Teachercaster Episode 2 (Senior High School Department)

English Subject Activities for 2nd week of Classes

Amid the crisis in this pandemic, Midway believes that learning must continue.” says Teachercaster Ms. Deseree Mallari of SHS department.

Ms. Mallari reported the highlights of activities during the 2nd week of classes. Her report features the different topics discussed and activities done by students in their English subjects.

Ms. Mallari says, “As Filipinos, it is important for us to know how rich and noble the Philippine Literature is.”

For 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World, students did a world café activity; Ms. Lyka Clerigo, one of the English teachers, made sure that students would learn and appreciate the different literary pieces across the world.

Because of the pandemic, there are restrictions and prohibitions in activities. Nevertheless, the teachers adapted activities that are full of opportunities for learning such as telephone conversation activity for lessons on communication process. The activity aims to develop the communication skills of the students and to help them realize the essence of communication.

The students did a ‘brainwriting’ activity for Research in Daily Life 2. During the activity, each student was given an opportunity to write down ideas about the significance of quantitative research across disciplines. Through the conduct of the said activity, students’ creativity was stimulated and collaboration among students has been promoted.

In summary, Ms. Mallari says “This pandemic will not hinder us in providing transformative education to its students and quality of services to its stakeholders.

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