Best Paper Award in 2021 IMRC

Dr. Richard L. Oandasan, the Academic Director and Mr. Christian M. Santiago, the Research and Extension Coordinator as well as the interim academic secretary, received the Best Paper Award in the recently concluded 2021 International Multidisciplinary Research Colloquium (IMRC) held last August 10-11, 2021 via online teleconferencing. Sharing the recognition with them was Ms. Pauline Kay S. Gaya, a senior high school faculty member who also participated in the event.

Their paper titled “Thriving amid the pandemic: Learners’ perceived assessment of the remote flexible learning program (ReFlex-LeaP) using the Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPCK) Model”, vesting other 24 papers in the education cluster, was hailed as outstanding by the panel of evaluators based on its content, significance, contribution to the field, and the researchers’ oral presentation.

The aim of the paper was to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of the ReFlex-LeaP, Midway’s first phase of the learning continuity plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The results obtained from the research serve as basis for improving the curriculum, delivery of instruction, learning management system, faculty competence, and most importantly, the teaching-learning experience of the primary stakeholders of the institution – the students.

The 2021 IMRC, anchored on the theme “Strengthening Research for a Better Normal,” was organized by the President Ramon Magsaysay State University (PRMSU), Zambales. The event aimed to gather scholars, researchers, practitioners, students, and other stakeholders from various disciplines to share their scholarly works and research. Adding prestige to the event were the keynote address of Her Excellency Vice President Maria “Leni” Robredo and the plenary talk of international speakers from Indonesia, Nigeria, South Korea, and the USA.



Pilot Episode (College Department)

Faculty Training ft. Buwan ng Wika

Ms. Jeanine Charmaine Mantile, college teacher, featured the faculty training in preparation for the start of classes for school year 2020-2021.

Ms. Mantile reported that the “Faculty Training on Learning Continuity in Response to COVID-19″ was held on August 10 – 14 and 17 – 20, 2020. The 9-day training capacitated the teachers for remote learning implementation. The training includes familiarization on features of Microsoft 365 and exploring other online platforms for distanced learning such as Facebook, Messenger, and Google Meet.

Psychological orientation is also part of the training to help teachers support the students’ learning to further ensure that remote learning meets the needs of students for a safe and accessible way to continue learning.

Moreover, in the spirit of celebrating Buwan ng Wika with a theme “Ang mga Katutubong Wika sa Maka-Filipinong Bayanihan Kontra Pandemya”, students changed their changed their profile pictures on Facebook using a frame depicting their advocacy for Filipino language.

She mentioned how the changes and challenges brought by COVID-19 affected the lives of people all over the world. She emphasized that even with the pandemic, Midway Colleges continues to find ways to carry on.

Gabay Araw – Virtual Orientation via Zoom

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes globally, affecting the course of education. This cause fear and feeling of uncertainty to students on how they will pursue their studies.

To relieve the students of worries caused by the pandemic, the Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) and Guidance Office conducted a virtual orientation to give updates of the changes and help the students adapt to it as the School Year 2020-2021 starts soon.

Gabay Araw was implemented for two weeks via Zoom to ensure the safety of the students.

To ensure effectivity of presentation, the orientation schedule was arranged per year level.

August 12 and 14 – 1st year and 2nd year

August 17 and 18 – 3rd year

August 19 and 21 – 4th year

Each session caters 100 students. Separate schedules were done to effectively handle the number of students per year level by course program.

The program flow focuses on the presentation of services and programs in the context of adapting to the new normal. Modification of the school’s student services and programs is necessary to align with the needs of the students in this time of pandemic.

The topics covered include Health and Safety Protocols, Academic Program, Library Facility, Finance guidelines and procedures, and Student Affairs. Heads and faculty from each department presented the discussions.

An open forum discussion was also opened to answer the questions and concerns of the students.

The last part of the activity includes a raffle draw, in partnership of Globe Telecommunication, these include a modem with 10GB browsing load. Students were given a chance to win in appreciation for their cooperation and attendance.

Through this orientation, students were guided as they prepare for the opening of classes.

Gabay Araw sa LMS

In relation to the virtual orientation put up for the students, the Office of the Student Affairs with the Guidance Office organized a virtual orientation intended for the parents on August 28, 2020. This initiative aimed to inform the parents and guardians of the institution’s programs, processes, services, and plans for the school year in response to the pandemic.

The orientation was done through Zoom and was streamed via Midway Colleges Facebook page.

