July 2020

Bright side of e-games

Mobile gaming and esports, although relatively new, are industries that are skyrocketing these days. Competitions have sprung left and right, with the top events giving away millions of dollars in prizes. It has truly become a multi-million dollar “sporting” activity. Corporations and investors have taken notice of this, as well as educational institutions.

Understandably, many are still skeptical of this industry. But whatever opinion one may have about this, there is no denying the fact that it is a huge industry. Some are in it for the money, some for fun, some for both. These seem to be the main reasons why they get into esports. However, like any other sport, those are not the only factors that come with playing it.

Players learn from engaging in mobile gaming or esports. First off, it gives a sense of community. People who play mobile games feel like they belong to a certain group and this helps in their well-being and mental health. They form communities where they interact and help one another. They form communities where they teach each other. They form communities where they grow alongside each other. It strengthens their relations with their family, relatives, and friends.

Playing video games also boosts problem-solving skills. Analyzing opponents, their tactics, their team builds, their strengths and weaknesses, and their tendencies, among others, are all part of gaming. There are a lot of cognitive functions that take place while playing. These are beneficial in improving one’s thinking and analytical skills.

Those who play mobile games also experience an increase in creative output. They tend to be innovative and imaginative with the resources they are dealt with in-game. This pushes them to be creative because if they don’t, they lose. This is an effective strategy of improving their ingenuity.

More importantly, playing mobile games give players a chance to recharge, improve their morale, and reduce stress. Student life is hard enough. Life, in general, is tough too. A breath of fresh air and a chance to relax is what they need. It helps them re-focus on the important things like studying and self-improvement.

Many still scoff and bat their eyes when they hear about mobile games and esports. However, the educational and personal benefits of gaming should not be underestimated. People are not just playing, but they are learning as well. Supporting esports helps in developing the young.