October 2020

AKWE 2020

1st Virtual Acquaintance Party

The 32nd Foundation Day of Midway Colleges is very different from the previous practice of celebration. As this year’s theme emphasizes, “Pushing Forward”, the institution continued to move forward amidst the challenges it has encountered and will continue to encounter.  

Midway Colleges, Inc. understands the importance of social interaction between students regardless of what stage they are in their chosen career paths. Events such as an acquaintance party are essential in order to welcome freshmen students and introduce them to their seniors.  

In line with the ‘new normal’ and the respective health and safety protocols to keep everyone safe and sound in these challenging times, the 1st Virtual Acquaintance Party was introduced, an organized party which aimed to: 

Unite the Midway Colleges students into one avenue where they can get acquainted with other students. 
Engage the students with Midway celebration using online platform. 
Unveil and showcase students’ uniqueness and creativity through creating, designing and running their own program. 
Provide activities that offer a chance to slow down and decrease possible stresses that students are facing during this time of the pandemic. 

The virtual party was held via Microsoft Teams on October 2, 2020. Attendees comprised of officially- enrolled students with active Microsoft 365 accounts.  

The students formed their own groups and channels depending on their interest, hobbies, and courses.  

They planned the program which includes various activities from playing instruments, singing, participating in quiz bees, and the like.  

An institutional message from the President and CEO of the institution was played in every channel.  

There are a total of  

The Office of the Student Affairs and Guidance Office coordinated with the advisers to encourage the students plan their own program.  

All throughout the virtual party, students were advised to adhere “stay at home” policy during the conduct of the online party as the safety of everyone is always our concern.