October 2020

Teachercaster Episode 5 (Senior High School Department)

Home Economics ft. Online Election 

Teachercaster Mr. King Emmanuel Matulac, Home Economics teacher, from SHS department reported highlights of activities during the 5th week of distance learning.  

Mr. Matulac narrated how grade 11 and grade 12 students of Technical Vocation Livelihood strand were engaged in activities designed for their specialized subjects under Home Economics.  

For Bartending NC II, the students did an activity about telephone etiquette. One of the students from 2HE, Myka Pauline Bator, demonstrated the proper way of answering the customer’s requests about hotel booking. Once accomplished, the students received a certificate of completion as part of their assessment.  

For Bread and Pastry Production, the students were able to follow the instructions of their teacher on how to decorate cakes through the Learning Management System, Microsoft 365. The students used layered pancakes as an alternative. They displayed their creations with different variation on toppings. Evidently, the students were really engaged and interested in what they did.  

“In this new normal, we encountered a lot of challenges, but still Midway is honored to present the Learning Enhancement Program or the LEP.” says Mr. Matulac.  

Despite the changes and challenges brought by the pandemic, Midway remained true to its commitment in delivering transformative education. One of the institution’s efforts in fulfilling this includes the Learning Enhancement Program.  

Mr. Matulac also featured the online election for the school year 2020-2021 on September 16, 2020.  

The election is considered as an important milestone for the student assembly. The student party list, AIWISST which stands for “Ako Ikaw Walang Iwanan Sama Sama Tayo” dominated the student election.  

Furthermore, he emphasized that amid the pandemic, Midway celebrated its 32nd founding anniversary by conducting activities for students to participate.  

Part of the celebration includes the conduct of Tagisdunong 2020, an online quiz bee that aims to showcase the knowledge of students across departments. The semi-final round was done via Kahoot app and MS Teams. It was held successfully through the efforts of English teachers in facilitating the flow of the program.   

In closing, Mr. Matulac says, “Yes, this year is different, but Midway pledged to deliver the quality of education.”  

The following faculty members were recognized for their roles in this segment, such as: Mark Reiniel Lagman, Assistant videographer; Lyca B. Clerigo, Screenplay Director; and Jefferson C. Ortiz, Director.