International Commercial Terms 2020

The International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) is the largest business organization in the world published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that promotes and facilitates domestic and international trade transactions. Incoterms are internationally accepted commercial terms used to clearly describe obligations, risks, and costs of parties (buyer and seller) involved in the transactions and those responsible for the transportation arrangement and payment of transportation fees and/or charges over the goods. These Incoterms rules also prevent confusion in commercial trade contracts.

The Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration under the College of Business conducted a webinar exclusive for the BSCA Student entitled “International Commercial Terms 2020”, last April 22, 2021, via MS Teams. This webinar aimed to enhance students’ skills in applying the principles of International Commercial Terms 2020.

The 3-hour lecture was led by CB Roberto T. Domondon, AB, LL. B, MBA who is currently the CEO and Chief Advocate of CUSTOMS AND LOGISTICS ADVOCATES OF THE PHILIPPINES, INC. in coordination with the Student Organization which is the PSCAS-MIDWAY CHAPTER.  His expertise and experiences in the field was truly shared to the participants, the students and the faculties are more likely planning to have more webinar.

The said webinar was spearheaded by the Customs Administration faculty members. This is the 2nd webinar that the department has conducted to keep the students abreast with latest and best practices in their chosen program and field in general amidst of the prevailing restrictions.

Truly a feat for the department!


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