A Journey Through Time and Joy: Our Christmas 4P’s…

In the heart of the holiday season, our workplace transformed into a festive haven, embracing the essence of Christmas with our unique theme: Christmas 4P’s – Remembering the past, embracing the present, and anticipating the future. Last year’s celebration was not just about decorations and festivities; it was a journey through time, tradition, and the magic of giving.

Our objective went beyond the surface-level celebration. It was about creating a tapestry of joy, weaving together the threads of PAGGUNITA (remembering the past), PAGKILALA (expressing cultural and religious traditions), PAGBIBIGAYAN (spreading happiness and practicing sharing/gift-giving), and PAGSASAMA-SAMA (promoting togetherness and fostering a sense of belonging).

Office Design Contest: “Blue and Ocean Hues: Endless Horizons”

Our offices underwent a transformation into serene landscapes of “Blue and Ocean Hues: Endless Horizons.” Pastel blues, teal, silver, and white converged to evoke the tranquil shores and infinite horizons of the sea. The design contest was not merely a competition; it was a collective effort to symbolize hope, new beginnings, and the anticipation of a brighter future.

Christmas TikTok Contest: “Cultural Christmas Tradition from Different Parts of the World”

Diving into the rich tapestry of global Christmas traditions, our TikTok Contest showcase the distinct customs, historical significance, and cultural heritage of diverse traditions. Each video was a window into a different part of the world, celebrating the uniqueness that made our global community so special.

Monito/Monita: A Magical Exchange

The tradition of Monito/Monita was more than a gift exchange; it was a magical journey of surprises and joy. Each person drew the name of their Secret Monito/Monita, setting the stage for a series of thoughtful gifts. From something nostalgic on December 11 to a practical gift on December 13 and a future-focused present on December 15, the joy of giving was celebrated through time.

Christmas Party: Healing our Inner Child

As we gathered on December 22, 2023, at the MCI Gym for our grand Christmas Party, the theme was set: “Healing our Inner Child: Wear your Cartoon Character.” It was a collective journey to look back on cherished memories, live in the present moment, and look forward to a brighter future. The invitation to wear favorite cartoon character attire was an invitation to reconnect with the joy and wonder of youth.

The excitement didn’t end with the celebration; our raffle prizes, generously sponsored by our partners and sponsors, added an extra layer of joy to our festivities. As we collectively embarked on this journey through time and joy, the spirit of Christmas wove us together into a tapestry of warmth, laughter, and shared memories. Here’s to a season of celebration, togetherness, and the magic that lay in remembering, embracing, and anticipating the joy that Christmas brought.

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