DRIVEN Community welcome the Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. (PTC) Masterclass Program to Midway Colleges, Inc. on February 8, 2024. This program is a unique opportunity for our students and faculty to learn from the experts and leaders of one of the leading crew management companies in the Philippines and the world.  

PTC is a global maritime professional company that provides a wide range of services, such as ship management, crew management, education and training, logistics, outsourcing solutions, and more. PTC has been in the industry for over 40 years, deploying over 35,000 Filipino seafarers onboard 700 vessels for 90 principals. PTC is also committed to social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and lifelong learning.  

The PTC Masterclass Program is a series of lectures, workshops, and simulations that aim to enhance the knowledge, skills, and competencies of our maritime students and faculty. The program will cover topics such as maritime safety, security, operations, leadership, innovation, and career development. The program will also showcase the latest technologies and best practices in the maritime industry.  

We are honored to have the following PTC team members as our guest speakers and facilitators for the program:  

Benjie Bautista, PTC Talent Acquisition Manager. He is responsible for the recruitment, selection, and placement of qualified and competent seafarers for PTC’s principals. He has over 20 years of experience in the maritime and human resources fields.  

Capt. Florencio Jampil, Business Development for Crewing and Shipmanagement. He oversees developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with existing and potential clients and the crewing and ship management operations of PTC. He is a seasoned master mariner with over 30 years of sea and shore experience.  

Capt. Ronald SJ Enrile, Senior Vice President for PTC Shipmanagement and Head of PTC Talent Acquisition Group. He is the top executive of PTC’s ship management division, which provides safe, secure, and efficient shipping solutions to its principals. He is also the head of PTC’s talent acquisition group, which encompasses the crew management, education and training, and outsourcing solutions of PTC. He is a distinguished master mariner with over 40 years of sea and shore experience.  

We are grateful to PTC for choosing Midway Colleges, Inc. as their partner institution for this program. We look forward to a fruitful and enjoyable learning experience with the PTC Masterclass Program. We hope that this program will inspire our students and faculty to pursue their maritime careers with excellence, passion, and integrity. We also hope that this program will strengthen the collaboration and friendship between Midway Colleges, Inc. and PTC, as well as contribute to the advancement of the maritime industry in the Philippines and the world.  

Welcome to Midway Colleges, Inc., the home of the DRIVEN!  

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