34th Founding Anniversary

In celebrating 34th Founding Anniversary, memorable experiences have come up better and become remarkable since this is a post-pandemic era. After a year’s gone through, hiding in our comfort zone, doing online learning and new normal things just to be safe and be a survivor of COVID-19, here we are getting up, standing strong and enthusiastic!

On September 23, 2022, all are excited to wake up early at 5’o clock in the morning to have the MIDWAY COLLEGES traditional AURORA MARCHthat starts at MIDWAY’S STAGE GROUND, all students from different departments participated. The students enjoyed walking again with their favorite advisers, classmates, and even faculty and staff too.

     The committee conducted a re-activation, re-build, and re-organization of students’ clubs which enhance to be more participative individuals and practice DRIVEN values in their activities. The students flooded the stage ground and observing the bright and extravagant ability and talents of the competing students in various festival themes, which they were all thrilled till the contest ended.

     Full Happiness may not be found within 24 hours but when it is a special day, you may find full happiness! Before celebrating the birthday of our beloved CEO, Sabino Czar C. Manglicmot, faculties and staff had their

THANKSGIVING MASS at the MIDWAY gymnasium, followed by the awarding of the Best employee’s that stayed for them for a half-decade.

     He is a good man; he was impressed by the warm Birthday celebration done by the MCI family.

     There are a lot of things to be changed in our surroundings but we must start first with ourselves in order to encourage others. Believing that a dream meets another dream and supports each other, they will not become a dream anymore; it will happen and come to reality. The only constant in life is changing and we must know our strengths and weakness to survive. We must know how to adjust to our surroundings in order to live longer. Life is important. Not all time, happiness would find you but you are the one who makes your happiness. In celebrating the birthday of the CEO, a lot of things were learned, including social life and how joyful starts and ends with family and friends.

      Loud and proud after participating in this event, achieving the lesson, STRIVE HARD NO TO BE FAMOUS BUT TO BE A GOOD MAN IN FUTURE!

Organizational Development Conference 2022

        Team building when employees work as a team, they communicate. They talk to each other about the task at hand and the best way to achieve the desired result. They strategize, divide themselves into smaller groups, hold discussions and try to finish the task in the most efficient manner. Communication also allows employees to understand their roles and what their peers are doing. When employees know what their team members are doing, they can check up on the progress made and help each other out if someone cannot reach their goal.

        As we listened to the journey of our institution as discussed by our CEO yesterday, we were made aware of the 9 Institutional Objectives from which we have anchored our respective department’s objectives. With the understanding of the institutional and departmental objectives that guides us towards the path that shall enable us achieve our mission and vision particularly on:

  1. Transformative education
  2. Internal linkages
  3. Quality management system (EOMS as well as PACUCOA)

The games we had yesterday made everyone enjoy and have fun. Through these games we played we were able to:

  1. Build ONE BIG TEAM
  2. We were able to see how OPEN COMMUNICATION allowed each team achieve its goals – the number of words uttered did not prevent the team from understanding the direction for the achievement of the same goal in mind.
  3. CREATIVITY – we all went out of the box, which shows we are innovative
  4. LEADERSHIP – one of the many members of the group stood out and called the shots, ideas poured in during the planning and upon reaching the agreement everyone worked together without hesitation, rejection, negativity but instead everyone followed and contributed to complete the task TOWARDS THE RIGHT DIRECTION



  1. Our commitment to deliver services beyond the needs of our stakeholders
  2. Being service oriented as we listen and attend to the needs of our stakeholders
  3. Ensuring customer satisfaction



  • The importance of having a strong organizational culture –THE DRIVEN CULTURE.
  • THE DIFFERENT Factors that shape THE INSTITUTION – through continuously instilling among us and our students the core values of midway – nationalism, divine providence, integrity, respect for elders and environment, volunteerism, excellence
  • Considerations in creating and managing A DRIVEN COMMUNITY – go beyond salaries
  • Ensure the continuity and success of MIDWAY – through each one of us – as contributors

AS A MEMBER OF THE DRIVEN FAMILY – we focus on professional area to establish relationships/connections. to make a good team we understand duties and responsibilities of each person.

