October 2020

Midway Colleges launches its DRIVEN Channel

With the changes and challenges brought by the pandemic, there has been a sudden shift to online learning. Aside from the implementation of Learning Management System via Microsoft 365, Midway Colleges has come up with a way to further reach out to its students through the DRIVEN Channel.

The DRIVEN Channel is the official YouTube channel of Midway Colleges where videos containing informative content will be uploaded.

Various segments featuring highlights of activities, events, online learning, and special messages will be included in the stream.

Teachercaster program of Academic Department will be incorporated in DRIVEN channel.

The institution ensures continuous flow of learning by keeping the students engage through educational and entertaining videos.

October 2020

AKWE 2020

1st Virtual Acquaintance Party

The 32nd Foundation Day of Midway Colleges is very different from the previous practice of celebration. As this year’s theme emphasizes, “Pushing Forward”, the institution continued to move forward amidst the challenges it has encountered and will continue to encounter.  

Midway Colleges, Inc. understands the importance of social interaction between students regardless of what stage they are in their chosen career paths. Events such as an acquaintance party are essential in order to welcome freshmen students and introduce them to their seniors.  

In line with the ‘new normal’ and the respective health and safety protocols to keep everyone safe and sound in these challenging times, the 1st Virtual Acquaintance Party was introduced, an organized party which aimed to: 

Unite the Midway Colleges students into one avenue where they can get acquainted with other students. 
Engage the students with Midway celebration using online platform. 
Unveil and showcase students’ uniqueness and creativity through creating, designing and running their own program. 
Provide activities that offer a chance to slow down and decrease possible stresses that students are facing during this time of the pandemic. 

The virtual party was held via Microsoft Teams on October 2, 2020. Attendees comprised of officially- enrolled students with active Microsoft 365 accounts.  

The students formed their own groups and channels depending on their interest, hobbies, and courses.  

They planned the program which includes various activities from playing instruments, singing, participating in quiz bees, and the like.  

An institutional message from the President and CEO of the institution was played in every channel.  

There are a total of  

The Office of the Student Affairs and Guidance Office coordinated with the advisers to encourage the students plan their own program.  

All throughout the virtual party, students were advised to adhere “stay at home” policy during the conduct of the online party as the safety of everyone is always our concern. 

September 2020

Teachercaster Episode 4 (Senior High School Department)

4th Week Journey of SHS DRIVEN Family

“Here at Midway, learning will prevail. The boundless effort made in a short period of time, to cope with the changes remind us that changed is viable.” says Ms. Lyka Clerigo, SHS teacher.

Ms. Clerigo’s report features the 4-week journey of SHS Department specifically the milestones and highlights of phase 1 of the Learning Continuity Plan.

This includes the Flexible Learning Program of which the different teachercasters have talked about how the teachers of midway seized the opportunity to cope with the learning crisis and bring about set of solutions that are once impossible and difficult to implement.

“Ms. Juchel Caning talked about how Midway Colleges welcomed the students to Microsoft 365 as its official Learning Management System.

Ms. Desiree Mallari shared the fun and collaborative activities of SHS English teachers such as the world café activity, telephone communication activity, and brainwriting

2/M Juan Carlo termulo and 3/E Mark Reagan Banate showcased the Senior High School Maritime Strand and tribute to the seafarers as we celebrate the World Maritime Month.”

For activities on Proficiency Week, selected students shared their testimonies and experiences.

“The proficiency task that we did in reading and writing gave us the opportunity to express our opinion in a certain argument. It helped us to discover our hidden talents in terms of writing, we were also given a chance to critic the opinion of our classmates for us to know what part of their arguments were wrong. So, we can improve our critical thinking and writing skills.” Myka Pauline Bator, 12 TVL

“Sa paggawa po ng brochure na ito ay marami po akong natutunan na dapat ay I-apply ko rin po sa sarili ko. Bilang student ng Midway Colleges, akin pong hinihikayat ang aking pong mga kapwa estudenyante na ating pong pahalagahan at pagyamanin ang ating sariling wika dahil kung hindi natin pagyayamin ay sino ang gagawa nito at lagi din po nating ipagmamalaki na tayo po ay Pilipino na may wikang tagalog.” says Yasmine Ruth Clima of 11 STEM

“The class of 12 TMS drew the parts of the boiler during their maritime class, the students’ creativity and knowledge about the parts of the boiler were enhanced in this activity” says Ranilyn Quitoras of 12 TMS

Moreover, Ms. Clerigo mentioned that September is the celebration of Midway Colleges’ Founding Anniversary. In line with this, Tagisdunong 2020 proceeded. The elimination round was conducted per class level. All students participated during their class led by class advisers. The top 2 students for each class are the qualifiers for the semifinal round. Other activities include Mobile Legends and TikTok Midway family edition.

