August 2020

Gabay Araw – Virtual Orientation via Zoom

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes globally, affecting the course of education. This cause fear and feeling of uncertainty to students on how they will pursue their studies.

To relieve the students of worries caused by the pandemic, the Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) and Guidance Office conducted a virtual orientation to give updates of the changes and help the students adapt to it as the School Year 2020-2021 starts soon.

Gabay Araw was implemented for two weeks via Zoom to ensure the safety of the students.

To ensure effectivity of presentation, the orientation schedule was arranged per year level.

August 12 and 14 – 1st year and 2nd year

August 17 and 18 – 3rd year

August 19 and 21 – 4th year

Each session caters 100 students. Separate schedules were done to effectively handle the number of students per year level by course program.

The program flow focuses on the presentation of services and programs in the context of adapting to the new normal. Modification of the school’s student services and programs is necessary to align with the needs of the students in this time of pandemic.

The topics covered include Health and Safety Protocols, Academic Program, Library Facility, Finance guidelines and procedures, and Student Affairs. Heads and faculty from each department presented the discussions.

An open forum discussion was also opened to answer the questions and concerns of the students.

The last part of the activity includes a raffle draw, in partnership of Globe Telecommunication, these include a modem with 10GB browsing load. Students were given a chance to win in appreciation for their cooperation and attendance.

Through this orientation, students were guided as they prepare for the opening of classes.