Content of discussion are as follows:

· Health and Safety Protocols by Ms. Michelle Ann Pablo OIC, OIC Admin Director

· Academic Learning Continuity Plan by Dr. Richard Oandasan, Academic Director

· E- Library by Sir John Guzman, College Library Staff

· Finance Matters and Concerns by Ms. Rosabella Manglicmot, OIC Finance Director

· Students Program and Services by Dr. Jemmuel Roque, OSA Director

A thorough discussion on the Learning Management System, the platform of learning continuity, was explained by Francis Hernandez, CEO of Audentes Technologies that linked Microsoft 365 to the institution.

Mr. Hernandez showed the functions and features of Microsoft 365 that holds the Learning Management System.

Parents were given opportunities to raise their concerns and clarifications about the system.

The virtual orientation is a major step to keep the stakeholders well-informed of the institution’s implementation of learning continuity in this time of pandemic.

Midway Colleges ensures close engagement to the students and their parents to support a progressive learning.

Pilot Episode (Senior High School Department)

Opening of Classes via Microsoft 365 ft. Buwan ng Wika

Ms. Juchel Caning, an SHS Teacher, featured the start of classes via Microsoft 365.  

Microsoft 365 is the official Learning Management System of Midway Colleges. With the use of applications and features of Microsoft 365, the components of the Learning Continuity Plan are properly implemented.  

Despite the changes and challenges, Midway Colleges guarantees that no student will be left behind.  

Part of the efforts to ensure engagement and learning of the students, the Academic Department also crafted the Learning Enhancement Program which contains activities that will keep the students entertained while learning new set of information.  

The launching of the Learning Enhancement Program showcased an online seminar of Mr. Reyzeljan Delos Trinos. In celebration of “Buwan ng Wika” with this year’s theme “Wika ng Kasaysayan, Kasaysayan ng Wika: Ang mga Katutubong Wika sa Maka-Filipinong Bayanihan Kontra Pandemya” 

Mr. Delos Trinos talked about the importance of using one’s own language to express thoughts creatively.  SHS students participated in the discussion.  

Ms. Caning said “Katulad ng taun-taong pagdalumat sa buwan ng wika ang nagaganap na pagbabago sa ating mundo at sa ating edukasyon ay magiging bahagi na lamang ng ating kasaysayan.” 

Start of Classes and launching of Learning Management System…

Classes for School Year 2020-2021 were officially opened on August 24, 2020.

Midway Colleges held its classes online in compliance to the Commission on Higher Education’ CHED COVID ADVISORY No. 7, ‘Guidelines for the Prevention, Control and Mitigation of the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)’.

In response to the changes and challenges brought by the pandemic COVID-19, Midway Colleges has crafted the Learning Continuity Plan which has the three-phase learning such as Remote Flexible Learning, Blended Learning, Enhance Residential Learning.

Through Microsoft 365, the Learning Management System (LMS) was launched as the institution began to open classes online.

Students were given institutional emails as access to their accounts. Through Microsoft 365, students can easily attend their classes, study their lessons, connect with their teachers and classmates, and be updated with the important updates of the school.

They were guided accordingly on how to effectively use and maximize the Office applications. Midway Colleges also supplied a way for students to raise their concerns whenever they need help through the virtual Help Desk.

Faculty Training on Learning Continuity in Response to COVID-19

The Academic Department of Midway Colleges spearheaded by Richard L. Oandasan, PhD headed the “Faculty Training on Learning Continuity” on August 10, 2020 at the Academic Building.

The training was designed to capacitate the participants for effective and efficient implementation of the remote learning for school year 2020-2021.

The participants consisted of teachers and program heads from the departments of Marine Engineering, Marine Transportation, College of Business, Senior High School, and Institute of Training Skills and Development.

The CEO of Midway Colleges, Mr. Sabino Czar Cloma Manglicmot II, graced the opening program of the training. He welcomed the teachers and discussed the vision and mission of the school.

He gave highlights on the following:

· Driven community starts with being personally driven

· Importance of Midway core values

· Navigating the next normal for the opening of school year

· Learning new ways and unlearning old ways to adapt changes

· Operational viability

He said “While other higher education institutions promise quality education, Midway Colleges provide transformative education. We help transform the lives of Filipino youth. We cater to low income families especially the children of farmers to help them reach their dreams.”

