Operationalizing Flexible Learning Plan Amid The Current Crisis.

On June 23, 2020, Midway Colleges, Inc. conducted a webinar titled “Operationalizing Flexible Learning Plan”. Led by our esteemed guest speaker, Dr. Jerome T. Buenviaje, the Dean of the College of Education, University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus, Quezon City, the webinar oriented the participants on the nature, principles, and strategies for the implementation of flexible learning amid the current crisis situation.

For Phase I or Remote Learning, it is a home-based learning using the learners’ available resources and capabilities. Phase II, or Blended Learning, combines the approach of online and face-to-face learning. Lastly, Phase III or Enhanced Residential Learning is where learning is done face-to-face in the campus while using online and offline modes in learning. 

Knowing the foundation of this is given importance as well; Course Design, Teaching and Learning, Student Support Services, and Organization and Management are the pillars that make up this plan.

Next, we have the two approaches for instruction. The first is Flipped Class Approach which is composed of Explore (where learners study the study guide available online), Firm Up/Deepen (where teacher conducts an online lesson), Transfer (where learners perform assigned tasks), and Evaluate (where teacher provides feedback on the student output). The second approach is Conventional Class Approach which is composed of Explore/Firm Up (Teacher conducts online lecture), Deepen (learner expands knowledge through group activities), Transfer (learner performs assigned tasks), and Evaluate (where teacher provides feedback on the output).

In ensuring the smooth implementation of the flexible remote instruction, it is imperative that the expectations from the teachers and the learners are outlined. We have to identify the teachers’ and learners’ expectations and areas affected. This will make up the Implementation of the Instructional Model – Virtual Lecture and Laboratory.

Lastly, we Midway’s Learning Management System (LMS) has been tackled. It consists of synchronous and asynchronous activities as well as other platforms in which students with limited connectivity may also participate.

The bright side of mobile gaming​

Mobile gaming and esports, although relatively new, are industries that are skyrocketing these days. Competitions have sprung left and right, with the top events giving away millions of dollars in prizes. It has truly become a multi-million dollar “sporting” activity. Corporations and investors have taken notice of this, as well as educational institutions.

Understandably, many are still skeptical of this industry. But whatever opinion one may have about this, there is no denying the fact that it is a huge industry. Some are in it for the money, some for fun, some for both. These seem to be the main reasons why they get into esports. However, like any other sport, those are not the only factors that come with playing it.

Players learn from engaging in mobile gaming or esports. First off, it gives a sense of community. People who play mobile games feel like they belong to a certain group and this helps in their well-being and mental health. They form communities where they interact and help one another. They form communities where they teach each other. They form communities where they grow alongside each other. It strengthens their relations with their family, relatives, and friends.

Playing video games also boosts problem-solving skills. Analyzing opponents, their tactics, their team builds, their strengths and weaknesses, and their tendencies, among others, are all part of gaming. There are a lot of cognitive functions that take place while playing. These are beneficial in improving one’s thinking and analytical skills.

Those who play mobile games also experience an increase in creative output. They tend to be innovative and imaginative with the resources they are dealt with in-game. This pushes them to be creative because if they don’t, they lose. This is an effective strategy of improving their ingenuity.

More importantly, playing mobile games give players a chance to recharge, improve their morale, and reduce stress. Student life is hard enough. Life, in general, is tough too. A breath of fresh air and a chance to relax is what they need. It helps them re-focus on the important things like studying and self-improvement.

Many still scoff and bat their eyes when they hear about mobile games and esports. However, the educational and personal benefits of gaming should not be underestimated. People are not just playing, but they are learning as well. Supporting esports helps in developing the young.

First Virtual Exit Interview

It is not new to the graduating students of Midway Colleges that they should undergo an exit interview before their names be included on the final list of the graduating students. Amidst of this pandemic it was still decided to conduct the exit interview inorder to help the students as they try to apply and be hired to their desired jobs. As usual, CEO, Czar Cloma Manglicmot serves as the interviewee. The graduating students from BSCA were tasked to do their  Digital Portfolio, Cover letter and Resume, it serves as the basis of the first part of the interview questions. Most of the students were nervous during the interview thus they are not able to answer the questions correctly. Nevertheless, because of our CEO’s generosity, they were given a minute to think or review their answers. Sir Czar also allowed the graduating students to seek help from the Director of Student Affairs, Sir Jemmuel Roque and to the Guidance Coordinator, Sir Kevin Christian Juan. The exit interview lasts from July 22-31, 2020. In the end all of the graduating students were able to pass the exit interview and successfully finish the requirements of their graduation. 

Career Development​

Webinar on Career Development for the graduating class of Bachelor of Science in Custom Administration (Batch 2020)

One of the core functions of Office of the Student Affairs is to provide services to the students that will support the development of their educational and social being.