In conclusion, Ms. Clerigo says “Indeed, this academic year will not be an easy journey but midway promises to make learning ingenuine, inclusive and flexible because we are one Midway and Miway Strong”

September 2020

Teachercaster Episode 3 (College Department)

3rd week of classes ft. Maritime Courses and Customs Administration

For updates on the 3rd week of classes, maritime college instructors Mr. Rommel Garcia and 2/M Carl Joseph De Luna reported about the subjects taken by Maritime Transportation and Marine Engineering students; and how Midway Colleges responded to COVID-19 pandemic in terms of education.

Meanwhile, Ms. Jovelyn Alberto from the College of Business gave updates on Custom Administration course.

Ms. Alberto mentioned that Midway Colleges is the only school in Nueva Ecija that offers Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration. This program is accredited by Philippine Society of Customs Administration, an international program where students can experience being an international trade facilitator and a license customs broker once they passed the board examination.

Job opportunities for BS in Customs Administration graduates include custom collector, supervising tariff specialist, academic lecturer, faculty and researcher, import and export manager, global trade manager and being employed in different government agencies.

With remote learning, lessons on computation, elaboration of laws, and on the job trainings, are possible with the use of the Learning Management System via Microsoft 365.

2/M De Luna reported that aside from Microsoft Teams, students learn new set of knowledge and skills through applications such as TeamViewer. Through this application, students have access to the simulators for familiarization of its functions as part of their hands-on activities.

He says “They coordinated and unceasing efforts were undertaken by the marine transportation faculty to ensure mastery of the platform to deliver the quality of education to every student. From laboratories with actual materials, onboard ship, simulation room to familiarize the ship bridge and structure, via virtual setup by Midway and Microsoft”

“Sa pagtutulungan ng bawat isa, nagkaroon ng magandang resulta ang nakalipas na tatlong linggo sa pagsasagawa ng online class. Kahit ano pa ang ating nararanasan, ito ay may hangganan at sama-sama natin itong malalampsan. Kahit nakakaranas ng pandemya, tayo ay mananatiling matatag sa lahat ng pagsubok” says Mr. Galicia

August 2020

Pilot Episode (College Department)

Faculty Training ft. Buwan ng Wika

Ms. Jeanine Charmaine Mantile, college teacher, featured the faculty training in preparation for the start of classes for school year 2020-2021.

Ms. Mantile reported that the “Faculty Training on Learning Continuity in Response to COVID-19″ was held on August 10 – 14 and 17 – 20, 2020. The 9-day training capacitated the teachers for remote learning implementation. The training includes familiarization on features of Microsoft 365 and exploring other online platforms for distanced learning such as Facebook, Messenger, and Google Meet.

Psychological orientation is also part of the training to help teachers support the students’ learning to further ensure that remote learning meets the needs of students for a safe and accessible way to continue learning.

Moreover, in the spirit of celebrating Buwan ng Wika with a theme “Ang mga Katutubong Wika sa Maka-Filipinong Bayanihan Kontra Pandemya”, students changed their changed their profile pictures on Facebook using a frame depicting their advocacy for Filipino language.

She mentioned how the changes and challenges brought by COVID-19 affected the lives of people all over the world. She emphasized that even with the pandemic, Midway Colleges continues to find ways to carry on.

August 2020

Pilot Episode (Senior High School Department)

Opening of Classes via Microsoft 365 ft. Buwan ng Wika

Ms. Juchel Caning, an SHS Teacher, featured the start of classes via Microsoft 365.  

Microsoft 365 is the official Learning Management System of Midway Colleges. With the use of applications and features of Microsoft 365, the components of the Learning Continuity Plan are properly implemented.  

Despite the changes and challenges, Midway Colleges guarantees that no student will be left behind.  

Part of the efforts to ensure engagement and learning of the students, the Academic Department also crafted the Learning Enhancement Program which contains activities that will keep the students entertained while learning new set of information.  

The launching of the Learning Enhancement Program showcased an online seminar of Mr. Reyzeljan Delos Trinos. In celebration of “Buwan ng Wika” with this year’s theme “Wika ng Kasaysayan, Kasaysayan ng Wika: Ang mga Katutubong Wika sa Maka-Filipinong Bayanihan Kontra Pandemya” 

Mr. Delos Trinos talked about the importance of using one’s own language to express thoughts creatively.  SHS students participated in the discussion.  

