faq - covid plans

These FAQs were designed to clarify some issues regarding how Midway intends to proceed with the remainder of the second semester, AY 2019-2020, summer term, and the new academic year given the current crisis situation brought about by COVID-19 pandemic.

The fundamental guiding principle to be observed is “health and safety first” coupled with maximum consideration, adaptability, flexibility, compassion, and DRIVEN values without compromising academic excellence and integrity.

faq - covid plans fo A.y. 2020 - 2021

The blended approach combines face-to-face and online sessions and shall be used in technical courses which require the use of laboratory facilities.

The asynchronous teaching-learning approach entails an interaction between the faculty and students that is not happening real-time. Materials provided can be studied offline.

Your teacher will exercise maximum consideration and adapt the most appropriate approach, taking into account your individual situation.

The schedule will depend on the prevailing guidelines on the current situation. However, whenever possible, it has to be completed until the end of the first semester, AY 2020-2021.

The classes will begin on August 17, 2020 for both college and Senior High students.

Further details about the conduct of classes brought about by the “new normal” will be communicated prior to the opening of classes in August 2020. 

Enrollment for AY 2020-2021 will start on June 20, 2020. For the meantime, you can make a reservation at bit.ly/MidwayReserve

After reviewing your reservation, our office will send the enrollment procedure aligned with the “new normal”.

All of our payment transactions will only be via a bank deposit.

The Finance Department will release an announcement regarding students who can get their claims.

FAQ Remainder for 2nd sem AY 2019-2020

There were still two weeks remaining for instruction and final examination before the ECQ was implemented. The necessary competencies taught needed to be concluded so the school decided to tentatively complete the semester by the end of June 2020.

The plans and guidelines were readjusted because the ECQ was not lifted earlier. This adjustment provides students time to complete their requirements.

There will no longer be a sit-down proctored final examination and the term assessment will be waived in the computation of the final grade. Grades will be based on the submitted academic outputs prior to the ECQ.

The assessment needs to be administered. The required competencies and proficiency have to be demonstrated, as mandated by the regulatory and statutory bodies (CHED, MARINA, IMO, STCW, TESDA).

They will be scheduled during this summer term or the first semester, AY 2020-2021, taking into consideration the latest guidelines and preventive measures on COVID-19 mandated by the national government.

The final grades will be computed based on the available performance indicators (assessment, activity, quiz, seatwork) as of March 15, 2020. 

For Grade 11, the class standing for the fourth quarter will be computed following the DepEd Memorandum 042 s. 2020 (Guidelines for the Remainder of School year 2019-2020 in Light of COVID-19 Measures).

Final course grades will not be given yet. Teachers will give a Not Yet Complete (NYC) remark  and they will schedule a consultation with you for the conduct of the assessment in the campus.

The faculty will use the adjusted percentage weight distribution below: 

Mode of Assessment Completed

Weight of the Component (%)

Written Assessment Only


Proficiency Assessment Only


Written Assessment and Proficiency Assessment

50% (written) + 50% (proficiency)

There will be no change in the computation of the FINAL COURSE GRADE. It will still include prelim and midterm grades and be computed as follows:


(Prelim Term Grade x 30%) + (Midterm Grade x 30%) + (Final Term Grade x 40%)


The only adjustment made is the computation of the final term grade as explained in the preceding sections.

 You will obtain a Failure due to Absences (FDA) remark only if the intervention processes on the attendance (guidance referral and parent conference) are observed by your teacher. If not, you are to submit necessary requirements for the completion of the course.

No. You will be given a chance to comply with the requirements until the end of the adjusted second semester (June 2020). Failure to comply will result in a Not Yet complete remark.

You will be given one year to remove the NYC, until the second semester of AY 2020-2021.

Completion of NYC obtained during the second semester will be extended within the first semester, AY 2020-2021.

No. NYC is waived given the current situation.

Yes. Your department will provide a bridging program to ensure that knowledge and competency gaps are addressed. 

The bridging program is a remediation program aimed to help you catch up with knowledge and proficiency which should have been obtained in a regular semester.

The program will come in various forms such as self-instructional modules, learning packs, and/or online workshops. 

All student trainings/work immersion are suspended until further notice.

Summer classes for AY 2019-2020 will be deferred in the consideration of the faculty and students’ capability of flexible learning arrangements. 

Graduation rites will be conducted at a favorable time in the future. The institution will employ modified graduation rites to ensure public safety.

Your remaining fee could be paid on a staggered basis based on:

  1. At least 50% of all remaining fees shall be paid on or before end of June; and

  2. The remaining balance shall be collected on or before the end of July

The curriculum for each program will be adjusted. Once realigned, an updated program of study (POS) will be communicated.