A Career Development seminar is usually given to the candidates for graduation as one of the steps to help them prepare for the actual job application and employment. However, due to the unprecedented events brought by the pandemic (COVID-19), strict implementation of physical distancing was imposed by the government to prevent the spread of the virus. In line with this precaution, a webinar was held in replacement of a physical seminar to cater the needs of the students.  

The webinar on Career Development was facilitated through Zoom and was streamed live via Midway Colleges Inc. Facebook page.   

Office of the Student Affairs headed the webinar led by OSA Director, Mr. Jimuel Roque.   

24 students of Bachelor of Science in Custom Administration who are all candidate for graduation are the target participants. 

The webinar started at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. 

Mr. Roque welcomed the target participants and viewers via Facebook livestreaming. House rules for the webinar was set followed by an opening prayer. 

Objectives presented are as follows:

  • Provide continuous avenue for students
  • Prepare the graduates for their prepared jobs
  • Equipped the graduates in preparing for their job application

A welcoming message was given by Mr.  Sabino Czar Cloma Manglicmot II, CEO of Midway Colleges Inc. 

The following points were mentioned:

  • Welcome to the new normal brought by the pandemic
  • Prepare the students in the work and challenges ahead 
  • In preparation for their exit interview
  • Everyone is expected to listen and participate actively 

The Guidance Coordinator, Mr. Kevin Christian Quanto (?) introduced the speaker. 

Richard Lamban Oandasan, Associate Academic Director 

(Master of Arts from UP Diliman, currently on PhD studies in UP Diliman) 

Mr. Oandasan welcomed the students and furthered that the recent events has brought everyone to an exciting journey. He then began his discussion.

Professional Portfolio 

  • What are the words or phrases when you hear the word “Portfolio”?

Some students answered resume, requirements, application, job, 

Mr. Oandasan encouraged the students to share their point of view and asked why is portfolio relevant. 

The following objectives were presented:

    • Unpack the meaning of portfolio and its content
    • Explain the process and tools used in creating a professional portfolio
    • Share important guidelines on creating a portfolio and writing a resume
    • Create a digital portfolio

“Unprecedented changes because of the pandemic. Rather than looking at it as something negative but take it as an exciting journey. You will be applying online. You will be interviewed at the confinements of your home but because of technology, you won’t be left out.”

  • Professional portfolio speaks towards excellence
  • Digital portfolio can be easily accessed by future employers 

How to write an effective portfolio?

    • You want your employers to be hooked
    • Showcase your best qualities
    • Include creative works/awards received/
    • Bio note
    • Career goals
  • In creating a portfolio, the employers will not just look for technical competence but also social skills. Volunteers on civic organization, churches, etc. may imply your services to the community.
  • If you were to be employed, your leadership skills are also important to be noticed. 
  • IQ and EQ should be there. The ability to empathize with other people is also important.
  • Minimum requirements, some requirements might be asked form you.

Resume and cover letter writing

The first critical step is selling oneself through an application letter

(Sample application letter was also presented)

Parts of a cover letter

  • Salutation 
  • Body of the letter

Prepare for your application letter ahead of time

1st paragraph, intent and source of information

2nd paragraph, the degree/program

“have recently acquired my degree or program”, programs must be spelled out. The employers may not be familiar with your degree and school.

3rd paragraph, the skills acquired, readiness to accept the job

  • Recap (parts of a letter)
  • Clarity, completeness, conciseness, courtesy
  • Write to express and not impress
  • Be mindful of the time
  • May in replacement of Can
  • Resume is a summary 
  • Avoid pronoun
  • Avoid photos, unless required
  • Avoid no references
  • Personal or family information
  • Crumpled resume

Steps in Creating a Portfolio

  • Be a tech savvy and be mindful of your content
  • Have more than one copy
  • You can create your own web page. 
  • You may also use MS publisher, MS word, MS PowerPoint

Mr. Oandasan also cited the references used in his presentation. He concluded the discussion by saying “The real battle lies after the graduation.”

Open Forum

Students were encouraged to ask questions and raise their clarifications. 

Some questions from the participants and viewers include “What is the difference between a curriculum vitae and a resume?”, “Paano yung walang gadgets panggawa ng portfolio?” 

Questions and concerns were addressed by Mr. Oandasan. 

The graduating class will prepare their own digital portfolio, resume, and cover letter in MS and PDF format. These requirements will be given before they undergo an exit interview. 

The submission is on July 20, 2020.

Netiquette and Techniques​

Career Development Webinar titled “Netiquette and Techniques in Overcoming Online Interview” was held last July 17, 2020 – 1000H via Zoom meeting. The guest speaker of the webinar is the Director for Marketing and Communication of Ateneo de Manila University and Marketing Consultant of Midway Colleges, Ms. Matec Villanueva. It was attended by the graduating students from BSCA Class of 2020. Ms. Matec discussed and gave a lot of tips on how to overcome online and face to face interviews. The graduating students showed interest while listening to the guest speaker. They also actively participated during the open forum. It was a great help for all the graduating students as they will enter the professional world and face the challenges of getting hired especially during this time of the pandemic.