Senior High School Programs

Aiming to uphold virtues for lifelong learning, Midway Colleges is offering educational programs with common core and contextualized subjects for Senior High School. These programs called “strands” have specialized subjects that prepare students for undergraduate programs they want to pursue.

General Academic Strand - GAS

This covers the foundation subjects which are needed by the learners to be admitted to college. It has eight (8) specializations which are focused on Humanities, Social Sciences, Applied Economics, Organization and Management, Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction, and other available electives from Technical- Vocational and Livelihood Track.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - STEM

This is a specialized program for learners who will pursue science and technology, medicine, mathematics and engineering-related courses in college. It has eight (8) science and mathematics specialized subjects. Learners under this strand may also take electives related to engineering and medicine, so they can work before or during college.

Humanities and Social Sciences - HUMSS

This focuses on enriching the learners’ knowledge about the different literatures and culture not just in the Philippines but also across the world. It also offers specializations in creative writing (fiction and non-fiction) as well as politics and governance. It covers social sciences and applied social sciences subjects that will prepare learners who want to pursue fields in social work, law, psychology, and guidance and counseling.

Accountancy, Business and Management - ABM

This course is designed to familiarize the learners with the basic concepts, principles, and processes related to business organization, and the functional areas of management. In this track, particular emphasis will be given on the study of management functions like planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Also, the learners will be oriented on the importance of these functions and the role of each area in entrepreneurship.

Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime

Graduates of PBMS will be equipped with knowledge and skills pertaining to Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering. Its specialized curriculum ensures the learner’s’ readiness to continue to officership program in college.