AS A MEMBER OF THE DRIVEN FAMILY – be a mentee who never stops growing, be a mentee to a mentor who will help you grow, who help you put the mission, vision and goals of the institution into your actions, words and person.

ASKING HELP AND ASKING QUESTIONS ENSURES CLEAR UNDERSTANDING ON MATTERS. THIS WILL HELP US SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE – understanding the goals and objectives and the duties and responsibilities of each position.


“With our mission, vision and core values be our COMPASS to move ahead as one big team – THE MIDWAY DRIVEN FAMILY.”


  • We will discuss the rubrics in computing the students’ grades to promote transparency
  • Influencing others towards unity
  • We commit to check the emails regularly and answer on time to have regular meetings in the department to address the concerns of the stakeholders
  • Overload units of teaching/teaching beyond the standard units of teaching
  • Available for students’ concerns beyond working hours/replying and entertaining their concerns and problems
  • We will conduct seminars and activities to promote gender equalities
  • We will conduct monthly PFC meetings and student leaders’ meeting every first Friday of the month to bridge both ends of stakeholders and management




Aesthetic Friday

Aesthetic Friday

       Orientation is a chance for students to learn how things work at their new school and meet other students as well as faculty and staff members. Orientation is also a chance for the school to start getting to know your student. A good orientation program helps students feel excited about starting college and smooths the transition to campus life and the independence that comes with it. Orientation is designed to prepare you for success. You want to start your first day of class with the confidence that comes from knowing how your online university works and what you can expect from the environment. Attending Orientation will give you the best possible start to University by allowing you to:
        – Meet other students in your course
        – Meet the key staff in your School
        – Learn about the services available to support your study
        – Ask questions
        – Find your way around campus
        – Feel more confident about commencing university
        – Engage with the social aspects of university life

          What a way to welcome the student and launch student-led LEP Activity! Letting the students be themselves and express their fashion sense as we lead them to become a better version of themselves.

      Last, September 16, 2022, the Learning Enhancement Program (LEP) Team of the Senior High School Department, in collaboration with the College of Maritime Education, conducted the first Aesthetic Friday with the theme 𝗦𝗜𝗗𝗛𝗔𝗬𝗔 𝗢𝗥𝗜𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡: 𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗼 𝗯𝗲 𝗗𝗥𝗜𝗩𝗘𝗡. This activity was a student-led orientation and seminar about Personality Development, Proper Decorum, and Learning Management Systems.

      The program started with an opening prayer led by SHS Ambassador Joshua Soriano De Dios of 12 ACAD. After this, there were different activities conducted that broke the ice and made the students active during the program. After this, the discussion formally began.

   First, Mr. Edgar Toribio, from 11-PBM, presented the first speaker on that day – Ms. Karen Nicole Gaetos, the Learning Area Coordinator of HOPE and Sciences Cluster. Ms. Gaestos discussed the topic “Personality development: “Becoming the best version of yourself”. Wherein, she highlighted the importance of maintaining body hygiene, taking care of our bodies, and keeping ourselves clean. Moreover, she also encouraged the students to turn their weaknesses into strengths in the wrap-up activity she did during her talk.

      Second, Ms. Chazy Andres, Grade 11 student, introduced the next speaker, Mr. Kenneth Lustre, the Learning Area Coordinator of the Language and Communication Cluster. Mr. Lustre discussed the Learning Management System of the school. He discussed the different features of Microsoft Teams and the different things they need to remember and do in the said platform. Furthermore, he also oriented the students about MS Outlook. This discussion was very helpful, especially to those students who are new to our LMS.

       Lastly, the third speaker Mr. Ricardo Maines Jr, introduced by Ms. Pauline Kay S. Gaya, discussed the proper decorum, code of discipline, and code of conduct for aspiring seafarers. He also informed how to properly address the teachers whenever they enter and leave the classroom whether they are alone, two, or in a group. The discussion included the correct gestures when giving a salute and the proper standing as well. In the last part of his talk, he gave some jargon that seafarers used when on the duty.

        The program became even more successful with the help of Mr. King Emmanuel D. Matulac, the Grade Level Coordinator of the department, who hosted the event.

