Strengthening and reassuring a sound relationship with Industry Partners…

Following the general direction of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) mandating that all colleges and universities must implement full in-person classes or blended learning starting the Academic Year 2022-2023. Midway Colleges dutifully opened its doors not only to conform with the regulatory bodies but with the objective to re-establish and tighten our connections to various Maritime Industry Linkages and partners.

Last December 19-22, 2022, marked as a rebirth of the new era after the long abeyance of conventional education and business operations. The Midway DRIVEN Family have purposely paid a courtesy visit with several Shipping and Manning Agencies to reinforce our forged partnership in pursuit of ventures for new opportunities to our preceding Maritime Professional and Graduates.   The CEO himself Mr. Czar Manglicmot II together with our ever-dedicated Onboard Training Assistant Supervisor Ms. Eloisa Macapagal have tirelessly scouted around the heart of Manila to call on our beloved affiliate and acquaintances in Maritime Business sectors.

List of the reputable Ship Manning Agencies, Shipping Companies and Industry Association visited by the Midway Colleges – Onboard Training Office:

  • Vintex Shipping Phils. Corporation
  • Philippine Transworld Shipping Corporation
  • Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment (FAME)
  • Alphera Marine Services, Inc.
  • Abosta Shipmanagement Corp.
  • Astra Marine International, Inc.
  • OSM Shipping Phils., Inc.
  • Seadard Ocean Marine Traiding Co., LTD (HK)
  • Dongtai Seadard Shipping Co., LTD (China)
  • Tianjin Seadard Marine Engineering Co., LTD (China)
  • Seadard Supply Chain Management Phils., Inc. (PH)
  • Solvang Philippines, Inc.
  • TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc.
  • Association of Maritime Training Centers, Inc.
  • Philippine Transmarine Carriers Inc.
  • International Mariners’ Management Association of Japan (IMMAJ)
  • Japan Manning Consultative Council, Inc.
  • Joint Manning Group (JMG)
  • Maersk-Filipinas Crewing Inc.

Maritime Industry is indeed one of the most critical sectors, with the unstable and ever-changing status of our Philippine economy due to the disruptive game-changer COVID-19 Pandemic, it has surged unemployment stigma to a lot of Maritime applicants. With this decisive and purposeful travel initiated by the Institution, boundless windows of opportunities await to our DRIVEN students after the completion of their Academic Instructions. Surely, numbers of Maritime Employers and Principals will be more than willing to entertain our highly skilled and adept completers and will soon joint the rest to the Worlds globally competitive Seafarers.

More than a responsibility, its a proof of Midway’s divine and selfless commitment to the community and to rest of the Filipino hopefuls. Rest assured that there would be more development, growth and expansion on the years ahead as Midway is more than dedicated to improve its services by intensifying and far-reaching more Industry Partners and affiliation as we all navigate ahead.


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