The Quality and Strategic Services Unit: Fostering Institutional Excellence

The Quality and Strategic Services Unit, formerly known as the Quality Assurance Office, plays a pivotal role in promoting institutional excellence, continuous improvement, and sustainable growth. As part of the Executive Office, this unit strategically plans the institution’s innovation, secures resources, ensures compliance with accreditation standards, and champions data-informed decision-making.

Recent initiatives include the Management System on Educational Management System

(EOMS), where top and middle management participated in the lead implementation of EOMS. Additionally, a Risk Management Training session engaged teaching and non-teaching staff, facilitated by the Junior Executive Staff (Kimberly Manuel and Jervy Cauzon) from the Quality and Strategic Services Unit, with Ms. Ma. Luisa Bellen Ascue, the Quality Assurance Officer, is leading the way. Furthermore, a Knowledge Management Training session for department and office heads was conducted, led by Mr. Edmar R. Dizon, the Data Protection Officer, assisted by Junior Executive Staff (John David Mabagos)

These endeavors align with the institution’s objectives, emphasizing the enhancement of the quality management system through rigorous research and the adoption of a data-driven, evidence-based approach to decision-making. The Quality and Strategic Services Unit actively contributes to transformative education within the institution, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous growth.


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