October 2020

Teachercaster Episode 6 (Senior High School)

Physical Activities for Grade 11 and Grade 12 Students

Teachercaster Mr. Shane Francis Pagar highlighted the importance of a balanced life. He presented the different activities that engaged the students to be physically active even at the comfort of their homes; various exercise equipment from Midway Athletic Center were also featured.  

“In this time of pandemic, many people encountered post-traumatic depression. So, to alleviate this problem, we need to become more engage in different physical activities because being physically active is an important part of teenagers’ growth and development, especially if done regularly. Because of the crisis, we are experiencing right now, health and wellness have become more important than ever. Thus, we need to prioritize them. That is why Midway promotes activities that will develop students’ physical, mental, and social well-being.” says Mr. Pagar. 

In the subject ‘Health Optimizing Physical Education 1’, the students demonstrated the different exercises that they can easily do even without gym equipment.  

The exercises vary from moderate to vigorous physical routine.  the activities aim to further help and encourage the students to stay active even at the confines of their home. Mr. Pagar reminded the students to stay safe at home for their own safety.  

Selected grade 11 students were featured while performing different self-fitness test in Health Optimizing Physical Health Education 1. These include hamstring and hip flexor test – test of flexibility of hamstring and hip and zipper test – test of shoulder flexibility  

Meanwhile, grade 12 students were tasked to perform the fundamental arms and feet position.  

Mr. Pagar also mentioned that during the celebration of Midway’s 32nd founding anniversary, different recreational activities were held of which the students actively participated.  

In closing, Mr. Pagar says, “Even in this time of pandemic, health and wellness is equally important in the academic success. As the saying goes, the greatness wealth is health.”  

The following faculty members and staff were mentioned for their efforts at the end of the video, namely: Coach Edwin Lobenia, technical consultant; Marc Reiniel Lagman, assistant videographer; Lyca Clerigo, screenplay director; and Jefferson Ortiz, director.