        It was very fun and full of learning activities to help the students to become the best version of themselves. In lieu thereof, the Learning Enhancement Program team, which is composed of Ms. Flordeliza A. Bonifacio, Marc Reinel S. Lagman, and Ms. Andrea V. Dacanay, makes sure that the students will feel a warm welcome and that we are here to support and help them out not only in their academic undertakings but also in extracurricular activities.

       The program ended but the learning instills, not only in the mind but also in the action of the students.

Faculty In-Service Training 2022

       Education is unfolding the wings of the head and heart together. The job of a teacher is to push the students out of the nest to strengthen their wings. Teachers need to equip themselves with adequate knowledge and enough strength to unfold the wings of the head and heart of the students thus they will know how to spread their wings and soar to greater heights when they finally go out of their nest.

       To prepare the teachers of Midway Colleges, for the forthcoming 1st semester of Academic Year 2022-2023, the institution provided a 10-day faculty in-service training to revitalize the skills of the teachers and pour them necessary teaching strategies which are appropriate for the new Institution’s Learning Continuity Plan- Phase II which is the Blended Learning. It is defined by Friesen, 2021 as an approach to learning that combines face-to-face and online learning experiences. Ideally, each (both online and off) will complement the other by using its particular strength.

     The faculty in-service training commenced on August 22, 2022, with a theme: “Re-engineering Outcomes-based Education through HyFlex Learning” The 1st day of the training was facilitated by Ms. Karen Gaetos, a faculty from the Senior High School Department, together with Ms. Rialuz Celindro, a faculty member of General Education Department. It started with the arrival and registration of the participants, wherein they received a training kit composed of an envelope, blank sheets, a ballpen, and a coffee and biscuits. Along with the training, the kit was a name tag with a respective QR code which is to be scanned for digital attendance.

      When the participants were finally gathered in the Academic Building 1 of Midway Colleges, Inc. The program began with the prayer and the singing of the national anthem. The hosts of the event reminded the body of the house rules and some protocols which should be adhered to during the training.

      An energizer was conducted to set the mood of the crowd. After all these preliminary activities, the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sabino Czar Cloma Manglicmot II, delivered his welcome remarks to officially open the program. It was followed by the introduction of the Organizational Chart of the Midway Colleges which was delivered by Ms. Maria Luisa Bellen Ascue. Afterward, the academic director of the institution once again refreshed the minds of the faculty regarding the Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, and core values of MCI.

      Tailed next were the milestones and plans of the academic department. This was also comprehensively discussed by Dr. Oandasan.

       Giving everyone a glimpse of what the 10-day training would look like, the General Education Coordinator, Mr. Jan Ashley D. Casco presented the training roadmap. Furthermore, the employees were reoriented regarding the key academic policies and processes. The Learning Continuity Plan was discussed to guide the faculty on how they should execute the Hyflex learning in the class. Aside from that, the learning materials which the instructors shall use in their classes were presented. The learning packs of the institution are composed of the Course Guide and Learning Guide. Moreover, the process of assessments and grading system was also shown to give the faculty an idea of the modifications that were made out of the last edition of the grading template and assessment plan. In addition, Mr. Robie Mar A. Dayto and Dr. Richard L. Oandasan have reminded the faculty of the video conferencing policy and attendance monitoring.

      Come the second day, Ms. Jovelyn Alberto and Ms. Jessa Amor Necesito, both from the College of Business, facilitated the training. It followed the same preliminary activities, however, this time the Human Resource discussed the faculty 360-Evaluation Processes. After the discussion, the floor was opened for some queries from the body. The succeeding topic discussed was the Academic Support Services. These are the partner departments of the Academic. Among these academic supports are the Library Department, OSA, Discipline, and Guidance Registrar’s Office, Registrar’s Office, and Sickbay. Ms. Arlyn Bayeng, the college librarian, discussed how to utilize the library, and what are the available teaching and learning materials in the library. In the person of Dr. Jemuel Roque, the services provided by the Office of the Students’ Affairs, Discipline, and Guidance, were also hereby explained. The same goes for the services which the registrar can offer and so as the sickbay.

