Midway Student Council Election 2023

The Midway Student Council Election 2023 was a significant event in the academic calendar, marking a new chapter in student leadership and representation.

Filing of Candidacy

The election process kicked off with the filing of candidacy from September 19 to 29. This period saw a number of enthusiastic students stepping forward to run for various positions in the Student Council. During the filing of candidacy, two parties were formed for the Student Council and two separate parties were formed for the Student Assembly. This formation of parties showcases the diversity of leadership styles and ideologies among the students, further enriching the democratic process within the institution. The formation of these parties also provided the student body with a range of options to choose from, ensuring a more representative and inclusive Student Council and Student Assembly.

Campaign Period

The campaign period ran from October 2 to 10. During this time, candidates had the opportunity to present their platforms and engage with the student body. It was a period filled with vibrant discussions, passionate speeches, and innovative campaign strategies. During the campaign period, the leaders had to quickly show their dedication and leadership potential to the students. They needed to make a strong impression early in the school year. They used their campaigns to show their commitment and potential to bring positive change. This period showed their readiness to lead and serve the student body.

Election Day

The Student Council Election took place on October 13. Students turned out in large numbers to cast their votes, demonstrating their active participation in the democratic process. 

Announcement of Elected Officers

The newly elected officers were announced on October 16. The following individuals will be serving in the Student Council:

  • Jerome J. Agustin as President
  • Aries M. Ojenar as Vice President
  • Winston A. Sabat as Secretary
  • Girly B. Guzman as Treasurer
  • Venice Daphne Paterno as Auditor
  • Yvan Angelie R. Tan as Business Manager
  • Ana Patricia R. Oriondo as Public Information Officer
  • Karl De Ruenda Himantog as BSMT Representative
  • Ladielyn R. Santos as BSME Representative
  • Zyrylle P. Purificacion as COB Representative
  • Edyson Cachuela as ITSD Representative

Student Assembly Leadership

In addition to the Student Council, the newly elected Student Assembly was also announced, led by Mr. King Jireh Flores as the Chancellor and Ms. Izabelle De Jesus as the Vice Chancellor.

A Challenge from the CEO

The CEO left a challenge to the new set of leaders, urging them to be good examples and role models not just in academics, but also in supporting the institution and the student body. This challenge serves as a reminder of the important role student leaders play in shaping the culture and direction of the institution.

The Midway Student Council Election 2023 was more than just an event; it was a testament to the democratic spirit of the institution and the commitment of its students to active participation and leadership.  The Midway Student Council Election 2023 demonstrated the democratic values and active engagement of the Midway Colleges community.      Student leadership at Midway Colleges takes various forms and levels. Each class elects a Class Commander to organize and represent its members. The NROTC has a COR Commander who instills discipline and leadership among its cadets. Different clubs and organizations, which enrich student life, have their own leaders as well. In the High School department, Clan Leaders promote a sense of belonging and camaraderie among students. These leadership opportunities allow students to hone their skills and make positive contributions to the community. The Midway Student Council, however, is the supreme student governing body at Midway Colleges. It serves as the voice of the student body and the main avenue for student involvement in institutional affairs. The council plays a vital role in shaping the student experience at Midway Colleges, ensuring that the students’ needs and interests are addressed.

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