Upskilling Training on the Operation of Engine Room Simulator…

As the time goes by, The Philippine Educational System continuously evolves. The goal of each MHEI is not just merely giving learning, but also producing globally competitive professionals. One of the keys to adapt with this evolving process is to gear-up instructors to become physically and mentally prepared to give the best quality education to learners.

Last February 6-7, 2023, Midway Colleges Inc., College of Maritime Education Department in supervision of Dean 2/E Erdie P. Taganguin and Assistant Dean Engr. Isidro Arvin Roberto, an upskilling training on the operation of Midway Colleges Inc Engine Room Simulator was conducted. It was led by Senior Technical Representative from Poseidon Asia, Inc 3/E Nilo Ortega. He facilitated the two-day training with the Marine Engineering Faculty. Driven with our forged mission and commitment from our partnership with Poseidon which is to continuously develop and improve the training services, and to equip our Marine Engineering Department with sophisticated and innovative competence enrichment training, the invigorating event kick-off.

On day one (February 6, 2023), Sir Ortega handed out a smooth introduction of the training itinerary and coverage. He then started it with the operation of Engine room machinery and watch keeping engine control room of vessel with high level of automation. He explicitly extended the discussions by giving pointers and ideas to the instructors on how to handle situations in the Engine room. He also shared the specification of equipment on Virtual Engine Room 6 (VER6) and machinery as added information.

On day 2 (Feb 7, 2023), The Marine Engineering Faculty were individually familiarized with the operation of VER6 Program. Marine Engineering Instructors were attested by trying out different assessments and scenario. Sir Ortega and the instructors also tackled the operation of gas turbine and steam turbine and how to create an assessment task on the specific course. Before the successful wrap up of the comprehensive workshop training, Sir Ortega encouraged the trainees to raise some other concerns and inquiry with the various features of the simulator program. The training triumphally ended with a harmonious and thriving sharing of experiences.

Change is inevitable. Our education is continuously evolving and changing. To adapt to change, we must be equipped with new sets of skills and knowledge that we can use to produce world class professionals in the battlefield.

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