Teachercaster Episode 9 (SHS)

Integrates the use of arts in teaching Mathematics

With a lack of early exposure to numbers and simple mathematics, students are left without opportunities to learn through differentiated instruction practices.  That is why Midway integrates the use of art in teaching Mathematics that can affect student’s understanding and retention of key concepts and vocabulary. 

Senior High School Department of Midway Colleges integrates the use of arts in teaching Mathematics through different activities that use arts before the discussion to lighten and understand the concepts of each topic. It was also highlighted in the selected topic the use of Desmos graphing calculator which helps each student to see the illustration of the graph. It was also highlighting in their teaching-learning activities the conduct of a video tutorial about Pre – Calculus and General Mathematics among students.

Because of the crisis we are experiencing right now, Mathematics becomes much difficult to understand. Hence, in Midway, we think of ways that help our students to understand Mathematics concepts better.  Midway makes Mathematics interesting.

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