CEO of MIDWAY at Manila Times

Mr. Sabino Czar Cloma Manglicmot II, the CEO of Midway Colleges, was featured on The Manila Times on November 18, 2020.

The CEO told the history of how he continued the legacy of Admiral Tomas Cloma, the sailor who discovered and conquered Spratly Islands and the Father of Philippine Maritime Education

In an interview, Mr. Manglicmot IIshared the story of how he started to be an educator.

An inspiring story of family legacy, passion for the people and patriotism. This story is definitely one for the books!

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Congratulations Sir Czar!

The DRIVEN Channel Launched

The Midway Colleges – The DRIVEN Channel was officially launched on November 6, 2020.

The pilot episode entitled “The New Generation of DRIVEN” features the President of Midway Colleges, Mr. Sabino Czar Cloma Manglimot and his son, the Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sabino Czar Cloma Manglicmot II telling the history of how the institution started. From hardships to triumphs, milestone after milestone, and how it changed lives through its vision.


The President of Midway Colleges, Mr. Sabino M. Manglicmot, told the history of Midway Colleges.

Started as a technical school offering courses in welding and driving, Midway has panned out to be an institution offering various programs and degrees.

The President shared one of his memory in the institution and how it started saying “Ang memorable experience ko sa Midway, yung pinipintasan ako ng mga tao. Ang sabi pa nila ‘Niloloko ba tayo ng Midway dyan?’ Naiisip ko, pa’no ko matutulungan yung mga batang ‘to?”

Midway originated from Midway Subdivision, Caloocan. The President’s residence at the time. He wondered on how he can help youngsters be sent to school. He then opened a technical school that primary offers welding and driving. Inspired to help, he was determined to make his plans a reality.

Maritime School

As a reserved naval officer, he thought of offering maritime programs.

“Naisip kong maglagay ng Maritime School sa Nueva Ecija. Pinintasan pa ako ng Manila Times, ang sabi sakin ay ‘bakit nakalagay ang maritime school sa gitna ng rice mill?’ “

He recalled the challenges that he endured, “Marami tayong challenges dyan, unang-una, saan ako kukuha ng faculty? Pangalawa, meron bang mga batang interesadong pumasok? Ang mga una-unang estudyante riyan ay talagang mahihirap.

Struggles along the way

Despite the hardships and criticisms that he encountered, he continued to help students from low-income families towards a better life.

He said, “May mga estudyante nga akong galing sa norte at may mga kababayan naman ako na nag-aaral na halos hindi makapag-aral gawa ng wala naman silang perang mapangpapa-aral sa mga sarili nila. Kaya yun ang naging motivation para magtayo ako ng maritime school duon sa Nueva Ecija para ang mga bata ay magkaroon ng pagkakataon ng mabuting hanapbuhay.”

Mr. Manglicmot showed that he is determined enough to help individuals and families in reaching for their dreams.

Legacy and Secrets to Success

He shared that he wants to be remembered by his legacy in helping other people, “Yun ang legacy na gusto kong maalala ng aking mga kababayan at mga tao na gustong malaman kung pano nag-umpisa ang Midway Colleges.”

In sharing his secret to success, he emphasized the importance of faith and divine providence saying “Ang isang mahusay na leader ay yung you have to have faith sa taas. Meron yung tinatawag nilang hope and love. Sapagkat pag ang tao na walang faith sa sarili at Panginoon ay wala ring pangarap na makatulong. At tsaka yung tinatawag na pagtulong para magkaroon ng hanap buhay ang mga tao ay yan yung mga taong hindi mo maaasahang tumulong.

Changed lives

Midway Colleges has withstood the test and trials over the years. The institution continued in offering programs and degrees to help students finish their studies towards a transformed life.

Significantly, lives of its graduates have changed for the better. Through their education, they landed a job that enabled them to provide for their families.

The President shared that a lot of their former students have expressed their gratitude towards Midway for helping them have better chances in life.

He said, “Ang Midway Colleges ay lumalago ngayon sapagkat ang mga unang-unang nagsipagtapos dito ay nagkaroon sila ng hanapbuhay at sila ay nakasakay na ng barko. Ang iba ay naging Marine Engineer, yung iba naman ay naging kapitan. Nagkaroon kami ng tinatawag na alumni homecoming. Yung mga kapitan, yung mga bata na mga nagsipag-aral sa Midway, mga naging engineering graduate, dumalaw don. Umiiyak pa yung iba at sila ay nagpapasalamat. Gawa ng kung hindi daw sa Midway, hindi sila magkakaroon ng mabuting hanapbuhay.

“Ang gusto kong maalala nila ay yung naglagay ng maritime school sa Midway to give them chances, magkaroon ng hanap buhay at hindi sila napapalulong sa masamang bisyo na hindi karapat-dapat.

Yan lang ang aking hangad, para ako ay makatulong sa kanila.”

The President is glad that he was able to become an instrument of success to other people.

Passing the Torch

Following the footsteps of his father, Mr. Sabino Czar Cloma Manglicmot II, the Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer of Midway Colleges shared the story of how he started to be part of the institution.

