Customs Administration’s first Webinar series

Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration program develops the academic prowess of its students and molds them accordingly to become community-caring individuals founded by integrity, professionalism, and discipline. As part of its commitment that “No one should be left behind”, the College of Business is dedicated to immerse students on the current trends in the industry. 

The College conducted a webinar series last June 1-3 entitled “Acing the Job Interview: Basic Tips and Guidelines” which features the latest trends and practices of Job Application in the new normal which contributes to the development of the student interns in an academic perspective and as a preparation to their future undertakings as License Customs Brokers. 

“Write to not to impress but to express”, these are the candor words that Dr. Richard L. Oandasan said on the first session of the three-day webinar series with the topic of “Making the First Impression: Cover Letter and Resume Writing Conventions”. During the discussion, he gave tips on writing an effective cover letter. He also highlighted the 4C’s which must be present in the cover letter: Clarity, Completeness, Conciseness, and Courtesy. In addition, he also shared the Do’s and Don’ts in creating a resume because as he stated “resume is someone’s masterpiece”. 

The second session happened on June 2 which focused on “Setting a Professional Mindset: Preparations and Considerations” with Ms. Ellen Gay I. Singson, HR Director, as the Resource Speaker. In her talk, she encouraged everyone to always excel in everything that they do, as there is no elevator to success. She also leaved this message to everyone “The difference of who we are and what we want to be, is what we do today”. 

Mixed emotions- this is how the participants describe the third session of the webinar series which is the Interview Preparation Workshop. In this session, the participants attended a virtual interview to apply the learning they got from the previous discussions and to enhance their communication and reasoning skills as they present themselves in the interviewers. The interviewing panel includes the Customs Administration Faculty members and a Guest interviewer in the person of Mr. Robie Mar A. Dayto, General Education Coordinator. 

The supplementary webinars does not just stop here because more are still coming! Clearance Procedure on Consumption Entry on June 28 and “Transcending Customs Broker: Profession and Opportunitieson July 16. This is how the College of Business show its commitment in delivering EXCELLENCE. 



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