The Unity Run v9, organized by Midway Office of Student Affairs, commenced on April 20, 2024 at Lakewood Cabanatuan City, with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle, demonstrate athletic prowess and fostering unity among students, faculty, and staff. Participants eagerly gathered at the assembly area at 0500H, brimming with excitement and enthusiasm for the Unity Run.

To ensure the safety and readiness of all participants, a dynamic warm-up session was conducted by our esteemed Physical Education instructors, Coach Edwin Lobenia and Coach Lyka-May Mercado. Their expertise and guidance proved invaluable as they led the crowd through a series of stretching exercises and aerobic movements. Participants warmed up, preparing their bodies and minds for the run ahead.

As the clock struck 0600H, signaling the official start of the Unity Run, the tension and anticipation reached its peak. With a resounding gunshot, echoing across the grounds, participants surged forward, their spirits ignited with determination and solidarity. Led by a convoy of volunteers and marshals, the sea of runners embarked on their journey, united in purpose and driven by a shared commitment to excellence. Under the canopy of the early morning sky, students, faculty, and staff alike traversed the designated route with fervor and resolve. 

In retrospect, the Unity Run stands not only as a testament to our collective strength and resilience but also as a reminder of the boundless possibilities that emerge when we come together as one. Beyond mere physical exertion, the event served as a testament to the power of unity and collaboration in overcoming challenges and reaching new heights. As we reflect on the memories created and lessons learned, let us carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, inspiring positive change and leaving an indelible mark on our community and beyond.

As the Unity Run drew to a close, culminating in a triumphant return to the starting point, a profound sense of achievement permeated the air. Participants, adorned with sweat and smiles, basked in the camaraderie forged through shared adversity and accomplishment. The winners of the Unity Run have been named for each respective programs where each has male and female winners.

·         Marine Transportation: Cdt. Arman Matias and Cdt. Ferdilyn Caspillo

·         Marine Engineering: Cdt. Ralph Justin Casiple and Cdt. Ladylyn Santos

·         CSHRS: Mr. Ariel Buesing and Ms. Ma. Chesska Balay

·         College of Business: Mr. Green Bell Florida and Ms. Erika V. Mariano

·         High School Department: Mr. Edgardo Mesias, Jr., and Ms. Yuki Gregorio


·         Employees: Mr. Leonardo Indiana, Jr., and Coach Lyka-May Mercado.

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