Teachercaster Episode 6 (College)


“In this time of pandemic, let us add love, subtract negativities, divide work, and multiply happiness.” says Teachercaster Ms. Khaysielyn Nortez as she encouraged the students that Mathematics is fun, exciting, and enjoyable.  

According to Teachercaster Ms. Lynjane Tabelisma, Mathematics teachers have already adapted to new normal way of teaching and learning.  

“Through the enhanced features of Microsoft Teams and other mathematical supplication like GeoGebra, students will be able to learn better and easier.” says Ms. Nortez.  

Mathematics teachers make the lessons fun, exciting, and easy to understand.  

As midterm approaches, teachers continue to uphold inclusive education. They make sure that no learner will be left behind.  

In their report, they feature students who are solving math problems.  

Here are some testimonies from the students.  

“The problem that I chose is ‘the diameter of a bicycle wheel is 60cm’” – Rensyl Mark Ordonio, 1st year, Marine Engineering Student 

“Here is the solution for the question number 7…” – Johnrick Imperio, 1st year, Marine Engineering student 

“Length is equal to 4ft, width to 3ft, and height to 3ft” – Monica Vergara, 1st year, BS Entrepreneurship student  

“I am here to show you how to solve some problems about prism. Nag-eenjoy po ako sa math lalo na pag nagsasagot ng problem, ng mga equation kahit na minsan po may time na mahirap, okay lang kasi nakakachallenge.” – Francis Delacruz Bote, 1st year, Bachelor of Science in Information System student 

By showcasing their learnings on how to solve mathematical problems, students clearly show appreciation to the subject. 

Ms. Tabelisma shared “According to the famous physicist, Dr. Albert Einstein ‘The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution.’; with the help of everyone, we will solve this together. With the participation of everyone, we will find a solution that will cure us. Life is an equation, in order to gain the most, you must know how to convert the negatives into positives”  

In closing, Ms. Nortez says “This pandemic is a big problem-solving equation, we, as  great mathematician in our times, try harder to solve this mystery of this times. Mathematics teaches us that in every problem, there is a solution.”  

Teachercaster coordinators are Ms. Marie Aliling and Ms. Jeanine Charmaine Mantile. The video for the episode is edited and directed by Mr. Jestony Alvarez 

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