Ms. Caning said “Katulad ng taun-taong pagdalumat sa buwan ng wika ang nagaganap na pagbabago sa ating mundo at sa ating edukasyon ay magiging bahagi na lamang ng ating kasaysayan.” 

August 2020

Start of Classes and launching of Learning Management System…

Classes for School Year 2020-2021 were officially opened on August 24, 2020.

Midway Colleges held its classes online in compliance to the Commission on Higher Education’ CHED COVID ADVISORY No. 7, ‘Guidelines for the Prevention, Control and Mitigation of the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)’.

In response to the changes and challenges brought by the pandemic COVID-19, Midway Colleges has crafted the Learning Continuity Plan which has the three-phase learning such as Remote Flexible Learning, Blended Learning, Enhance Residential Learning.

Through Microsoft 365, the Learning Management System (LMS) was launched as the institution began to open classes online.

Students were given institutional emails as access to their accounts. Through Microsoft 365, students can easily attend their classes, study their lessons, connect with their teachers and classmates, and be updated with the important updates of the school.

They were guided accordingly on how to effectively use and maximize the Office applications. Midway Colleges also supplied a way for students to raise their concerns whenever they need help through the virtual Help Desk.

August 2020

Online seminar – August Benedicto

Filipino International Triathlete, August Benedicto on Health and Fitness

August Benedicto, a Filipino International Triathlete, talked about health and fitness in an online seminar entitled “Exercise and Healthy Diet During the COVID-19 Pandemic” on August 15, 2020 via Midway Colleges Facebook Livestream.

As an international triathlete, Benedicto has already bagged plenty of awards and recognitions.

Some of his awards include:

· Alveo Ironman 70.3 Davao Asian Elite Champion 2019


· 4x Cobra Ironman 70.3 Cebu Filipino Elite Champion 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012

· 4x COBRA IRONMAN 70.3 CEBU FILIPINO ELITE CHAMPION 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012

· 4x Cobra IRONMAN 70.3 CEBU Filipino Elite Champion 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012

Months in quarantine did not stop Benedicto to continue his training and workouts at home. With the tournaments and races postponed until further notice, Benedicto stayed on track of his goal to stay fit and healthy.

He shared tips to students and faculty members on how one can achieve health and fitness goals even at the comfort of their homes. He discussed the benefits of having an active lifestyle such as more energy, less stress and anxiety, and lower risk of having heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol to name a few.

Having a healthy lifestyle consists of a good workout activity and a balanced diet. Benedicto shared pictures of himself showing different home workout activities that can easily be done such as lunges, planking, and high-knee exercises. He also shared meal plans and foods that help in adapting a healthy eating habit. This includes eat fruits as a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon, eat a fiber-rich diet, and eat nuts, soy, fish, egg, lean meats such as chicken as source of protein.

His discussion stirred questions on how he became an international athlete. He then told his story on how he started his journey in biking.

As a young child, Benedicto used to work as an ice delivery boy riding a bike. This experience has led him to cycling. Eventually, he became a member of the Philippine Duathlon National Team. He met Chrissie Wellington, professional triathlete, and four-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion.

Benedicto married Anna Stroh, a fellow international triathlete. They now live in Germany with their two kids.

August 2020

Partnership between Microsoft and Midway Colleges via Audentes Technologies

On August 11, 2020, Midway Colleges signed a contract deal with Audentes Technologies.

Audentes Technologies is a certified partner of Microsoft which supplies the linkage and services to Midway Colleges.

Through this partnership, Audentes Technologies is now running on Microsoft 365, a productivity cloud that brings together best-in-class Office apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security.

With all the features of Microsoft 365, it corresponds with the need of Midway Colleges for a platform to continually supply transformative education to its students despite the limitations caused by the pandemic.

The partnership provides trainings to teachers and students to equip them with advance technologies and skills development that are needed in adapting to blended learning.

Teachers are now eligible to have Microsoft Certified Educator Certification (MCE), this certifies that teachers have the global technology literacy competencies that are essential in supplying a rich, custom learning experience to students.

Moreover, students can also have Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS). Through this certification, students will be trained to have advance skills in MS Office, data comprehension, and in preparation for their future careers.

The partnership between Midway Colleges and Audentes Technologies seals a promising delivery of excellent services and programs towards a transformative education.