      Additionally, the IT Department in the person of Mr. Jeffrey Boticario also discussed the Technology-aided instructions: such as the MS Teams Orientation, Tips and Tricks, and New Emerging Educational Platforms. This is to ensure that the employees are well-versed in the learning management system used in the institution. Afterward, Mr. Franz Harvey Quinto, from the IT Department, demonstrated how to use MS Teams and other educational platforms.

    The training finally came to its third day, it was facilitated by Mr. Kenneth Lustre, a faculty from the Senior High School Department. On this day, the institution invited a very able and very expert resource speaker, none other than Dr. Jerome T. Buenviaje, the Dean of the College of Education at the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus. The program started with the same preliminary routines, then Dr. Richard L. Oandasan introduced the resource speaker of the day.

     Dr. Buenviaje discussed HyFlex Learning: Pedagogical Techniques and Integrative Assessment for Blended Learning. The training seemingly looked like a simulation of actual HyFlex Learning. This is to provide purposive experience to the faculty thus they will how the class should look when the Academic Year finally begins.

     The body was asked to create a course guide labeling which topic should be discussed on-site and online. This will serve as their guide so the distribution of the topic and its mode of delivery will be synchronized.
Days passed by in abrupt that no one noticed that it was already the fifth day, the same routines were followed: scanning of the attendance, prayer, house rules reminder, and the recap of the previous day. On this day, Mr. Frank Justin Santos and Miss Lorraine Hidalgo were the hosts. They executed some icebreakers to enliven the crowd. Afterward, Mr. Jan Ashley Casco, the General Education Coordinator, discussed the guidelines of revisiting the learning packs and realigning assessments through the lens of blended learning. Since the mode of the instructional delivery has been modified too hence, the need to modify some areas of the learning packs to make them aligned with the newly implemented mode of delivery.

     After Mr. Casco discussion, the body was asked to go to their respective department to start the modifications of their teaching materials. The revision of the teaching-learning materials lasted until the 6th day of the training.

     Moving forward, the faculty was also given ample time to revisit their assessment plans and update them. The revision of the assessment plan lasted until the 8th day of the training.

     In a wrap, the In-SeT committee decided to conclude the training with a mock team teaching. This is to finally showcase what the faculty have learned in the 10-day training. The body was divided into a cluster, and they have to prepare a teaching demonstration wherein they shall deliver it using the blended teaching approach.

     The mock team teaching happened on the 9th day of the training. It was facilitated by Ms. Kimberly Roxas, a faculty from the College of Business. The guidelines for the team-teaching demonstration and the scoring system were discussed by Mr. Robie Mar A. Dayto, the chair of the event. At exactly 0900H the mock team-teaching began until all the clusters were able to demonstrate their teaching skills.

      In a nutshell, Midway always allot the last day of the training for the Organizational Development Conference. The committee invited Ms. Adel, for a talk on how to strengthen the bond among the employees. She shared some fun activities which promoted camaraderie, collaboration, and open communication among the members of the Midway community. Aside from that, the committee also prepared some light activities which made the ODC more memorable. The activities include a CrossFit challenge, solving a puzzle with a blindfolded eye, building a tower out of scotch tape and papers, climbing a tree, and fetching waters using only the available materials on hand.

      The training was concluded with the awarding where the Social Science Cluster had been the recipient of the Best in Mock Team-Teaching, the Pink and Red Team were both hailed as the champion during the recent ODC, and Ms. Gaetos, from the Senior High School Department, garnered the Ms. OOTD award.

      The Faculty In-Set for the 1st term of A.Y. 2022-2023 had set with a clear voyage plan, had gone underway bumpy, however it docked safely. It made the faculty more the equipped with the necessary knowledge, more skillful, and more than ready to face the new challenges that this new teaching-learning modality has to offer.

MCi Mobile Legends Tournament

One of the activities of Midway Colleges’ celebration of its 32nd founding anniversary is Mobile Legends tournament.  

The tournament was open to all students at Midway Colleges. Teams were formed composing of 5 members with 1 substitute (optional). 

The tournament has three rounds: elimination, semi-final, and final round.  

Mr. Jamil Dela Cruz of IT Department facilitated the tournament.  

