34th Founding Anniversary

In celebrating 34th Founding Anniversary, memorable experiences have come up better and become remarkable since this is a post-pandemic era. After a year’s gone through, hiding in our comfort zone, doing online learning and new normal things just to be safe and be a survivor of COVID-19, here we are getting up, standing strong and enthusiastic!

On September 23, 2022, all are excited to wake up early at 5’o clock in the morning to have the MIDWAY COLLEGES traditional AURORA MARCHthat starts at MIDWAY’S STAGE GROUND, all students from different departments participated. The students enjoyed walking again with their favorite advisers, classmates, and even faculty and staff too.

     The committee conducted a re-activation, re-build, and re-organization of students’ clubs which enhance to be more participative individuals and practice DRIVEN values in their activities. The students flooded the stage ground and observing the bright and extravagant ability and talents of the competing students in various festival themes, which they were all thrilled till the contest ended.

     Full Happiness may not be found within 24 hours but when it is a special day, you may find full happiness! Before celebrating the birthday of our beloved CEO, Sabino Czar C. Manglicmot, faculties and staff had their

THANKSGIVING MASS at the MIDWAY gymnasium, followed by the awarding of the Best employee’s that stayed for them for a half-decade.

     He is a good man; he was impressed by the warm Birthday celebration done by the MCI family.

     There are a lot of things to be changed in our surroundings but we must start first with ourselves in order to encourage others. Believing that a dream meets another dream and supports each other, they will not become a dream anymore; it will happen and come to reality. The only constant in life is changing and we must know our strengths and weakness to survive. We must know how to adjust to our surroundings in order to live longer. Life is important. Not all time, happiness would find you but you are the one who makes your happiness. In celebrating the birthday of the CEO, a lot of things were learned, including social life and how joyful starts and ends with family and friends.

      Loud and proud after participating in this event, achieving the lesson, STRIVE HARD NO TO BE FAMOUS BUT TO BE A GOOD MAN IN FUTURE!

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