Institutional Caster Pilot Episode

A 32nd year of testifying Midway Colleges’ quality service.

DRIVEN Channel features seven (7) of the employees who have served at the institution for more than a decade. Each employee tells a story of hardship, sacrifices, and gratefulness in Midway Colleges.

Ms. Jenny Alcantara. She is the first employee of Midway in Nueva Ecija. One of her sources of motivation to push forward is every employee she works with. She values each employee as a family. She shares how Midway started from the paper-based operation compared to the current technology of the institution. From being a library staff from 1993 to an Academic Coordinator this 2020, she is a living testimony of changes happening in the institution – its innovation and excellence.

Ms. Anita Cabalce. She shares the adventitious circumstances of how she became part of the institution. She started Midway as faculty of Sciences (Chemistry) and demonstrating her excellence and dedication, she was promoted as Registrar of the institution. She also mentions the secret of her 27 years of journey – the trust and spirit of the family.

Ms. Rosabell Manglicmot. She started her journey as a Cashier in Midway until she promoted as Finance Director – OIC. She testified the how Midway transformed her life.

She narrated that one of the most important ingredients of success and long journeys is perseverance.

Mr. Richard Antolin. He started the as faculty until he bestows new responsibility as Sports Coordinator of the institution, until he was recognized as the President of the Private School Athletic Association. He tells about the labor, sacrifices and achievement of having a long service in Midway Colleges.

Ms. Maricel Esguerra. She started as a part-time faculty of Computer and become the Academic Coordinator of Marine Transportation. She shares challenges in her first year of teaching in the institution and how she overcomes this. She tells her unforgettable memories in Midway Colleges, the place she considers as her second home and will cherish every memory.


Ms. Citadel Punzal. Started as faculty to TESDA Program Director and be appointed as Senior High School Principal last 2018, Ms. Citadel Punzal shares her message of love and gratefulness. Midway witness her passion in teaching for more than a decade gave her an opportunity to show her kindness and gratefulness to Midway community.


Dr. Jemmuel Roque. He started as a faculty and became the Research Head of the institution, share his journey, challenges, and inspiration throughout his more than a decade of service in Midway Colleges. Through the support of the institution, he pushes forward to ensure student welfare and development.

Amongst the changes that happen throughout 32 years, Midway Colleges continue to serve its community by providing transformative education.

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