay po tayong lahat!”  

The Teachercaster Coordinators are Ms. Marie Aliling and Ms. Jeanine Charmaine B. Mantile while the video was edited and directed by Mr. Jestony Sarmiento Alvarez.  

DRIVEN Got Talent

DRIVEN Got Talent: TikTok Midway Edition

Midway Colleges celebrated its 32nd Founding Anniversary on September 24, 2020 with this year’s theme “Midway Strong 2020: Pushing Forward”. Despite the restrictions in gathering caused by the pandemic, Midway continued to rise above the challenges.

The institution plotted activities for the students and employees which aim to further engage the Midway community despite the distance. One of the activities includes “DRIVEN Got Talent: TikTok Midway Edition” where the participants used TikTok, a video-sharing social networking application.

Entries of the participants were uploaded on the official Facebook page of Midway Colleges. The following criteria were followed:

The winner of the contest were determined based on the following criteria:

  • Midway Community Votes (40%)
  • Public Viewer Likes/Reacts (30%)
  • Public Views (30%)

The winners were announced on October 12, 2020 and were awarded cash prizes accordingly.


  • 2nd runner up – Wreindell Camero, MNTM-SA2 – 1,000 PHP
  • 1st runner up – Joel Liwag, BSMT-NM5A2 – 2,000PHP
  • Champion – Maritoni Gregorio, BSCA-51 – 3,000PHP


  • 2nd runner up – Office of the Student Affairs – 1,000PHP
  • 1st runner up – Marine Transportation Department – 2,000PHP
  • Champion – Registrar/Accounting – 3,000PHP

The institution vouched to further implement activities that will promote growth and learning.

Amidst the battle against the pandemic, Midway Colleges has remained true to its commitment in providing transformative education to its students and continuous engagement with its stakeholders. This is a true remark of a DRIVEN community.

Teachercaster Episode 6 (College)


“In this time of pandemic, let us add love, subtract negativities, divide work, and multiply happiness.” says Teachercaster Ms. Khaysielyn Nortez as she encouraged the students that Mathematics is fun, exciting, and enjoyable.  

According to Teachercaster Ms. Lynjane Tabelisma, Mathematics teachers have already adapted to new normal way of teaching and learning.  

“Through the enhanced features of Microsoft Teams and other mathematical supplication like GeoGebra, students will be able to learn better and easier.” says Ms. Nortez.  

Mathematics teachers make the lessons fun, exciting, and easy to understand.  

As midterm approaches, teachers continue to uphold inclusive education. They make sure that no learner will be left behind.  

In their report, they feature students who are solving math problems.  

Here are some testimonies from the students.  

“The problem that I chose is ‘the diameter of a bicycle wheel is 60cm’” – Rensyl Mark Ordonio, 1st year, Marine Engineering Student 

“Here is the solution for the question number 7…” – Johnrick Imperio, 1st year, Marine Engineering student 

“Length is equal to 4ft, width to 3ft, and height to 3ft” – Monica Vergara, 1st year, BS Entrepreneurship student  

“I am here to show you how to solve some problems about prism. Nag-eenjoy po ako sa math lalo na pag nagsasagot ng problem, ng mga equation kahit na minsan po may time na mahirap, okay lang kasi nakakachallenge.” – Francis Delacruz Bote, 1st year, Bachelor of Science in Information System student 

By showcasing their learnings on how to solve mathematical problems, students clearly show appreciation to the subject. 

Ms. Tabelisma shared “According to the famous physicist, Dr. Albert Einstein ‘The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution.’; with the help of everyone, we will solve this together. With the participation of everyone, we will find a solution that will cure us. Life is an equation, in order to gain the most, you must know how to convert the negatives into positives”  

In closing, Ms. Nortez says “This pandemic is a big problem-solving equation, we, as  great mathematician in our times, try harder to solve this mystery of this times. Mathematics teaches us that in every problem, there is a solution.”  

Teachercaster coordinators are Ms. Marie Aliling and Ms. Jeanine Charmaine Mantile. The video for the episode is edited and directed by Mr. Jestony Alvarez 

Teachercaster Episode 6 (Senior High School)

Physical Activities for Grade 11 and Grade 12 Students

Teachercaster Mr. Shane Francis Pagar highlighted the importance of a balanced life. He presented the different activities that engaged the students to be physically active even at the comfort of their homes; various exercise equipment from Midway Athletic Center were also featured.  

“In this time of pandemic, many people encountered post-traumatic depression. So, to alleviate this problem, we need to become more engage in different physical activities because being physically active is an important part of teenagers’ growth and development, especially if done regularly. Because of the crisis, we are experiencing right now, health and wellness have become more important than ever. Thus, we need to prioritize them. That is why Midway promotes activities that will develop students’ physical, mental, and social well-being.” says Mr. Pagar. 

In the subject ‘Health Optimizing Physical Education 1’, the students demonstrated the different exercises that they can easily do even without gym equipment.  

The exercises vary from moderate to vigorous physical routine.  the activities aim to further help and encourage the students to stay active even at the confines of their home. Mr. Pagar reminded the students to stay safe at home for their own safety.  

Selected grade 11 students were featured while performing different self-fitness test in Health Optimizing Physical Health Education 1. These include hamstring and hip flexor test – test of flexibility of hamstring and hip and zipper test – test of shoulder flexibility  

Meanwhile, grade 12 students were tasked to perform the fundamental arms and feet position.  

Mr. Pagar also mentioned that during the celebration of Midway’s 32nd founding anniversary, different recreational activities were held of which the students actively participated.  

In closing, Mr. Pagar says, “Even in this time of pandemic, health and wellness is equally important in the academic success. As the saying goes, the greatness wealth is health.”  

The following faculty members and staff were mentioned for their efforts at the end of the video, namely: Coach Edwin Lobenia, technical consultant; Marc Reiniel Lagman, assistant videographer; Lyca Clerigo, screenplay director; and Jefferson Ortiz, director.