After the Halloween break, the much-anticipated Midway Pailaw took center stage. The Office of Student Affairs took charge of organizing this event, and with the assistance of DRIVEN students and employees, they successfully executed the elaborate preparations.

The theme for the Midway Pailaw 2023 was “Kantahan, Indakan sa Liwanag, at Aliwan Ngayong Pasko (KISLAP),” unlocking the creativity of each student to illuminate the surroundings.

Numerous days were dedicated to adorning the Midway Façade with giant Christmas lanterns, lights, and trees, creating a sparkling spectacle every night leading up to Christmas. The process of illuminating the Midway Façade and embellishing the pathways was enchanting and magical, filled with laughter as we completed the meticulous task—a fun and memorable experience to cherish.

Finally, November 24 arrived—the day of the Midway Pailaw. We marveled at the elaborate and fantastic human lanterns created by each department. It was surprising that, despite their demanding academic schedules, they managed to evoke a magical feeling as we paraded outside the campus, illuminating the pathway. The excitement of both students and employees was palpable as we progressed through the program. Witnessing their joy during this fun activity warmed our hearts, and we hope that the memories created will bring smiles to their faces whenever they reminisce about it.

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