Midway Colleges Celebrates the Hour of Code: A Commitment…

Midway Colleges, in its commitment to providing transformative education, is hosting an exciting event, the Hour of Code, from December 5 to 11, 2023. This event is a testament to the school’s dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and technological literacy among its students. 

The event was inaugurated with an inspiring opening remark by the Admin Director, Mr. Jeffrey Boticario. He emphasized the significance of coding and computer science, not just in the field of IT but across various industry sectors. 

The event’s activities are facilitated by “The Association of Computer Technologies,” who are assisting students in participating in three main Hour of Code activities: AI for Ocean, Flappy Bird, and Outbreak Simulation. 

AI for Ocean 

The AI for Ocean activity is more than just an introduction to the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s a gateway to understanding how future technology, like AI, can significantly enhance maritime operations, ensuring the safety and security of voyages. As future maritime professionals, students are shown how AI can aid in preserving our oceans, a critical aspect of global shipping routes. 

This activity serves as a practical demonstration of how coding can contribute to environmental conservation and maritime safety. It underscores the importance of the crew’s role in understanding the impact of their decisions, fostering critical thinking, and responsiveness. 

By engaging in this activity, students are not only learning about AI but also gaining insights into how their future roles in maritime operations can be transformed by technology. However, it also emphasizes that while technology can provide tools for safety and efficiency, the critical thinking and decision-making skills of the crew remain paramount. 

Flappy Bird 

The Flappy Bird activity is not just a game, but a creative platform that introduces students to the fascinating world of coding. It’s an interactive and enjoyable way to learn the basics of coding, demonstrating how even simple lines of code can bring a concept to life. 

While Flappy Bird may seem simple on the surface, it requires complex thinking and conceptualization. It’s a testament to how coding can transform a simple idea into an engaging and addictive game, highlighting the potential of coding in the entertainment industry. 

At Midway Colleges, we recognize the potential of our students to create their own games in the future. This activity serves as a steppingstone, inspiring them to explore the limitless possibilities of coding. It’s not just about playing a game; it’s about understanding the logic behind it, the creativity involved, and the potential to create something of their own. This is the transformative power of coding that we aim to instill in our students. 

Outbreak Simulation 

The Outbreak Simulation activity is more than just a coding exercise; it’s a vital learning tool that demonstrates how coding can help simulate and predict real-world scenarios, such as disease outbreaks. This activity underscores the role of computer science in healthcare and crisis management. 

In light of the recent pandemic, the importance of such simulations has been brought to the forefront. The ability to predict and mitigate outbreaks through data analysis and coding has proven to be a crucial aspect of global health strategies. 

This activity provides students with a hands-on experience of how coding can be used to analyze data, predict trends, and devise strategies to mitigate the impact of disease outbreaks. It’s a stark reminder of the lessons learned from the recent pandemic and the role that technology and coding can play in preventing future crises. 

By engaging in this activity, students are not only learning about the technical aspects of coding but also gaining insights into its practical applications in real-world scenarios. 

As part of the Hour of Code event, a special lecture was conducted by Mr. Franze Harvey Quinto for Senior High School students. This lecture was integrated into their Media and Information Literacy curriculum, marking the beginning of an innovative shift towards incorporating technology and digital literacy in the curriculum. 

Mr. Quinto highlighted the importance of AI and coding in the era of digitalization. He emphasized that these skills are not just optional extras, but essential tools for navigating the digital world. This aligns with the school’s previous implementation of Microsoft certification, further demonstrating Midway Colleges’ commitment to equipping students with relevant and up-to-date technological skills. 

This lecture signifies the start of a new chapter in Midway Colleges’ curriculum, one that embraces technology and innovation. It’s a step towards preparing students for a future where digital literacy is as fundamental as reading and writing. 

Participants who complete all activities will be recognized during the flag ceremony on December 11, 2023. By conducting this event, Midway Colleges is not only teaching students the technical skills of coding but also preparing them for the digital future, thus truly embodying the essence of transformative education. 

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