August 2020

Pedal pa more

Asia’s Duathlon Queen talks on Transit Options

Asia’s Duathlon Queen and internationally renowned triathlete, Monica Torres, talked in an online seminar on transit options entitled “Pedal pa More para sa Pag-aaral” on Saturday, August 8, 2020, via Midway Colleges Facebook livestream.

Monica gave emphasis on benefits of biking, beginners guide, and safety measure.

She shared points on how biking can improve one’s health and fitness, increase one’s appreciation of nature, and how to explore different places. Moreover, she highlighted that biking can be a suitable alternative mode of transportation especially in this time of pandemic.

She shared the joys and benefits of biking, as well as how it could help people cope with stress.

Monica Torres graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Sports Science. During her college years, she joined the dragon boat team whose members would ride their bikes to school. This influenced her to start biking as well; she borrowed her father’s bike and her interest in cycling cultivated from there. She has then joined –and won– competitions over the years. Based on her personal blog, Monica Races the World, through which she would share her journey as a professional athlete. She was won gold medals in SEA Games; she has over 40 gold medals and counting.