Teachercaster Episode 9 (College)

Education with the use of technology

The academic shift from traditional to digital learning has changed the way students learn. Hence, the use of technology has proven that it can be beneficial to both practical and academic pursuits.

Information Technology teachers have realized that using technology nowadays is an important methodological approach in the implementation of online distance learning.

Teachercasters Maverick Rovie S. Lagman and Franz Harvey Quinto showed how they properly utilize the use of new technologies for today’s new normality in education.

With the numerous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, studying Information and Communications Technology (ICT) helps students to quickly adapt to the emerging needs for the new normal. Topics such as software applications, networking, and computer hardware troubleshooting are included in the lesson. ICT educators ensured that no students will be left behind when it comes to computer literacy.

To make the lessons more interesting and enjoyable, the ICT educators use different websites and online platforms as a virtual classroom. Students are now well-oriented with various applications such as Microsoft 365, Zoom, and Messenger.

Students maximize the availability of Office applications such as MS Word for their reports, paperwork, and documentation, MS Excel for computation of formulas and encoding, and MS PowerPoint for their presentations.

ICT educators assured their students that even when lessons may seem difficult, it does not mean that they should stop. The teachers encouraged their students to keep learning and trying despite the difficulties.

The pandemic has evidently caused changes in our lives and way of living. Hence, Midway Colleges is committed to providing transformative education for its students at all costs.

As Bill Gates once said, “Until we’re educating every kid in a fantastic way, until every inner is cleaned up, there is no shortage of things to do.”

Together, we will be able to defeat this virus. In summary, ICT educators told students to download creativity, install new platforms of learning, and follow innovation in the world of academics.

The following were given credits for the video production: Marie R. Aliling and Jeanine Charmaine B. Mantile, Teachercaster Coordinators; Jestony Sarmiento Alvarez and Franz Harvey Quinto, Videographer and Editor; and Jestony Sarmiento Alvarez, Director.

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