The following are the training aims:

· Orient the faculty on Midway LCP

· Re-design the syllabi into learning packs

· Familiarize the faculty with the Midway’s official Learning Management System

Workshop on re-calibration of syllabi were done as part of the main activities in preparation for remote learning of the students.

Thorough training on Microsoft Office applications via Microsoft 365 were also facilitated by Audentes Technologies to cater the needs of the teachers as they prepare for the opening of classes.

Online seminar – August Benedicto

Filipino International Triathlete, August Benedicto on Health and Fitness

August Benedicto, a Filipino International Triathlete, talked about health and fitness in an online seminar entitled “Exercise and Healthy Diet During the COVID-19 Pandemic” on August 15, 2020 via Midway Colleges Facebook Livestream.

As an international triathlete, Benedicto has already bagged plenty of awards and recognitions.

Some of his awards include:

· Alveo Ironman 70.3 Davao Asian Elite Champion 2019


· 4x Cobra Ironman 70.3 Cebu Filipino Elite Champion 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012

· 4x COBRA IRONMAN 70.3 CEBU FILIPINO ELITE CHAMPION 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012

· 4x Cobra IRONMAN 70.3 CEBU Filipino Elite Champion 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012

Months in quarantine did not stop Benedicto to continue his training and workouts at home. With the tournaments and races postponed until further notice, Benedicto stayed on track of his goal to stay fit and healthy.

He shared tips to students and faculty members on how one can achieve health and fitness goals even at the comfort of their homes. He discussed the benefits of having an active lifestyle such as more energy, less stress and anxiety, and lower risk of having heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol to name a few.

Having a healthy lifestyle consists of a good workout activity and a balanced diet. Benedicto shared pictures of himself showing different home workout activities that can easily be done such as lunges, planking, and high-knee exercises. He also shared meal plans and foods that help in adapting a healthy eating habit. This includes eat fruits as a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon, eat a fiber-rich diet, and eat nuts, soy, fish, egg, lean meats such as chicken as source of protein.

His discussion stirred questions on how he became an international athlete. He then told his story on how he started his journey in biking.

As a young child, Benedicto used to work as an ice delivery boy riding a bike. This experience has led him to cycling. Eventually, he became a member of the Philippine Duathlon National Team. He met Chrissie Wellington, professional triathlete, and four-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion.

Benedicto married Anna Stroh, a fellow international triathlete. They now live in Germany with their two kids.

Partnership between Microsoft and Midway Colleges via Audentes Technologies

On August 11, 2020, Midway Colleges signed a contract deal with Audentes Technologies.

Audentes Technologies is a certified partner of Microsoft which supplies the linkage and services to Midway Colleges.

Through this partnership, Audentes Technologies is now running on Microsoft 365, a productivity cloud that brings together best-in-class Office apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security.

With all the features of Microsoft 365, it corresponds with the need of Midway Colleges for a platform to continually supply transformative education to its students despite the limitations caused by the pandemic.

The partnership provides trainings to teachers and students to equip them with advance technologies and skills development that are needed in adapting to blended learning.

Teachers are now eligible to have Microsoft Certified Educator Certification (MCE), this certifies that teachers have the global technology literacy competencies that are essential in supplying a rich, custom learning experience to students.

Moreover, students can also have Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS). Through this certification, students will be trained to have advance skills in MS Office, data comprehension, and in preparation for their future careers.

The partnership between Midway Colleges and Audentes Technologies seals a promising delivery of excellent services and programs towards a transformative education.

Pedal pa more

Asia’s Duathlon Queen talks on Transit Options

Asia’s Duathlon Queen and internationally renowned triathlete, Monica Torres, talked in an online seminar on transit options entitled “Pedal pa More para sa Pag-aaral” on Saturday, August 8, 2020, via Midway Colleges Facebook livestream.

Monica gave emphasis on benefits of biking, beginners guide, and safety measure.

She shared points on how biking can improve one’s health and fitness, increase one’s appreciation of nature, and how to explore different places. Moreover, she highlighted that biking can be a suitable alternative mode of transportation especially in this time of pandemic.

She shared the joys and benefits of biking, as well as how it could help people cope with stress.

Monica Torres graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Sports Science. During her college years, she joined the dragon boat team whose members would ride their bikes to school. This influenced her to start biking as well; she borrowed her father’s bike and her interest in cycling cultivated from there. She has then joined –and won– competitions over the years. Based on her personal blog, Monica Races the World, through which she would share her journey as a professional athlete. She was won gold medals in SEA Games; she has over 40 gold medals and counting.