Midway College Inc. Revs Up Enthusiasm with Midway Transport…

Midway Colleges Inc. proudly announces the triumphant return of a beloved tradition: Midway Transport Show! After its hiatus over the pandemic, the event roared back to life last April 19, 2024.  The Midway Transport Show transformed the campus into a haven for automotive appreciation. A diverse array of vehicles, from custom motorcycles to sleek sports cars, lined the open field. Each entry showcased a unique story of passion and craftsmanship, sparking lively conversations and igniting a shared love for automobiles within the DRIVEN community. 

Participants were separated into two categories, “Two Wheels” and “Four Wheels,” with them vying for the coveted People’s Choice Award alongside a variety of other awards sponsored by student organizations. The judging process, overseen by club advisors, ensured a fair and celebratory atmosphere, highlighting the rich tapestry of automotive culture within the DRIVEN community. Automobile companies also graced the event with their own exhibits, thus further enriching the event. Representatives engaged with students, offering valuable insights and addressing questions about all things automotive-related.  

We would like to thank ADZ Garage, Toyota Nueva Ecija, Honda Cars Nueva Ecija, MT-15 Nueva Ecija Club, Nissan Royce Cabanatuan, Kia Cabanatuan, Suzuki Cabanatuan, and Kawazaki Motorcycles – Cabanatuan for their participation as exhibitors for this event. The event was also attended by the Capinpin brothers, who each had their own entries for the 4-wheel category. 

This year’s Transport Show was organized by the Midway Student Council, in collaboration with Mx. Kimberly Manuel, a junior staff from the Executive Office.  

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