Teachercaster Episode 7 (SHS)

7th Week Journey of SHS

“Did your examinations go well?” asked Ms. Clerigo to the students while Ms. Domingo probed “What are the preparations and the adjustments that you did in accomplishing your task?”

Teachercasters Ms. Lyka Mae Clerigo and Ms. Lorie Mae Domingo shared the highlights of the 7th week journey of SHS students.

They mentioned that despite the challenges and odds that the students have conquered, their perseverance and efforts will eventually pay off.

In the previous weeks, the teachers at Midway Colleges have diverged from traditional ways of assessing their students’ knowledge and learnings across disciplines to online assessment.

In assessing the students’ learning, the SHS teachers explored innovative ways that catered to the students’ multiple intelligences, learning styles, and modalities.

“In this new normal, along with the changes occurred in the education system, teachers of Midway deviate from the usual way of conducting assessment with the aid of the Learning Management System of the institution.”, says Ms. Clerigo.

Ms. Domingo reported that in Oral Communication class, the learners demonstrated the effective use of Communicative Strategies in the context of public communication through the delivery of declamation speech.

Performances of students were shown in the video. Featured selected students were:

Yasmine Clima, 11 STEM

Luis Dela Cruz, 11 PBM 1

Daniel Joseph Rivera, 11 PBM1

Lance Cedrick Soriano, 11STEM

Lea Joy Astellero, 11 TVL

In Earth Science class, the learners developed a media poster that can be used in promoting recycling in their community to minimize waste when people utilize resources and materials.

For Entrepreneurship class, the learners independently created a quality and marketable product and/or services through the conduct of an online presentation.

AKWE 2020, the first-ever virtual acquaintance party was held successfully on October 2, 2020 via Microsoft Teams. Through this activity, the Grade 11 students were able to interact with their ates and kuyas. Hence, conviviality was promoted, and bonds were strengthened.

The celebration of World Teachers Day was also held in recognition of the efforts and commitments of teachers who act as the second parents and supporters of the students in reaching their dreams.

“In times like this, where even a single ray of hope is impossible to feel, teachers are there selflessly consuming their energy like a candle consuming itself to light the way for others.,” says Ms. Clerigo.

In conclusion, their report concluded that this pandemic is not a hindrance but a change that can be a chance for everyone to explore, create, innovate, and continue excelling towards academic pursuits.

Ms. Lorie Mae Domingo is the episode writer while Mr. Jefferson Ortiz played as videographer, editor, and director

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