September 2020

Teachercaster Episode 4 (Senior High School Department)

4th Week Journey of SHS DRIVEN Family

“Here at Midway, learning will prevail. The boundless effort made in a short period of time, to cope with the changes remind us that changed is viable.” says Ms. Lyka Clerigo, SHS teacher.

Ms. Clerigo’s report features the 4-week journey of SHS Department specifically the milestones and highlights of phase 1 of the Learning Continuity Plan.

This includes the Flexible Learning Program of which the different teachercasters have talked about how the teachers of midway seized the opportunity to cope with the learning crisis and bring about set of solutions that are once impossible and difficult to implement.

“Ms. Juchel Caning talked about how Midway Colleges welcomed the students to Microsoft 365 as its official Learning Management System.

Ms. Desiree Mallari shared the fun and collaborative activities of SHS English teachers such as the world café activity, telephone communication activity, and brainwriting

2/M Juan Carlo termulo and 3/E Mark Reagan Banate showcased the Senior High School Maritime Strand and tribute to the seafarers as we celebrate the World Maritime Month.”

For activities on Proficiency Week, selected students shared their testimonies and experiences.

“The proficiency task that we did in reading and writing gave us the opportunity to express our opinion in a certain argument. It helped us to discover our hidden talents in terms of writing, we were also given a chance to critic the opinion of our classmates for us to know what part of their arguments were wrong. So, we can improve our critical thinking and writing skills.” Myka Pauline Bator, 12 TVL

“Sa paggawa po ng brochure na ito ay marami po akong natutunan na dapat ay I-apply ko rin po sa sarili ko. Bilang student ng Midway Colleges, akin pong hinihikayat ang aking pong mga kapwa estudenyante na ating pong pahalagahan at pagyamanin ang ating sariling wika dahil kung hindi natin pagyayamin ay sino ang gagawa nito at lagi din po nating ipagmamalaki na tayo po ay Pilipino na may wikang tagalog.” says Yasmine Ruth Clima of 11 STEM

“The class of 12 TMS drew the parts of the boiler during their maritime class, the students’ creativity and knowledge about the parts of the boiler were enhanced in this activity” says Ranilyn Quitoras of 12 TMS

Moreover, Ms. Clerigo mentioned that September is the celebration of Midway Colleges’ Founding Anniversary. In line with this, Tagisdunong 2020 proceeded. The elimination round was conducted per class level. All students participated during their class led by class advisers. The top 2 students for each class are the qualifiers for the semifinal round. Other activities include Mobile Legends and TikTok Midway family edition.

In conclusion, Ms. Clerigo says “Indeed, this academic year will not be an easy journey but midway promises to make learning ingenuine, inclusive and flexible because we are one Midway and Miway Strong”

September 2020

Teachercaster Episode 3 (Senior High School Department)

Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime Strand

“Dream, believe, work hard” these are the words of 2/M Juan Carlo Termulo and 3/E Mark Reagan Banate as they began to report updates on Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime strand of SHS in Midway Colleges.

Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime strand specializes in preparation for tertiary education for those who want to succeed in maritime profession.

2/M Termulo explained that courses are aligned to their future career such as Introduction to Maritime Career, Introduction to Marine Transportation and Engineering, and Introduction to Maritime Safety.

3/E Banate mentioned the subject course for Technical Maritime Specialization which includes Navigational 1,2,3; Safety 1 and 2; Engine Watch 1 and 2; and Ships Catering.

Selected students shared their experiences during the first three weeks of the implementation of Flexible Learning Program.

“Some of us students say that online classes are hard because of poor connection but when I entered Midway, I was amazed since it is my first two weeks here, none of us students are left behind because our teachers always find a way to reach or communicate with us and I am always feeling grateful because our teachers are always there for us when we feel that we can’t do it.” testimony from Reynielle Xymon Bayan of 11PBM 1.

“I’ve learned a lot of things when it comes to Maritime. Our teacher discussed in the Navigational Watch 1 about the compass, its parts, functions and how it works. On the other hand, the part of the ship, its function on Safety 1 includes some precautionary tips that we need to keep in mind and the possible emergencies that will happen and how to respond on the said emergencies” says Lea Joy Astelero of 11 TMS.

For Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime and Maritime Specializations, some students also shared their learning.

“For the past 2 weeks, I have learned the use of boiler, its parts, and how important it is on board. I have also learned ship terminologies important when navigating because if we know all of these, we can have safe navigation.” says Ranilyn Joy Quitoras

“I was the previous high academic achiever in the last school year. During my grade 11, I have learned so much regarding the maritime subjects, from the job opportunities of a seafarer and it benefits, types of ships and cargos the handle and maritime conventions. Basically, everything regarding introductory maritime subjects and with this, Midway helped me become equipped that when I come to the tertiary level, I am ready.” says Clyde Benjamin Evangelista of 12 PBM

With the testimonies shared by the students, 2/M says, “It is really evident that these past two weeks have been productive despite the adjustments, learnings can be fun and enjoyable because teachers have carefully planned for each learning experiences.”

Moreover, September is seafarers’ month. As tribute to the seafarers, students gave a snappy salute to all the seafarers across the world.

“Seafaring is not an easy job. The risk and danger are high. Thus, determination and passion are really needed to endure all these hardships. To all the seafarers, we can’t thank you enough for what you have done for your families, the country, and the world.” says 2/M Termulo.

3/E Banate concluded the report saying, “COVID 19 pandemic cannot stop us from helping our students achieve their dreams to become seafarers. Keep on fighting for all your dreams despite the challenges that you are all facing, do not stop learning.”