September 2020

Teachercaster Episode 3 (College Department)

3rd week of classes ft. Maritime Courses and Customs Administration

For updates on the 3rd week of classes, maritime college instructors Mr. Rommel Garcia and 2/M Carl Joseph De Luna reported about the subjects taken by Maritime Transportation and Marine Engineering students; and how Midway Colleges responded to COVID-19 pandemic in terms of education.

Meanwhile, Ms. Jovelyn Alberto from the College of Business gave updates on Custom Administration course.

Ms. Alberto mentioned that Midway Colleges is the only school in Nueva Ecija that offers Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration. This program is accredited by Philippine Society of Customs Administration, an international program where students can experience being an international trade facilitator and a license customs broker once they passed the board examination.

Job opportunities for BS in Customs Administration graduates include custom collector, supervising tariff specialist, academic lecturer, faculty and researcher, import and export manager, global trade manager and being employed in different government agencies.

With remote learning, lessons on computation, elaboration of laws, and on the job trainings, are possible with the use of the Learning Management System via Microsoft 365.

2/M De Luna reported that aside from Microsoft Teams, students learn new set of knowledge and skills through applications such as TeamViewer. Through this application, students have access to the simulators for familiarization of its functions as part of their hands-on activities.

He says “They coordinated and unceasing efforts were undertaken by the marine transportation faculty to ensure mastery of the platform to deliver the quality of education to every student. From laboratories with actual materials, onboard ship, simulation room to familiarize the ship bridge and structure, via virtual setup by Midway and Microsoft”

“Sa pagtutulungan ng bawat isa, nagkaroon ng magandang resulta ang nakalipas na tatlong linggo sa pagsasagawa ng online class. Kahit ano pa ang ating nararanasan, ito ay may hangganan at sama-sama natin itong malalampsan. Kahit nakakaranas ng pandemya, tayo ay mananatiling matatag sa lahat ng pagsubok” says Mr. Galicia

August 2020

Start of Classes and launching of Learning Management System…

Classes for School Year 2020-2021 were officially opened on August 24, 2020.

Midway Colleges held its classes online in compliance to the Commission on Higher Education’ CHED COVID ADVISORY No. 7, ‘Guidelines for the Prevention, Control and Mitigation of the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)’.

In response to the changes and challenges brought by the pandemic COVID-19, Midway Colleges has crafted the Learning Continuity Plan which has the three-phase learning such as Remote Flexible Learning, Blended Learning, Enhance Residential Learning.

Through Microsoft 365, the Learning Management System (LMS) was launched as the institution began to open classes online.

Students were given institutional emails as access to their accounts. Through Microsoft 365, students can easily attend their classes, study their lessons, connect with their teachers and classmates, and be updated with the important updates of the school.

They were guided accordingly on how to effectively use and maximize the Office applications. Midway Colleges also supplied a way for students to raise their concerns whenever they need help through the virtual Help Desk.