Each part of the tournament was streamed via MS teams and official Facebook page of Midway Colleges.  

Winners were awarded prize money depending on their down payment during the 1st semester enrollment. The winners are as follows:  

Jan Ecaldre – 1500 
Mark Airon Barrios – 3000 
Ryan James Asto – 3000 
Alvin Ferreras – 3000 
Christian Cedrick Pelaez – 3000 

Conducting e-sports like Mobile Legends is one of Midway Colleges’ way in ensuring engagement towards its students.  

Tagisdunong 2020

Online Quiz Bee

One of the activities during the 32nd founding anniversary of Midway Colleges includes an online quiz bee called “Tagisdunong 2020”.  

The quiz bee is open to all officially enrolled students Midway Colleges. This aims to further engage students from the different departments.  

The quiz bee has three phases: elimination, semi-final, and final round. The elimination round was done per class section. It consists of a 30-item multiple-choice type examination comprising questions from the topics. It was conducted by the advisers in their respective advisory classes. The top two students from each class qualified for the next phase.  

The semi-final round was conducted by program level. It consists of a 40-item multiple-choice type examination questions.  It was administered using two applications: the first 20 items via MS Forms and the remaining 20 items via Kahoot application. 

The final round was conducted at the institutional level via Kahoot app and streamed on Facebook from Microsoft Teams. Questions in the final round is divided into easy, average, and difficult Levels.   

During the contest proper, the assigned technical team began with an invocation. The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sabino Czar Cloma Manglicmot II gave a welcome remark. He encouraged the students to give their best shot and congratulated them beforehand.  

The chair of Tagisdunong 2020, Ms. Pauline Kay Gaya, read the mechanics to remind the finalists of the rules and regulations.  

The finalists were introduced by the assistant chair of the event, Mr. Jan Ashley Casco.  

Quiz masters Ms. Zairene Joy Lucas and Ms. Lorie Mae Domingo facilitated the flow of questions whilst providing trivia and additional information for every answer. This kept the audience from Facebook live engaged, informed, and entertained.  

The highest scorer among the semi-final qualifiers across the programs was declared as the winners.                                       

The winners are:  

5th placers – College of Business  

Danica Lie Icalla  
Bernadette Baang  

4th – College of Maritime Education – Marine Engineering  

Sherwin Lagazon – MENM3A1  
Laurence Ira De Paterno – MENM1B1 

3rd – Institute of Technical Skills and Development  

Kier Eleison Aglibot  
 Cedrick John Martin – CS1A1 

2nd – Senior High School Department  

Myka Pauline Bator – ACAD  
Alain Frank Ariel – PBM 

1st – College of Marine Education – Marine Transportation  

Ivan James Española   – MT NM1A1  
Jaycee De Alonzo 

Closing Remarks was given by Dr. Jemmuel C. Roque of Office of the Student Affairs Dr. Roque congratulated all the participants and winners.  

Mr. Edmar R. Dizon of the Executive Office acted as the moderator. 

Thanksgiving and Awarding Ceremony

32nd Founding Anniversary

Midway Colleges celebrated its 32nd founding anniversary on September 24, 2020 with a theme “Pushing Forward”.  

Despite the changes and challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Midway Colleges continued to push forward against the limitations and prohibitions it caused.  

The institution remained true to its vision and mission in providing Transformative Education to Filipino youth.  

As part of the celebration, a thanksgiving service was held as a gesture of Midway’s gratefulness to the community and stakeholders, in acknowledgement of the divine providence.  

The service was officiated by Pastor Richard Recto of Victory Church.   

Furthermore, a loyalty awarding ceremony followed through in recognition of the hard work and commitment of its employees who has been with the institution over the years.  

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sabino Czar Cloma Manglicmot II, express his gratitude towards all the employees who contributed to the continuity of the institution operations especially during the lockdown. He emphasized the importance of resiliency and excellence of which the driven culture is anchored on. He congratulated all the awardees for the considered milestone of their career in Midway. 

An oathtaking of the elected officers from the different councils also transpired. These councils are Senior High School – Parent Council, Parent – Faculty Council, Midway Student Council and Midway Senior High School Student Assembly.  

