Teachercaster Episode 8 (College)

Physical Education in the New Normal

In the wave of COVID-19 pandemic, online classes and homeschooling are the new normal in education. 

Teachercasters Ms. Lyka Mae Mercado, PE III Instructor and Marimar Fuentes, PE I Instructor demonstrated how they teach physical education in this new normal.  

According to Ms. Fuentes, staying at home for a long period of time can impose a significant challenge in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hence, with physical education, exercises can be achieved through easy to access lessons.  

Despite the limitations caused by the pandemic, there are still ways to continue doing physical activities that can be incorporated into one’s daily routine.  

PE teachers continuously encourage students to be engaged in different physical activities. They assured the students that even with limited space and lack of gym equipment, workouts can still be done at the comfort of their homes. 

With the use of different applications and online platforms such as the “Home Workout” app, students can get fitter, stronger, and more driven to reach their fitness goals even without using expensive equipment. It features programs, routines, and steps on how to properly execute an exercise. In following the application, students can be guided in doing their workouts at home.  

Teachers constantly remind the students to do a warm-up activity before performing their workout to ready their bodies.  

New normal approach 

Ms. Mercado gave updates on Philippine Dual Sports subject. She said that the pandemic will not be a barrier to the learning process of the students. She then featured a testimony from one of her students saying  

“I am Ayessa Sanchez and I will be teaching about the health benefits and rules of badminton” 

Ms. Mercado continued “During this pandemic, students are also trying their best and exerting efforts to provide their own equipment and materials they will need for studying in this kind of setup. At the same time, they are showing their creativity and resourcefulness.” 

Coach Edwin Lobenia, a multi-awarded bodybuilding coach, demonstrated the do’s and don’ts in doing home workouts. He shared tips on how to better perform exercises saying  

“Good day, mga ka-DRIVEN! Today, ipapakita ko sa inyo ang useful equipment na makikita sa loob ng gym para gamitin na pang exercise. Marami namang device na pwedeng gamitin sa bahay para makapag exercise pa rin kayo. Kung wala kayo nito at wala kayong kakayahan na pumunta sa gym para mag -exercise, pwede kayong mag-exercise gamit ang improvised materials gaya ng bottled water.”  

As a professional trainer, some of Coach Lobenia’s awards include: 

2005 Ginoong Antipolo – Champion and Overall Champion (medium category) 

2017 Under Armour Test of Will Fitness Challenge – Champion  

2018 Under Armour Will Breaker – Champion 

2017 PFG on the Spot Fitness Challenge – Champion 

2019 PFG Top 15 Coaches of the Year 

2019 East Strongman under 70kg – Bronze medalist 


Coach Lobenia carefully the demonstrated the workouts that can be done. From the use of dumbbell, kettle ball, and Olympic bar. He emphasized that water bottles can be used in replacement of such equipment.  

He performed deadlift, bend over, back squat, and push up. He reminded the students the importance of proper execution of each workout.  

Even without gym equipment, the learning of students is guaranteed through online classes.   

In summary, Teachercaster Ms. Fuentes reminded the students that “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” 

Teachercaster coordinators are Ms. Marie Aliling and Ms. Jeanine Charmaine Mantile.  

The video is edited and directed by Mr. Jestony Darmiento Alvarez 

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