Leadership Bootcamp

The Midway Student Council embarked on a transformative journey with the DRIVEN Leadership Bootcamp, a collaborative initiative between the Midway Executive Office and the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). Held from May 29-31, 2024, the program aimed to equip the student leaders with the skills and mindset necessary to become active agents in fostering a vibrant campus culture with a highly engaged student body.

Midway College’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sabino Czar C. Manglicmot II, kicked off the bootcamp with an inspirational opening remark. This was followed by a leadership seminar by Midway alumnus D/C Roland Legaspi. OSA Head Robie Mar A. Dayto then led post-lecture activities to encourage the Midway SC to ponder about the values and skills discussed to them in the lecture.  In the afternoon, Dr. Richard Oandasan’s interactive session on communication and collaboration skills complemented these core principles of leadership, prompting participants to analyze scenarios and strategize solutions.

Day two focused on project management. Mr. John Christian Mendoza delivered a comprehensive lecture on the fundamentals, followed by a collaborative task where the student council applied their learnings. Under the guidance of Sir Dayto, the Midway Student Council then crafted their own Playbooks, outlining project goals, strategies, and implementation plans. Midway QAO Ma. Luisa Belen Ascue, together with Sir Dayto, provided valuable feedback and suggestions for refinement. The bootcamp culminated in a unique team-building experience – The Amazing Race, facilitated by Mx. Kimberly Manuel from the Executive Office and Ms. Mica Tabora from the Guidance Services Unit. Divided into two teams, the Midway Student Council had navigated through various challenges designed to test their problem-solving, resourcefulness, and teamwork. Each activity offered insights into leadership styles, communication, and the importance of adaptability.

Ms. Mica Angela Tabora of the OSA facilitated a leadership bingo activity, prompting self-reflection and peer recognition of leadership traits.  This was followed by a heartfelt “Sharing by Thread” session where the SC engaged in open communication and shared not only their aspirations for the council and the school, but also the challenges that they have faced throughout their term.  The day concluded with a moving recollection activity that encouraged them to prioritize and reflect on their leadership roles.

The DRIVEN Leadership Bootcamp provided the Midway Student Council with a valuable opportunity to develop their skills and build a strong foundation for their leadership journey. The collaborative effort between the Executive Office and OSA serves as a model for future initiatives aimed at empowering student leaders and fostering a vibrant campus community.

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