Special awards were given to Mr. Edmar Dizon, Data-Privacy Officer and Senior Executive Staff; Dr. Jerome Buenviaje, Consultant from UP Diliman; and Dr. Richard L. Oandasan, Academic Director for their exemplary contributions to the institution.  

The event was held at Midway Athletic Center and was attended by the executive committee, awardees, and staff; it was streamed at Microsoft Teams for other employees to witness and be part of the celebration.

Episode 4 (College Department)

Institute of Training Skills and Development

Teachercasters Ms. Jenelyn Aguilar and Mr. Jomerick Domingo of Institute of Training Skills and Development gave details on the course offerings available in their department.

This includes Food and Beverage NC II, Housekeeping NC II, Bread and Pastry Production NC II, Cruise Ship Steward, and Introduction to Cruise Line and Operations.

In these courses, students performed basic competency. They were also taught on how to participate in workplace communication, how to work in team environment, practicing professionalism, and work and safety standards

Ms. Alberto says, “In this institution, we ensure that students receive quality education that will equip them to work in places such as hotel, restaurants, cruise ships, front office, became a bartender, barista, pastry chef, sou chef, executive chef, food and beverage attendant, guest room attendant, etc. all of these may provide doors to endless possibilities”.

In conclusion, Mr. Jomerick Domingo says, “As we continually embrace this new normal, we are still gradually adjusting to this set up. Rest assured that together we will strive to provide transformative education.”

Teachercaster Episode 4 (Senior High School Department)

4th Week Journey of SHS DRIVEN Family

“Here at Midway, learning will prevail. The boundless effort made in a short period of time, to cope with the changes remind us that changed is viable.” says Ms. Lyka Clerigo, SHS teacher.

Ms. Clerigo’s report features the 4-week journey of SHS Department specifically the milestones and highlights of phase 1 of the Learning Continuity Plan.

This includes the Flexible Learning Program of which the different teachercasters have talked about how the teachers of midway seized the opportunity to cope with the learning crisis and bring about set of solutions that are once impossible and difficult to implement.

“Ms. Juchel Caning talked about how Midway Colleges welcomed the students to Microsoft 365 as its official Learning Management System.

Ms. Desiree Mallari shared the fun and collaborative activities of SHS English teachers such as the world café activity, telephone communication activity, and brainwriting

2/M Juan Carlo termulo and 3/E Mark Reagan Banate showcased the Senior High School Maritime Strand and tribute to the seafarers as we celebrate the World Maritime Month.”

For activities on Proficiency Week, selected students shared their testimonies and experiences.

“The proficiency task that we did in reading and writing gave us the opportunity to express our opinion in a certain argument. It helped us to discover our hidden talents in terms of writing, we were also given a chance to critic the opinion of our classmates for us to know what part of their arguments were wrong. So, we can improve our critical thinking and writing skills.” Myka Pauline Bator, 12 TVL

“Sa paggawa po ng brochure na ito ay marami po akong natutunan na dapat ay I-apply ko rin po sa sarili ko. Bilang student ng Midway Colleges, akin pong hinihikayat ang aking pong mga kapwa estudenyante na ating pong pahalagahan at pagyamanin ang ating sariling wika dahil kung hindi natin pagyayamin ay sino ang gagawa nito at lagi din po nating ipagmamalaki na tayo po ay Pilipino na may wikang tagalog.” says Yasmine Ruth Clima of 11 STEM

“The class of 12 TMS drew the parts of the boiler during their maritime class, the students’ creativity and knowledge about the parts of the boiler were enhanced in this activity” says Ranilyn Quitoras of 12 TMS

Moreover, Ms. Clerigo mentioned that September is the celebration of Midway Colleges’ Founding Anniversary. In line with this, Tagisdunong 2020 proceeded. The elimination round was conducted per class level. All students participated during their class led by class advisers. The top 2 students for each class are the qualifiers for the semifinal round. Other activities include Mobile Legends and TikTok Midway family edition.

In conclusion, Ms. Clerigo says “Indeed, this academic year will not be an easy journey but midway promises to make learning ingenuine, inclusive and flexible because we are one Midway and Miway Strong”