A Real-life Situation Simulation for a Real-life Navigation Preparation

Last March 09-10, 2023, at the Midway Academics Building 1, the College of Maritime Education Department held its second phase of Developmental Training for the BSMT Faculty Member. “A Real-life Situation Simulation for a Real-life Navigation Preparation,” this has been the resonating slogan of the deck team as they braised themselves with the two days upskilling training on the use of our Mini-Bridge Poseidon Deck Simulator.

Regarded as a state-of-the-art system designed to train seafarers in the operation and maintenance of marine navigation equipment. The simulator is an essential tool for familiarizing and training our marine professionals and students to become proficiently ready in the competitive world of Seafaring, thus making them globally indomitable in the ever-changing modernization and technology.

The chief objective of the retraining program is to set the level of standards by enhancing the team’s knowledge and skills in the safe operation and maintenance of marine navigation equipment, with a particular focus on the use of Mini-Bridge Poseidon simulator. The training also aims to ensure the roster of our BSMT Faculty receives the best firsthand experience as they explore and discover various features of the innovative equipment.

The workshop Training started at first light of March 09, 2023, headed by the lead facilitator 2M Ferdinand Romero, an industry expert and seasoned trainer from Poseidon. He made a smooth run of equipment and software introduction. He then deliberately divided the discussion into three main topics: theory, simulator training, and practical assessment process.

The theory component covered the basic principles of marine navigation, including the use of radar, GPS, and other navigation equipment. The simulator training component involved the use of the Mini-Bridge Poseidon simulator to simulate different navigation scenarios and train the team members in the use of the simulator. Finally, the practical assessment training component involved the application of the knowledge and skills gained from the theory and simulator assessment training as to real-life scenarios.

On the second day, March 10, 2023, the team members had made a significant progress during the upskilling and training program. During the group sharing session they obtained a deeper understanding on the principles of marine navigation and the operation of navigation equipment. Unassisted, they became more assertive in navigating the Mini-Bridge Poseidon simulator. Also, they were able to manage complex assessment scenarios with ease. Furthermore, Deck instructors demonstrated their individual ability to operate and maintain marine navigation equipment effectively at various weather challenges set-up and conditions.

In a nutshell, the reequipping and rehabilitation training workshop of the Mini-Bridge Poseidon simulator was truly a remarkable success. The BSMT Team have acquired valuable tips, abundant information and have geared up the caliber of their interpretation of the equipment. This are indeed vital on delivering quality educations and training to our students for the proper utilization of the Mini-Bridge Poseidon simulator.

Once again, Midway have just proven its commitment and dedication for a promised of a transformative Education, not just for the students but for our faculty and staff. As an old saying goes, “Officers don’t create excuses, they create results.

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