July 2020

Exit Interview

It is not new to the graduating students of Midway Colleges that they should undergo an exit interview before their names be included on the final list of the graduating students. Amidst of this pandemic it was still decided to conduct the exit interview inorder to help the students as they try to apply and be hired to their desired jobs. As usual, CEO, Czar Cloma Manglicmot serves as the interviewee. The graduating students from BSCA were tasked to do their  Digital Portfolio, Cover letter and Resume, it serves as the basis of the first part of the interview questions. Most of the students were nervous during the interview thus they are not able to answer the questions correctly. Nevertheless, because of our CEO’s generosity, they were given a minute to think or review their answers. Sir Czar also allowed the graduating students to seek help from the Director of Student Affairs, Sir Jemmuel Roque and to the Guidance Coordinator, Sir Kevin Christian Juan. The exit interview lasts from July 22-31, 2020. In the end all of the graduating students were able to pass the exit interview and successfully finish the requirements of their graduation.