After graduating from college in 1990, he joined Midway. He says, “I think it’s more of a choice that I joined Midway. Actually, I wanted to become a lawyer. After college, I wanted to study law, but my grandfather convinced me to take up a school, to manage a school.”

The Challenge and Legacy

Despite having dreams to become a lawyer, Sabino Czar was inspired to become an educator because of his grandfather ‘s bid. He then shared the story.

He asked me “do you still remember your elementary teacher in English?”, so I said yes.

“Do you still remember your PE teachers when you were in elementary?”, I said yes.

“So, why do you remember them?”, I asked myself, “Oo nga noh, why do I remember them?”.

So, it made me asked myself “Do I really want to become a lawyer?”. When in the other hand, if I go to education, I will be remembered as an educator and I will be leaving a legacy. I think it became a changing point in my life that I started to become interested in education.

His decision to become an educator started from there. Over the years, he has become an instrument for people to reach their dreams towards a better life. He continued to provide ways for students to study. Even though Midway was famously known for its maritime programs, Manglicmot II, worked hard to add various offerings in the institution.

Marks of a True Leader

Managing a school is never easy. Leading a lot of people, training staff and teachers, and continuous improvement of facilities are just some of the work that needs to be done.

Leading a whole different people is as crucial as it can be. He shared, “For me, personally, a leader should have a vision. A good leader should be dynamic, innovative.

Another characteristic of a good leader is that he leads by example. I think the most important characteristic of a good leader is that you are a good listener. The greatest motivation for us to continue for 32 years is that we have seen positive changes in our graduates, to our alumnus who have not only changed their lives but also have changed the lives of their family and changed the lives of their community.

He shared an important life lesson saying “Life lesson that made me a better leader now, one is humility. You have to be humble, to accept the things that you can change. You should be aware for the things that you can also influence.”

All throughout the years, Mr. Manglicmot II, has shown true marks of a leader.

New Normal

The whole world was disrupted because of the threats and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, Midway Colleges continued to move forward.

The commemoration of Midway’s 32nd founding anniversary was held. The celebration became even more meaningful with the theme “Midway Strong 2020: Push Forward”

The CEO thanked everyone for their efforts, service, and resiliency saying “For everyone who has been a part of Midway for the past 32 years, teachers, non-teaching, students, maraming-maraming salamat po that you have been part of Midway for the past few years at umabot po tayo sa 32 years.

Again, thank you very much to the organizers of the 32nd founding anniversary. To all the participants, especially under this new normal. It’s really an overwhelming feeling that all of you have participated in all the activities despite this challenges and situations. Remember, I’ve always said this, we are part of history, we are making history now. If there’s anything, that we can do to make our mark in history, do it. Do not hesitate. Whether you like it or not, we are already part of history.”

With a trait of a leader like Mr. Sabino M. Manglicmot, the President and Mr. Sabino Czar Cloma Manglicmot II, Vice-President and CEO, Midway Colleges is sure to grow and move forward in the coming years.

The pilot episode of The DRIVEN Channel was directed by Kevin Christian Juan; videographed and edited by Jestony Sarmiento Alvarez and Jamil Raven Dela Cruz; and administered by Jemmuel C. Roque

Teachercaster Episode 9 (College)

Education with the use of technology

The academic shift from traditional to digital learning has changed the way students learn. Hence, the use of technology has proven that it can be beneficial to both practical and academic pursuits.

Information Technology teachers have realized that using technology nowadays is an important methodological approach in the implementation of online distance learning.

Teachercasters Maverick Rovie S. Lagman and Franz Harvey Quinto showed how they properly utilize the use of new technologies for today’s new normality in education.

With the numerous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, studying Information and Communications Technology (ICT) helps students to quickly adapt to the emerging needs for the new normal. Topics such as software applications, networking, and computer hardware troubleshooting are included in the lesson. ICT educators ensured that no students will be left behind when it comes to computer literacy.

To make the lessons more interesting and enjoyable, the ICT educators use different websites and online platforms as a virtual classroom. Students are now well-oriented with various applications such as Microsoft 365, Zoom, and Messenger.

Students maximize the availability of Office applications such as MS Word for their reports, paperwork, and documentation, MS Excel for computation of formulas and encoding, and MS PowerPoint for their presentations.

ICT educators assured their students that even when lessons may seem difficult, it does not mean that they should stop. The teachers encouraged their students to keep learning and trying despite the difficulties.

The pandemic has evidently caused changes in our lives and way of living. Hence, Midway Colleges is committed to providing transformative education for its students at all costs.

As Bill Gates once said, “Until we’re educating every kid in a fantastic way, until every inner is cleaned up, there is no shortage of things to do.”

Together, we will be able to defeat this virus. In summary, ICT educators told students to download creativity, install new platforms of learning, and follow innovation in the world of academics.

The following were given credits for the video production: Marie R. Aliling and Jeanine Charmaine B. Mantile, Teachercaster Coordinators; Jestony Sarmiento Alvarez and Franz Harvey Quinto, Videographer and Editor; and Jestony Sarmiento Alvarez, Director.