English Month Celebration 2022

Like most schools, the Midway Colleges conducted an English Month Culmination Program on the 25th of November. It was an austere celebration participated by the students themselves but the quintessence of using the English language was there. The masters of ceremony was being conducted by two of the students from Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering, Mr. Lordraizen Miranda & Ms. Celina Francisco. The opening program started at 8:30 onwards in the morning with an opening prayer by one of the Gen Ed faculty Ms. Arcibal followed by the presentation of the AVP of last year’s celebration of English Month facilitated by Mr. Quinto Then, Mr. Lustre the co-chairman of the English Month Celebration delivered a statement of purpose.

After that selected student from the Senior High School Department show case his talent through a song number. After the intermission number, Mr. Casco delivered an opening remarks about the true essence of celebrating the English Month. Then we had the inspirational message from our CEO Mr. Sabino Czar C. Manglicmot through a video presentation. After that, another electrifying intermission number from the selected students of Customs Administration performed a dance number. Ms. Celindro was the one who did the introduction of the respectable judges namely; Ma’am Priscilla D. Sanchez the Chief Education Supervisor of Dep Ed, Ma’am Vera A. Borromeo the CAPRISAA President, and our beloved Academic Director Sir Richard L. Oandasan.

Then came the presentation of the mechanics and the competition proper which is the A-Speaker or the Pecha Kucha Speech, after that the next activity would have to be the Word Wizardry or the Spelling bee competition that is consist of three rounds easy, average and difficult round. Those are the various activities in the morning session. At exactly 12OOH-1300H, had their lunch break. After an hour the afternoon session started at 1300H starting of with the presentation of the mechanics and the competition proper for the afternoon activity which is the Group Elocution or the Reader’s Theater that is being facilitated by Mr. Lustre the co-chairman of the English Month Celebration. Then we did the Presentation of finalist for P-Pop Fashion Icon and also the Awarding of Winners for P-Pop Fashion Icon afterwards. Ms. Zulueta facilitated the presentation of the finalist for the next activity which is the DUBest Tiktok dubbing competition and also the awarding of the winners. Before we proceed with the awarding of the certificates for our reputable judges for that day we also had the proclamation of the winners for the A-Speaker and for the Group Elocution. Lastly, we had the closing remarks to be delivered by the chairperson of the English Month Celebration which is Ms. Cruz from the Gen Ed Department. Enjoyment of the entire event was evident on the students faces as well as their active participation in the program. It was really an instructive and edifying event for the part of the students and the teachers as well.

Word Wizardry winners:

Jonas C. Mabagos (1st placer)

Angel Alvarez (2nd placer)

Ron Arvil Germino (3rd placer)

Lea Torres (4th placer)

A-Speaker winners:

BSMT (1ST placer)

BSME (2ND placer)

SHS (3RD placer)

DUBest Tiktok Dubbing Competition winners:

(Top 1) John Mar Damian

(Top 2) Kevin Damian

(Top 3) Ron Arvil Germino

Group Elocution winners:

BSME (1st placer)



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